How To Spot Fake Bape Shark Hoodie

How To Spot Fake Bape Shark Hoodie

Nobody wants to pay retail price for a fake Bape Shark Hoodie. You’ll get average stitching, poor materials, and a shattered reputation.

But how can you spot the difference between a fake and a real Bape Shark Hoodie?

In this article, we gathered the five best methods of spotting a fake hoodie without using a professional authenticator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bape Shark Hoodies are commonly replicated as one of the most popular designer items. Make sure you check yours with multiple verification methods.

  • These hoodies are made with high-quality materials, so start with a quick feel of your own hoodie to determine if it is real.

  • The tags, including the washing label, neck label, and golden tag, are key points to look at to determine if your hoodie is a fake or not.

  • Compare the labeling and structure of the zipper with pictures of the real one to immediately spot if you have an authentic piece.

  • If you are still unsure whether your Bape Shark Hood is real, you can utilize our services to provide immediate authenticity checks.

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Follow the guide below to learn how compare real Vs fake Bape Shark Hoodie!

The Neck Label

The first step is to check the neck label embroidery and stitching. Make sure the corner stitching is consistent, with no major flaws visible. The neck tag stitching must also be white, so don’t forget to check the color.

Then, verify the Bathing Ape logo, as cheaper replicas don’t get it right. Make sure the logo checks out with the authentic reference below. The embroidery must be dense, while the Ape's face should be beige.

Another detail worth mentioning is the text on this neck label. A real tag would have consistent fonts, which are thin and have little spacing between the characters. The '1993' text could also be a good point of reference.
Bape Shark Hoodie Authentication

The Washing Label

The washing label is one of those details that is often copied very accurately. Where the fake Bape manufacturers often fail is the stitching found at the top.

The stitching on the authentic Bape has a very peculiar pattern, while the labels on the fake Bape hoodie often look too loose or too dense. Make sure you use the below real vs. fake Bape Shark Hoodie comparison to ensure the stitching checks out.

Meanwhile, the printing found in the replicas often looks identical to the original one. In the example below, the authentic reference shows an item that has been used a lot; hence the printing has faded. This should be fine for you! What should concern you is when the printing is too thick.
How To Spot a Real Bape Shark Hoodie

Fake Vs Real Bape Shark Hoodie: The Golden Tag

This method would be most reliable, especially when looking at a lower-grade replica.

An authentic golden tag would be flat and grainy. Regarding replicas, their tags are usually stitched on the sides, and their texture is rough.

In the comparison below, notice how the colors of the two labels differ. The shape of the Bape logo is rarely copied well, so pay attention to that.

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Fake vs Real Bape Shark Hoodie

Authenticate With Our Experts

The Sleeve Tag

When checking the sleeve tag, ensure that the stitching at the top of the label has consistency. The retail hoodies sometimes use double stitching at the top, yet it would always look neat.

Carefully examine the logo embroidery, which must also have a grainy look, almost a polka dot. A sleeve tag on the fake Bape would have an assertive pattern.

Another detail to notice would be the ® sign in the bottom right corner of the label. Check the comparison below to see what a sign on the authentic Bape hoodie must look like.
How To Authenticate Bape Shark Hoodie

Bape Shark Hoodie Fake vs Real: The Zipper

To finalize this authentication, focus on the zipper and its structure. An authentic zipper would be bulky and wide, while the ones on the fake Bape hoodie are often narrow.

Then, verify the structure of the zipper itself, ensuring that no extra mechanisms are added and that the metal details use the right materials. The fake zippers are often made of plastic.

Verify the font used in the Bape logo, and make sure that the logo checks out with our authentic reference featured below. Remember to check if the placement of this logo is correct.
Bape Shark Hoodie Fake vs Real

Why are Bape hoodies so expensive?

Even though the product is mostly made in China, the quality is better than regular brands. You have to remember that you are also paying for the status.

Is my BAPE hoodie real?

If you follow these methods and find no differences, don’t worry about it.

Each replica is different, so we recommend using the legit check services for the guaranteed answer.

In Conclusion... 

This is for this guide, as these five steps should help you to compare real Vs. fake Bape Shark Hoodies.

However, if any questions remain, our team of experts would be more than happy to help you answer these. Our legit check services have helped over 10,000 people verify their items.

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