How to Authenticate Gucci Interlocking G Logo T Shirt | Gucci T Shirt Real vs Fake

The Gucci Interlocking G Logo t shirt is an iconic piece owned by many Gucci lovers. The question of how to authenticate Gucci is very common, so our team has put together a Gucci legit check guide. Read the tips on how to carry out Gucci legit check, and refer to the comparisons on this page. 

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Gucci Neck Tag Method

First step when carrying out Gucci authentication should be checking the neck tag. The Gucci logo on the neck tag should respect the authentic Gucci font, which is shown in the Gucci t shirt real vs fake comparison below. The difference in the Gucci font can be easily noticed when comparing the G letters; the fake Gucci logo looks much bulkier as well.

Another difference that can often be noticed when carrying out Gucci authentication would be seen in the ‘Made in Italy’ tag. An authentic tag would have its font placed in the centre.

While a replica Gucci t shirt would often have its ‘Made in Italy’ tag looking like the example below.

Gucci T Shirt Real vs Fake | How to Authenticate Gucci

Gucci Neck Tag Backside Method

Moving on with the Gucci authentication, you should also inspect the backside of the Gucci neck tag. An authentic neck tag would have come of the Gucci logo showing on the backside, shown in the below example.

Meanwhile, a fake neck tag could have too much text showing or no text at all. Both cases are unacceptable and both mean that you are probably verifying a counterfeit Gucci Interlocking G Logo t shirt. 

Then, you should also verify the way the ‘Made in Italy’ tag is attached onto the main Gucci neck tag. An authentic example below shows the way an authentic Gucci neck tag would be attached. There would be a bit of the material left below the seam, while a fake neck tag would often have too much material left.

Gucci T Shirt Real vs Fake | How to Authenticate Gucci

Gucci Wash Tag Method

You should be very careful when using this Gucci authentication method, as it requires spotting such small details as the size of the wash and the area of the empty space. 

First, you should get an overall idea of the size of a Gucci wash tag. The Gucci Interlocking G Logo t shirt should have its wash tag looking the same as the authentic example below. An authentic Gucci wash tag would be considerably long and wide, while a fake one would often look longer and more narrow.

Then, you should verify the position of the Gucci logo, the production information and the washing instruction on the first page of the Gucci wash tag. The text of an authentic Gucci wash tag would be placed right in the center of the tag, which is a very important point to remember. A fake wash tag would often have its text placed too far up or down on the wash tag. 

Lastly, you should see if there are any inconsistencies in the Gucci font on the wash tag. As you may notice in the replica Gucci example below, the font looks much thicker and bolder than the authentic one. Overall, the authentic Gucci font looks larger and more spaced out. Please refer to the Gucci t shirt real vs fake comparison below for a better understanding:

Gucci T Shirt Real vs Fake | How to Authenticate Gucci

Gucci Product Tag Method

What you should check at this point is the overall look of the Gucci product tag. An authentic Gucci product tag would look clean with no major inconsistencies, though small flaws may still be present. To compare the position of the information on a Gucci product tag you may want to use the authentic Gucci product tag example below. A clear sign of the item being fake would be a messy looking text on the product tag, such as the one on the example below. 

You may also want to carry out a Gucci serial number lookup using the product tag. The Gucci serial number might be found on the product tag, which can be then looked up in you search engine (e.g. Google) of the official Gucci website on this model’s product page.

Some of the replica manufacturers get this point incorrect, so you should always carry out the Gucci serial number lookup. Below, you can see the exmaple comparison as well as the Gucci serial number lookup highlighted.

Gucci T Shirt Real vs Fake | How to Authenticate Gucci

Gucci T Shirt Real vs Fake | How to Authenticate Gucci


If you are still unsure whether your Gucci t shirt is authentic or fake, feel free to reach out to our team of experts. Our legit check team will carry out the Gucci authentication for you and provide an authenticity certificate which is useful for numerous reasons. 

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