How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket

If you have heard about this brand, we are sure you have seen a fake Canada Goose jacket before. Some of them are very well made but some can be identified as a replica at a quick glance. Follow the guide till the end, so you’ll get to know some of the best methods. 

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How To Legit Check Canada Goose Jacket?

  1. The Fur Method
  2. The Label Method
  3. The Tag Method
  4. The Logo Method
  5. The Interior Tag Method
  6. The Content Label Method
  7. The Hologram Method
  8. The Puller Method

The Fur Method

It might be controversial, but it is no secret that Canada Goose uses real fur as they believe it keeps the body warmer in extreme weather conditions more than the fake fur.

We will leave it up to you to decide whether using faux fur or the real one is better. Let's compare these two models by their look. 

First of all, the authentic one looks just like it is expected to look, while the Canada Goose jacket fake fur looks super fluffy and fake. 

Slight color differences when it comes to fur is expected, but the faux model is so light that it has to be counted as a flaw too.

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Fur Method

The Label Method

Who doesn't like a good-looking brand label? But the opinion could change after seeing a poorly replicated tag.

First things first, the size. The replica factories always seem to have a problem with the sizing. The letters are supposed to be smaller as well as the overall shape of the label is supposed to be less wide. 

The font has been messed up too; for example the letter "C" on the unauthentic label looks like a "G". 

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Label Method

The Tag Method

Even though the light is different in the upper picture, the material and the tag is black in that case too, so we are not going to be talking about the color differences in this method.

The main thing that we want you to take a look at is the font, which was replicated very badly, as the letters are not supposed to be this thick and large.

The tag is supposed to be smaller and straightly cut-out too.

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Tag Method

The Logo Method

The Canada Goose logo definitely stands out. Unfortunately, it also was messed up by the replica factories. 

First of all, the map- it is supposed to be grainier and more textured, not weirdly striped like shown in the right picture. The shape of the map is not supposed to be very detailed too.

Small blue details as well as the red sun have been very carelessly replicated. 

The letters have to be thicker and bigger, as well as the maple leaves; there shouldn't be big spacing between the icons and the edges. 

The white background is also supposed to be grainy.

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How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Logo Method

The Interior Tag Method

The interior tag is not seen while wearing a jacket, but we still need to take a close look at it. 

The original tag is nicely stitched to the fabric behind it, while the faux tag is too big with air bubbles under it, just because that it was not stitched securely. 

The difference also appears in the way the letters were written- The letters should be more rounded, not square-like.

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Interior Tag Method

The Content Label Method

Content labels might be an interesting place to search for the differences.

First of all, the logo on the authentic pocket is black and white, not colorful like shown in the right picture,

The size of the pocket was not measured well-enough; if you take a closer look, you will see how greater the spacing between the text and the edge of the pocket is on the original model.

The font clearly has been poorly replicated too both- on the label and the leather pocket.

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Content Label Method

The Hologram Method

Wanna know the coolest trick to spot a Canada Goose jacket replica?

If you check the hologram, you are supposed to see a cute polar bear, if it is not there, you are probably holding a fake Goose Canada jacket in your hands.

We won't be able to see a polar bear through pictures, but we can see how much of a difference there is between the patterns on these holograms.

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Hologram Method

The Puller Method

We got to the last method for today!

The puller on the faux model weirdly enough is super wide and huge, which does not necessarily show its goodness at all. The pullers should be the same size as shown in the left picture.

The letters should also be smaller and less bold.

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Puller Method

In Conclusion...

This was our guide on Canada Goose jacket legit check! What would you like to read about for the next guide? Share your ideas with us!

We hope that our methods will be helpful for you to authenticate your item easily at home. Still got questions? We have amazing authentication services waiting for you! Do not hesitate to reach out to our amazing team through our live chat, available 24/7!



I fully encourage anyone that is looking to purchase a Canada goose parka to do some serious research to determine authenticity. This particular article is not the place. I implore you to look elsewhere. I have several authentic CG coats and most of the pictures here are indistinguishable from the labels, tags and fur on my coats. YouTube has some very helpful videos if you’re looking for solid reliable information. This article will not help you. Please do not rely on it.


This article is absolutely terrible. Most of what I see in these pictures is authentic and the article is calling it fake. The main emblems (typically found on the sleeve) on Canada goose parkas vary in size depending on the coat. The two emblems you showed were both authentic. The one you claimed was fake is found on authentic CG parkas where they have larger emblems ex. On the expedition parka. Maybe you guys should get your facts straight before posting an article with false information.

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