How To Spot Fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low

Following the release of his first Jordan Highs, Travis Scott stayed true to his love for earth tones and a worn-in look in his shock drop launch of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low at Travis’ online store. The originality of Travis’ Cactus Jack persona, applied to his newest release, was immediately seen as a shining opportunity to be acquired by the replica shoe capital and to be sold as an original to the loving fans of quality footwear.

The following guide will cover 11 unique ways of how to legit check Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low, which will assist you in identification of untrustworthy buying options as well as broaden your expertise on the topic.

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How To Legit Check Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low?

1. The Left Heel Method

The initial step of verifying the authenticity is simple. You should pay close attention to the heel of the shoe. As it is visible on the fake vs real comparison below, the heel of the authentic shoe is shorter, while the replica is taller.

Also, the fake Travis Scott logo is larger and has a much denser stitching compared to the authentic one. The disproportional logo is surrounded by a much taller empty area at the top part of the heel tab. Unlike the original pair, the counterfeit Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low do really outpace in terms of height of the heel, which plays out negatively on the whole proportion of unique sneakers’ details.

 Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Left Heel

2. The Right Heel Method

This also applies to the right Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott shoe. While the heel part remains somewhat taller, the “Air Jordan” logo, on the other hand, still manages to hold on to the standard, authentic shape and form, but fails to duplicate the original stitching. The letters and the basketball, as well as the wings seem unclear when compared to the original heel tab’s design.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Right Heel

3. The Front Side of the Left Insole Method

The third way is to focus on the left insole. Notice how the authentic Air Jordan logo differs from the counterfeit one in terms of the thickness of the inner lines. This can be easily noticed when comparing the writings of the logo: the unauthorised Jordan logo has much thicker letters.

On the other side, the Cactus Jack logo appears to be much thinner on the replica insole. You should also verify the Jumpman logo in the process of authentication. The real Jumpman logo should have a pronounced shape, especially when it comes to the hand part.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Left Insole

4. The Front Side of the Right Insole Method

When it comes to the right insole, the fake Jordan manufacturers also get the thickness wrong. The Cactus Jack logo at the top of the insole must be thick and small in comparison to the replica one. You can also see how different the Travis Scott logo looks. The counterfeit right insole would most often have a much thicker Travis Scott writing.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Right Insole

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5. The Backside of the Insole Method

Having done the examination of the front sides of the insoles, we highly recommend to look at the backside of the sole. There is a clear distinction between the authentic and the fake insoles in terms of the color.

The glue pattern can also vary from a fake pair to a fake pair. Yet you can always use this comparison as a reference of an authentic glue pattern.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Backside Insole

6. The Outsole Stars Method

The next step, as shown in the real vs fake comparison, is to check out the outsole of your pair. There is only one specific area which will reveal a fufu pair, which is the filling of the outsole inside the major outlining. 

At first glance it is hard to notice the difference, mainly because this detail is ruined by the condition of the shoes. However, if the pair you are verifying is deadstock, the fake Jordan 1 Low would have the stars looking much larger. 

Often, the shape of the stars would be completely different and their density would be much higher. This means that the counterfeit outsole would have these start much closer together than an authentic outsole.

How to spot fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low: The Oursole Stars Method

7. The Inside Stitching Method

The 4th method of defining the fake Travis Scott Lows would be the verification of sneakers’ inside stitching. Luckily, the difference in manufacturing of both items is so clear that there is absolutely no way around it when it comes to comparing the real and a fake pair. 

An authentic pair will always have a darker, almost brownish, gray colour on the inside, while having a distinct outlining in the form of gentle white thread sewing. The UA pairs would have a lighter gray colour and a translucent thread, such as shown in the picture.

You should also look for a sticky tape, which holds together the extra threads. Some cheaper replicas often miss this detail.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Inside Stitching

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8. The Left Inner Swoosh Method

In the next method we will be looking at the swoosh. First, authenticate Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low by verifying the quality of the swoosh, which is finished in Travis’ signature worn-out look. The authentic swoosh would have a small and dense stitch and a clean cut.

The extent to which the Cactus Jack logo is showing would differ from pair to pair, but the font of these letters should always be respected. An authentic font would look smaller, thicker and more vertically stretched. While the fake Cactus Jack logo would often have a more rounded font, making the letters look horizontally stretched.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Left Swoosh

9. The Right Inner Swoosh Method

When it comes to the right shoe, the clues are pretty similar to those of the left shoe. Yet you can also pay attention to the strokes that surround the ‘C’ letter. The authentic Jordan strokes would often be longer, thinner and placed closer to the upper edge of the shoe.

On the contrary, the Jordan replica shoes would have those strokes looking shorter, thicker and further away from the upper foam of the shoe.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Real vs Fake Right Swoosh

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