How To Spot Fake Gucci Wallet

How To Spot Fake Gucci Wallet

You might have encountered a fake Gucci wallet as well as other items hundreds of times before, as the brand is one of the most popular ones among young people, so it is no surprise that replica factories took it as an opportunity to make more money.

We are about to show you some methods of how to spot a fake Gucci wallet quickly and easy at home. If you still have further questions to ask, we would encourage you to use our live chat and our experts will get to you right away!

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The General Look Method (Gucci Quilted Marmont Wallet)

Let's start with a general look of the Marmont leather wallet

First of all, it has to be said that the quilting was done pretty well by the replica factories as the measurement of each section was replicated successfully, but the difference appears in the bulkiness of material; the replica Gucci wallet clearly is more dimensional than it is supposed to be.

There is a slightest difference in the size too and because of that the GG logo is put on the wrong spot.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The General Look Method (Gucci Quilted Marmont Wallet)

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The Back Side Method

The backside is as detailed as the front. 

Here we have a beautiful quilting. The only thing that differentiates these models is the size of the GG logo, which is thicker and larger on the faux model.

Similar to the previous method, the leather on the right side is more dimensional than the authentic one that is less bulky.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The Back Side Method

The Buckle Method

Hardware is always something that replica factories fail to copy well.

The same thing happened in this case; Firstly, the color. The original buckle has much darker, grainer color, while the faux metal seems to be lighter and shinier.

The authentic logo is also rounder but the faux is larger in size.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The Buckle Method

The Signature Method

The signature on the authentic wallet has larger letters with greater spacing between one another. 

The letters on the faux leather are tiny, with almost no spacing between one another.

Hopefully, you are following our methods of Gucci wallet authentication step-by-step. If you still have doubts do not hesitate to reach us out or click here to get a legit check service. Our team is here to help you 24/7!

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The Signature Method

The General Look Method (GG Marmont Bi-Fold)

This model is made out of calfskin leather which is very durable, soft and has fine grain.

The leather of the faux model looks more like a caviar rather than calfskin which is a big difference. 

The signature double G buckle has more of a yellow color on the Gucci wallet replica than golden, just like shown on the left.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The General Look Method (GG Marmont Bi-Fold)

The Engraved Signature Method

The engraved signature put on the back of the wallet is so tiny that it is almost impossible to see it, but the replica factories decided to make it larger, which does not make a wallet better looking in any way.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The Engraved Signature Method

The Serial Number Method

The serial number is not visible while carrying a wallet, but still is a very important detail as by looking the number up, the model is supposed to come up; if the serial number does not match the model, then you have bought a faux wallet unfortunately.

Sometimes even fake models have serial numbers so this trick does not work at all times.

The difference visually appears in the sizing of the numbers and its font.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The Serial Number Method

The Box Method

The box is the very first thing you see after receiving a long-wanted wallet.

The shape of the box is the first thing that differentiates in these two pictures.

The second difference is the font- The original letters are thicker and bolder, while the unauthentic letters are larger, thinner and there are bigger spacings between one another.

Stripes on the original box are more visible too.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The Box Method

The Dust-Bag Method

This is the last method for today.

The dustbag might not sound as an important detail but trust us, it is.

First of all, the black rectangle which is very poorly replicated as the threads are all over the place, when it is supposed to have thick and bold outlines just as shown in the upper picture.

The beige background is supposed to have stripes. 

The letters on the original dust bag are bold, thick and easy to read, while they are faded and washed-out in the bottom picture.

How To Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet: The Dust Bag Method

In Conclusion…

This is our comparison of Gucci wallet real vs fake in 9 methods! Do you have any tricks that would help someone in authenticating? Share them with us! 

It is totally understandable if you still have questions left unanswered, this is the exact reason why we have amazing authentication services so you do not have to be unsure about any detail, Just click here and our experts will let you know everything you are interested in.

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