Thorough Process

Currently, digital authentication is not a very transparent service as each team wants to keep their expertise. However, at LegitGrails we want to achieve maximum transparency with our approach by sharing the exact process behind your authentication.

LegitGrails Authentication Process

LegitGrails Authentication Process

Assigning Authenticators

Each authentication expert has in-depth experience in verifying specific brands. This experience, as well as their authentication history within LegitGrails, will be taken into account when assigning jobs.

Peer Review System

Each item is verified by at least two authenticators. They review the most meaningful details of the item and decide on the next steps. If the photos are sufficient, the authentication is complete and the result is provided immediately, along with a certificate of authenticity.

The Importance of High-Quality Photos

The LegitGrails digital authentication is as accurate as ever as the photo guidelines outlined on our website help us get all the needed details from our customers. By following the guidelines, our customers actively contribute to the fact that the results are provided quickly and with a high level of accuracy. 

High-quality photos of the details required for authentication are a crucial part of the process. If all the instructions are followed, the result can be provided within seconds.


By clicking the "Upload Photos" button on any brand page you will find clear photo requirements for each item type.

The Importance of High-Quality Photos



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