How To Spot Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket

How To Spot Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket

Moncler's Parnaiba coat, designed with a slightly larger fit, strikes the perfect balance between elegance and comfort. This quilted puffer design is made of black nylon laqué, filled with down for added warmth. Let's authenticate it in 8 steps starting with the overall look method and embroidery, followed by the zipper and stitching methods. Don't forget to observe cartoon strip and label methods as well as security labels and fonts.

How to Legit Check Moncler Parnaiba Jacket?

Moncler Parnaiba Jacket Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Moncler is known for its high-quality materials, and imitators frequently employ low-cost alternatives that lack the same richness. Nylon is used to make Moncler's Parnaiba jackets. The nylon is padded to keep you warm while still being breathable to keep you from overheating. The authentic Parnaiba jackets are light and airy, unlike many other down coats. Counterfeit styles may appear light, but they are also too thin when touched. This won't keep you warm in the wind, which is another feature of Moncler's nylon puffer coats. These distinctions are clearly visible in these pictures too. (for similar issues check out the Bvlgari Serpenti guide)

Moncler Parnaiba Jacket Authentication

Authenticate With Real Experts

Authenticate With Real Experts

Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket: The Embroidery Method

First and foremost, find the Moncler embroidery. It must be located on the jacket's left sleeve. The embroidery on the Moncler has a lot of texture. Be wary of embroidery that appears "flat" or "printed on." From one Moncler Parnaiba to the next, the embroidered logo patches need to look all the same. You can see how the colors are different in this fake badge, as well as the textures and contours, giving it away immediately.

Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket

How To Spot Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket: The Zipper Method

The word "MONCLER" is etched on the zippers and buttons of Moncler Parnaiba jackets. Be cautious if you notice a silver snap button or zipper with no inscription. The zipper has a fabric tag with MONCLER writing on it, as seen in the comparison picture. The faux zipper is not just black when it should be silver, but the text is also differently presented, with the letters being smaller and lighter.

How To Spot Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket

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Moncler Parnaiba Jacket Real Vs Fake: The Stitching Method

The stitches on the genuine Moncler Parnaiba are very precise and symmetrical, giving the jacket a polished and immaculate appearance, but the stitching on the fake jacket crumples the material and makes it look cheap. This is especially noticeable around the shoulder areas.

Moncler Parnaiba Jacket Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket: The Cartoon Strip Method

Let's have a look at the comic strip. The comic strip is located on the left side of the jacket's inner front panel on authentic Moncler Parnaiba jackets. The label is composed of a non-shimmering fabric. The ink used for printing should be somewhat faded and never excessively sharp. Fake jackets usually aim to imitate the real thing by utilizing bright colors on a plastic-like substance. Misaligned comic panels are another unmistakable indicator of a fake jacket.

Real Vs Fake Moncler Parnaiba Jacket

How To Tell If Moncler Parnaiba Jacket Is Fake: The Label Method

Moncler labels are sewn on the upper section of the jacket, near the collar, and on the inside. The genuine label has a simple, minimalist appearance. It has the Moncler text on it, as well as the M and the rooster insignia. This entire display should be well-made, with acceptable space and font/colors.

Uneven stitches are common in fake Moncler Parnaiba jackets and knockoffs, with some letters appearing to be substantially larger or bolder than others. 

How To Tell If Moncler Parnaiba Jacket Is Fake

Legit Check Moncler Parnaiba Jacket: The Security Label Method

Since 2008, all Moncler jackets have had an authenticity label applied to them. This marking is meant to assist buyers in identifying fakes or counterfeits and is one of the most effective ways to tell if a Moncler jacket is authentic or not. Unfortunately, these labels are now counterfeited as well, so you must be cautious when determining whether a label is genuine or not.

Visit the Moncler Code Check page to verify the authenticity. However, as previously said, these codes can be forged, so don't rely solely on this information.

Legit Check Moncler Parnaiba Jacket

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Fake Vs Real Moncler Parnaiba Jacket: The Font Method

Counterfeiters almost never get the fonts and colors right.

The letters on the false tag are thicker than they should be due to the darker blue. The phony letters "DIST" are also shaped incorrectly.

Fake Vs Real Moncler Parnaiba Jacket

What fabric is Moncler? 

Moncler down jackets are usually constructed entirely of nylon or polyamide. They are super comfortable and waterproof. The material of the authentic jacket should be smooth to the touch and not excessively glossy.

Does Moncler use real fur?

Moncler currently uses both genuine and artificial fur trim, but the animal byproduct will be phased out this year.

Where can I get the Moncler Parnaiba jacket authenticated?

If you came here for tips then you know where to seek professionals! Authentication services at LegitGrails are available 24/7! Check it out: Moncler Legit Check.

Authenticate With Real Experts

Authenticate With Real Experts

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