How to legit check Balenciaga Campaign Logo T-shirt | Balenciaga T Shirt Real vs Fake

This is our second guide on how to legit check the Balenciaga Campaign logo tee, yet this is a guide for its latest version (no 2017 printed on it). This guide will help you to distinguish an authentic Balenciaga t shirt from a fake Balenciaga piece. LegitGrails guides are perfect for a Balenciaga quick check for authenticity. 

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How To Legit Check Balenciaga Campaign Logo T-shirt?

The Logo Method 

First, check the Balenciaga Campaign logo itself to verify that all the aspects are respected. Below, there is a real vs fake comparison for the Balenciaga printing. Notice how the authentic Balenciaga logo slightly touches the top white line underneath it. A fake logo would rarely get this intersection correctly; instead, the logo would either have a very obvious connection or would not connect with the line at all. The second case is shown on our Balenciaga logo real vs fake comparison below. 

Next, analyse the font, use our authentic Balenciaga example. It is easy to notice the difference when the two logos are side by side. The fake example below got the font wrong, as the letters look too thin and stretched vertically when comparing those to the real Balenciaga example. What we mean by saying ‘stretched vertically’ is the fact that the letters look too tall and small, as opposed to the real ones that are wider and larger in size. 

Lastly, analyse the three lines located underneath the logo. The lines should start before the letter ‘B’ and finish almost right after the last ‘a’. Pay attention to the shape of the lines, and remember that the thickest area of the lines starts after the first ‘a’ and finishes after ‘n’. As you might notice on the fake example, the lines are too short and the thickest area of those lines is stretched from the beginning of the first ‘a’ until the letter ‘i’. For a better understanding, please refer to the comparison below.

Another small tip on how to legit check Balenciaga lines: the second line must have a particular shade of red. The fake Balenciaga t shirts often have this line looking orange or pink, while a real shade is dark-ish red.

Campaign Logo Balenciaga T Shirt Real vs Fake | Balenciaga Legit Check

The Balenciaga Neck Tag Method 

In the example neck tag comparison below, notice what an authentic neck tag would look like. This is the only type of neck tag you would see on this model (refer to our previous guide to see the neck tag for the 2017 version of this tee). The material of the neck tag must be smooth and the letters must be perfectly aligned. 

A fake Balenciaga t shirt could have this tag of an older format, such as the double B logo or any version that is not the same as the example below. This would be a clear sign of a fake Balenciaga t shirt. Moreover, if the texture of the neck tag is off (as on the fake example above), you should also be careful as it could mean that the item is counterfeit.

Campaign Logo Balenciaga T Shirt Real vs Fake | Balenciaga Legit Check

The Wash Tag Method 

Lastly, check the authenticity of the Balenciaga washing label that is located on the inside of the t shirt. For the latest version of this Balenciaga t shirt, the washing label must look like the authentic example below. Authentic wash tags are short and wide, while the fake ones would often be narrow and long. Another aspect to consider: the way the tag is sewed into the t shirt. You would not be able to see the top of the wash tag on an authentic Balenciaga t shirt. This is clearly shown in the example below.

The size tag would be long enough to cover the height of the Balenciaga logo, and be located in the centre of the washing label. The size letter on the tag would be located in the centre of the tag, however, sometimes it is not perfect. Nevertheless, the second fake case shown below would give out a fake right away. Same as the first fake example, which completely lacks the size tag.

As for the text of the authentic Balenciaga Campaign t shirt washing label, there are three points to consider:

  1. The Balenciaga logo would have the same font as that on the neck tag. Refer to our example above to see what it would look like.
  2. The text on this Balenciaga wash tag goes in this order: the logo, the production information and then the model codes. The first and the second codes can be verified in your search engine (e.g. Google) or on some online retailer platforms (e.g. Farfetch) in the bottom of the page of this product.
  3. The Balenciaga logo, as well as the product codes must be centered. While the production information must be left-aligned on the wash tags of this model. There are numerous variations of the text placement on the Balenciaga wash tags and fake manufacturers often mix those up. In our fake example above the fake manufacturers got this wrong.

Campaign Logo Balenciaga T Shirt Real vs Fake | Balenciaga Legit Check

Any questions left? Feel free to use our Balenciaga legit checking service to ask any remaining questions and get help from our team of experts. Also, check out our How it Works page if you have any questions about how we legit check your items.

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