Unmatched Team of Experts

LegitGrails Authenticators

The LegitGrails team consists of three authentication divisions, each specialising in luxury, hype or streetwear brands. There are more than 30 experts in each team and our network doesn't stop there. Because the community is highly connected, our experts can consult with experienced professionals around the world. 

Jeff Chen - LegitGrails lead authenticator

Jeff Chen


Jeff's experience dates back to 10 years ago when he started working for a well known wholesale company exporting goods from Europe to Asia. Since then, Jeff has authenticated more than 40,000 items. He worked in different teams in Europe and Asia. Jeff also participated in authentication education initiatives before joining LegitGrails as the lead of the authentication process.


With first-hand experience in the wholesale industry, Jeff knows the pain of dealing with replicas like no other. His motivation stems from a desire to help companies around the world save time and money by ensuring the items they trade are 100% authentic. Jeff enjoys giving security to others by applying his extensive knowledge of authentication.

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Authentication Expertise

More than 6 years of industry experience with more than 500,000 authenticated items help our experts to achieve accurate results. 

In addition, we organise internal authentication training courses for experts to increase their knowledge on how to identify counterfeit designer goods.


Some of our materials are available online in one of the largest authentication libraries created jointly by authenticators and our research team.



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