How To Spot Fake Chanel Boy Bag

High fashion lovers listen up, as we will be comparing Chanel Boy bag fake VS real in this guide. 

This brand has to be one of the most universally loved ones; “The woman who hasn’t at least one Chanel is hopelessly out of fashion"- Harper's Bazaar wrote, so it is no surprise that there are hundreds if not thousands of replicas made of Chanel clothing and accessories. 

Some are so well made that it is hard to tell that they are fake if one does not have enough knowledge, but don't worry, all you have to do is use our authentication services. Our helpful team is available 24/7!

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How To Legit Check Chanel Boy Bag?

  • The Overall Look 
  • The Metal Plaque 
  • The Caviar Skin Leather 
  • The Golden Metal 
  • The Screws 
  • The Label
  • The Sphere 

Chanel Boy Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Let's start with an overall look.

First thing that we are going to compare is the shape. It is very clear that the fake model has more of a rectangular shape, when the authentic one is more on the square side.

Apart from the shape the color has to be mentioned too. The original model has a pitch black that looks super elegant, but the fake model has a faded-out look, which again shows its low quality.

Chanel Boy Bag Fake VS Real Guide - How To Spot a Fake Chanel Boy Chanel Boy Bag Authentication

How To Spot a Fake Chanel Boy: The Metal Plaque Method

The iconic metal plaque is not so iconic if it is not replicated well.

First of all, the overall shape of the metal plaque is different on the bottom picture. The upper squares on the edges have uneven and asymmetrical shape, as well as the bottom ones: they are supposed to be equal and very symmetrical too. The overall shape is supposed to be rectangular too.

Apart from it, the shape of the Chanel logo is replicated very unsuccessfully too: The "CC" is supposed to be much thinner than it appears on the second picture: The square shape of the metal plaque does not give the logo much space and that's how the difference would be explained.

The middle sphere also has some troubles on the fake model: it is supposed to be much rounder and the logo on it has to have the same font as shown on the authentic model.

How To Spot a Fake Chanel Boy

Fake Chanel Boy: The Caviar Skin Leather Method

How to spot a fake Chanel Boy bag might be super complicated if you are not familiar with fabrics.

In this method we are going to talk about a caviar skin leather which is very commonly used by Chanel. It looks bubbly and is super durable. Another good thing about original leather is how it does not show any scratches through its grainy look.

When we talk about caviar skin it is supposed to have much smaller "bubbles" than it appears on the fake leather. These huge sections only give a bag a cheap look and the overall texture is not the same.

Fake Chanel Boy

Chanel Boy Bag Fake VS Real: The Golden Metal Method

In this method we will be talking about the golden metal detail.

First of all, it would not be fair if we did not talk about the color. 

The authentic one clearly has a golden color, with just a little bit of grainy effect to it. 

On the other hand, the replica of Chanel Boy bag is more on the silver side with yellow tones and it does not look appealing at all.

Apart from the color the difference appears in the font too. Letters are much smaller and narrower in the first picture. Engraving is also much deeper. 

Letters take up much more space on the fake metal and its engraving is closer to the surface.

Are you following our steps? If it seems too complicated do not worry, just use our legit check services and get your authentication certificate! Our knowledgeable team is super helpful and is available 24/7.

Chanel Boy Bag Fake VS Real

Chanel Boy Bag Authentication: The Screws Method

Even though screws might not be showing up in front of the handbag, looking at them is another way to identify Chanel Boy bag.

As you can see screws on the authentic model are much smaller than it appears on the bottom picture. 

These large screws immediately show off the fakeness of the bag.

Chanel Boy Bag Authentication

How To Spot a Fake Chanel Boy: The Label Method

Stitching is always something that identifies the fake model right away. 

As you can see the authentic mode has very tight and symmetrical stitches. On the other hand, the fake model has a sloppy stitching with the thread that can not secure the label at all.

Apart from the stitching fonts are super different from each other. 

The letters are supposed to be larger too.

How To Spot a Fake Chanel Boy

Chanel Boy Bag Fake VS Real: The Sphere Method

This is our last method to this guide.

We want you to take a closer look at the logo on the sphere. 

While it is flawless on the authentic model, the font has been messed up on the fake one and it has been misplaced too, as it is not centered at all.

Stitching is also the problem in this replica. The stitches are supposed to make the piece solid, not vice-versa.

Chanel Boy Bag Fake VS Real

If the price is unrealistically good does it mean they are offering me a fake Chanel Boy bag?

What we would recommend is using the authentication service before purchasing a bag if the price offered seems to be much lower than expected and too good to be true. Most of the time in this case more bags turn out to be unauthentic than original.

How do I spot a fake Chanel Boy bag after purchasing an item?

If you have already gotten to this point of the guide then you already know that it is super important to follow each method step-by-step to authenticate a bag. Another option is using the legit check services.

What would help me in inspecting a Chanel Boy Bag fake VS real?

It turns out that not a lot of people know about the option of going to the official website of Chanel and asking the customer service to inspect your bag. It is super fast and easy!

Can I still do a Chanel Boy bag authentication at home even if I don’t have much knowledge in fashion? 

Absolutely! Don’t forget that following each step closely is crucial to do so. Our guide will answer any questions you might have but keep it in mind that all of the replicas are different from one another. 

In Conclusion…

This was our guide on comparison of Chanel Boy bag fake VS real. We really hope that our methods will help you to identify replicas by yourself in a quick manner.

If you still think that there is something that you do not clearly understand about this model all you have to do is use our authentication services. How to legit check Chanel Boy bag is never a problem to our knowledgeable team that is available 24/7!

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