How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bag

Given its strong resale markets, Louis Vuitton is the most counterfeited designer out there. Over the years of its domination in the fashion industry, resellers have been receiving countless questions on the subject of Louis Vuitton product authenticity.

For that very reason we have put together a simple yet all-embracing step-by-step fake vs real Lous Vuitton Pochette Felicie crossbody bag guide for you to fortify your knowledge on the subject.

In addition we are giving you suffice information for completing the authentication yourself and maybe even helping your closest people to escape falling into the trap of fake item manufacturers.

Still got doubts? Connect & live chat with our professional LV authenticators or get the result via email in less than 30 minutes. All you need to do is to send over some high quality photos of your item!

How To Legit Check Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bag?

  1. Look at the frontside of the bag
  2. Inspect the inside stamp
  3. Authenticate the locking carabier
  4. Use our button method
  5. Check the date code
  6. Inspect the zipper quality
  7. Authorize the underside of the bag

The frontside of the bag method

Right from the start we must remind you as well as outline that every original Louis Vuitton piece should be perfect from the standpoint of material quality thanks to the top grade Italian leather and precise craftsmanship, which excellence is so great that not only all the stitches will be of the same length and perfectly aligned, but also the number of stitches on one handle will match the number on the other.

This granularity also applies to the monogram pattern in the given comparison picture below. Take your time to examine how precise and symmetric is the monogram pattern on the authentic bag. Now take into account the printing on the fake LV crossbody bag and compare the affections arised from each of the models.

Monogram placement is consistent on every authentic piece and is done carefully by the skilful hand of artisans behind original bags. On the other side, fake item leaves a sense of disarray and confusion which comes from asymmetric disorderliness of the printing.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton crossbody bag: The frontside of the bag method

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The inside stamp method

The additional method of how to authenticate Louis Vuitton bag would be the examination of in inside stamp. It is worth mentioning Louis Vuitton is prominent with its absence of authenticity cards of any type, which is the main reason why this particular method takes a leading role in your authentication quest.

Presently LV bags do have a broad range of producer countries, which is why you should not be put off, if the inside stamp is saying that the item’s origin country is not Italy, but rather Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France and even the USA. Fortunately, every single producing country does possess its individual unparalleled code, which allows you to identify where and when the item was made and brings us to another authentication method, which will be covered later in the post. But does this date code, if it is 100% legit, make your item authentic?

Unfortunately, it is not true in view if the fact that over the years counterfeit manufacturers have developed a set of skills to copy the date code logic. As a result, the date code on the fake item could prove to be legit.

Other details to look out for in the present case of the inside stamp method are such obvious and visible errors as: asymmetric disposition of the writing, inaccurate and chaotic stitching and its arrangement in regards to the edges of the inside stamp.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton crossbody bag: The inside stamp method

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The locking carabiner method

This particular approach on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag is representative to the item examined and due to its uniqueness could potentially be of service to every enthusiastic authenticator.

Draw your attention to the LV logo, which stands out in the original item thanks to its masterful engraving. Next up compare the colors as well as the shape of not only the lock itself, but also that of a chain. The circumstances and the manufacturing of the carabiner may vary so please do not hesitate and put to good use the comparison image below.

Operate with quality examples such as shown in the crosscheck beneath in order to raise the probability of identification of the replica Louis Vuitton crossbody bag.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton crossbody bag: The locking carabiner method

The button Method

The subsequent technique of Louis Vuitton crossbody bag fake vs real check allows you to recognise the imposter bag by investigating a few specified elements. Firstly, focus on the letters of the writing Louis Vuitton and have a closer look on the shape of the letter «O», which is shaped as a circle without any exceptions.

Then turn your eye to the materials of the button as well as to the different shades of gold. These two components will inevitably lead you to significant increase in chance of the successful identification of a replica Louis Vuitton crossbody.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton crossbody bag: The button method

The date code method

As we have already mentioned previously in the guide, the date code is another method of determination whether you acquired fake Louis Vuitton bag or not. Nevertheless this method, as previously noted, offers no 100% guarantee of triumphant Louis Vuitton legit check due to counterfeiter's expert ability to imitate the date stamps.

However, you should perpetually proceed to scrutinise the first two letters of the factory code as they serve you as an indicator of producing country. If, for instance, your date code is composed of the letters BC (Made in Italy) yet the label states «Made in France», that should ring a bell for you as a sign of a forged item.

In the case of our own comparison picture the components to for examination include: different fonts, authentic serial number tag, easily readable text on the authentic one.

Louis Vuitton Manufacturing Country Codes

Note this is not a complete list. It's collected from open sources by Louis Vuitton enthusiasts from our team.


A0, A1, A2, AA, AAS (Special Order), AH, AN, AR, AS, BA, BJ, BU, DR, DU, DT, CO, CT, CX, ET, FL, LW, MB, MI, MS, NO, RA, RI, SD, SF, SL, SN, SP, SR, TJ, TH, TN, TR, TS, VI, VX











How to authenticate Louis Vuitton crossbody bag: The date code method

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The zipper method

One of the most overlooked directions of Louis Vuitton bag legit check journey is certainly an inspection of the zipper. The main points of focus for us here are sewing and a presence of extra fabric neighbouring the zipper and the leather. You should always bear in mind the level of granularity with which the authentic LV pieces are made. That applies to sewing on the authentic item as the sews there are smaller and tighter.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton crossbody bag: The zipper method

The underside of the bag method

An additional path on the route of authentication is unquestionably the inspection of the underside if the bag, which bring us back to the quality of the sews as well as to the monogram pattern. As it was outlined previously, whilst proceeding with a Louis Vuitton crossbody bag authentication, the authentic bag should stand out with the high-grade materials, fabric and sewing besides the flawless execution of the monogram pattern. In the matter of counterfeit LV item it is noticeable how smaller the monogram pattern is. Not only that, but also the sewing is considerably bigger and much more visible in comparison to the pristine higher-standard original piece.

Hopefully, these methods helped you with a Lous Vuitton crossbody bag authentication.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton crossbody bag: The underside of the bag method

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