How To Spot Fake Moncler Maya Jacket

If you came here to read about Moncler Maya legit check then you are in the right place.

We are about to show you some of the most important steps for a comparison of Moncler Maya real VS fake. 

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How To Legit Check Moncler Maya Jacket?

  1. The Overall Look Method
  2. The Stitching Method
  3. The Pocket Method
  4. The Logo Method (Lower-Quality Replica)
  5. The Logo Method (Higher-Quality Replica)
  6. The Puller Method
  7. The Label Method
  8. The Washing Label Method

The Overall Look Method

Like always, we are going to be talking about the general look first. 

The colors might vary from model to model, so it's not a mistake in this case but the fabric used to produce this jacket. While the initial model has used a prime quality material, very shiny and puffy, the faux one looks as if it had been made out of plastic bags-very poor quality filled with air which doesn't look appealing at all. 

The washing label size and placement are similarly messed up by the replica factories, because it is meant to be much smaller placed farther from the zipper, just as shown in the left picture. 

The pocket zipper has also been placed very poorly, as it is meant to be closer to the washing label.

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Overall Look Method
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The Stitching Method

The stitching is extremely important when it comes to a puffer jacket as these stitches create quilting. 

In the upper picture they are made very tightly to each other and therefore the line is perfectly straight. The thread used for the quilting is extremely thick too. 

On the other hand, the stitches on the Moncler Maya jacket replica are very sloppy, farther from one another and not secure at all; they may come off at any moment.

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Stitching Method

The Pocket Method

Let's compare pockets shown in these two pictures.

First thing that needs to be mentioned is the overall shape: As you'll be able to see, the initial pocket is pointy in the middle, while the unauthentic one is totally square-like. 

The original pocket also appears to be bigger thanks to its bulkiness; The fake jacket is filled with air which explains its wrinkled-ness. 

The faux material as well as the button also seem to be shinier than they're alleged to.

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Pocket Method

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The Logo Method (Lower-Quality Replica)

The logo placed in the middle of the pocket is a vital detail to pay attention to. 

We need to mention how the measurements and therefore the overall shape of the emblem are totally unsuccessfully replicated: the original logo is rounder, wider and bigger, while the faux seem to be thinner, smaller and extremely carelessly cut-out. 

The black details within the left picture are very dark and defined, while they're faded-out on the fake logo. 

It also applies to the red detail. The font of the text has been very badly copied as well, because the letters are supposed to be smaller, less square-like and placed closer to one another.

Do our steps seem to be easy to understand for you? If you've got some doubts it's absolutely ok! Just use our amazing authentication services and get your item legit checked. Our helpful team is here 24/7!

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Logo Method (Lower-Quality Replica)

The Logo Method (Higher-Quality Replica)

In this case the unauthentic logo is higher-quality than the one shown within the previous method. 

Unlike the previous logo, the form of this one has been replicated pretty well, but the font still has been messed up, because it is meant to be bolder, smaller, and thicker just as shown in the left picture. 

The black and red details within the middle also are supposed to be bolder and more defined.

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Logo Method (Higher-Quality Replica)

The Puller Method

The puller is just a tiny detail but still very important. 

The authentic puller is hanging on the larger metal which looks rather like a can bottle opener, while the unauthentic puller is directly attached to an awfully thick and smaller metal. 

It is also supposed to be reflective, not grainy and full scratches.

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Puller Method
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The Label Method

The label might not be visible while wearing the jacket, but it might be one of the best places to search for the differences for. 

The font clearly has been unsuccessfully replicated, because the letters are supposed to be symmetrical to one another, thicker, with an embroidery effect. 

The each side of the emblem on top of the letters are supposed to be equal and bolder too.

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Label Method

The Washing Label Method

First of all, the size of the initial label is way smaller than the one shown within the bottom picture. The coloring and comix overall is bolder and better looking on the authentic tag too.

Moncler Maya Jacket Legit Check Guide: The Washing Label Method

In Conclusion…

We hope that our guide on comparison of Moncler Maya jacket fake VS real will be helpful for you to authenticate your item easily at home.

If you still have questions unanswered, it's fine as we got your back! All you need to try and do is use our amazing authentication services. Our team is here to assist you at all times!

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