How to Spot A Fake Nike Air Max Off-White 90

If you are curious on how to spot a replica Air Max Off-White 90, you are in the right place. Today we decided to write a guide that will help you quickly and easily authenticate your sneakers.

This is a general guide, which means you can apply the following methods for all colorways of the Off-White Air Max 90. However, if you want to get a more accurate and in-depth authentication of your particular model, we suggest you check out our professional legit check services. We provide quick reliable authentications along with an authenticity certificate made just for you. 

How to legit check Nike Off-White Air Max 90 in 9 steps?

  1. Inspect the overall shape
  2. Examine the medial text
  3. Authenticate the Nike tag on the tongue
  4. Verify the toe box
  5. Analyze the heel
  6. Check the print under the heel tab
  7. Pay attention to the size tag
  8. Focus on the insole
  9. Use the shoelaces authentication method

The Overall Shape Method

Let’s begin our Air Max Off-White 90 authentication by looking at the overall shape of the shoe. In general, the toe box should have a smooth curve, which most replicas do not have and instead make the toe box too straight and vertical. Please take a look at the following real VS fake Air Max Off-White 90 comparisons to have a better understanding of what we mean.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Overall Shape Method

This OW Air Max 90 in black colorway perfectly illustrates the problem with the toe box. On the fake it is less curved and has a more vertical line shape. Apart from that, the Swoosh looks longer and less pointed, but we will discuss the Swoosh in detail later. Finally, the midsole of the authentic should be more curved.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Overall Shape Method

This pair in Desert Ore colorway has a problem with its leather panel overlapping with the Swoosh. As you can see, it actually overlaps the Swoosh in two spots: the tail of the Swoosh and the very tip of it, while the replica has only one overlapping point. This flaw occured because the fake Swoosh is shorter than the authentic.

Let's take a look at another example to better understand what the Swoosh should look like.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Overall Shape Method

Let’s take a closer look at the details of the Swoosh to examine the flaws made by counterfeit manufacturers.

Firstly, the bright flap on the Swoosh should always have sharp, straight corners, and should never be rounded.

The next mistake here is that the zigzag stitching around the Swoosh is smaller. However, please be aware that the stitching can be inconsistent in some of the authentic pairs.

The Medial Print Method

Moving on with the inspection, let’s take a look at the medial print of the shoe. It is one of the most reliable ways to legit check a pair of Air Max Off-White 90. 

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Medial Print Method

This pair in black colorway has its medial text tilted the wrong way, so much that it appears to be crooked. Not only that, but the color of the “Off-White” text is slightly more washed out and less distinct. 

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Medial Print Method

The Desert Ore pair has its medial text more pale and washed out than the authentic, too. This flaw certainly makes the pair stand out less, and it may be due to bad quality of printing. The font is also smaller, which is especially noticeable on the “Oregon USA” text.

The Nike Tongue Tag Method

As for the Nike tongue tag, here you should focus your attention mainly on the Nike logo font. 

The real vs fake Nike Air Max Off-White 90 shows that the fake one has taller letters, and the ™ sign is more thick. In general, the letters seem to be more tightly fitted together, with less spacing between characters, while the authentic Nike logo has them placed a bit further apart. 

Please notice that the orange Swoosh appears to be longer than needed on the fake tongue tag, and the tip of it has a wrong shape. 

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Nike Tongue Tag Method

The Toe Box Method

For our next step in order to legit check Nike Air Max 90 Off-White, let’s discuss the toe box method.

The main difference here is that the toe box on the authentic is a bit more boxy and has a smoother curve. On the fake Air Max Off-White 90 the toe box area overall seems more pointed and smaller than necessary. 

The zigzag stitching seems less dense, and more messy, because some stitches are longer than the others. You should also look out for any loose threads sticking out, as they might be a sign of a counterfeit.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Toe Box Method

The Heel Method

When authenticating the heel, you should mostly pay attention to the shape and placement of the suede patch, as well as the stitching. 

Firstly, the suede patches of both shoes should be evenly sized and shaped. To put it simply, they should be identical. If you notice any inconsistencies, you might be looking at a replica.

Secondly, notice the distance between the bottom suede panel and the midsole of the shoe. On the fake sneaker it is clearly much bigger than it should be, meaning that the suede overlay has a wrong shape.

And finally, verify the stitching on the heel. All stitches should be consistent in size, and this is where the replica Air Max Off-White 90 fails. The stitches here are smaller and shorter than on the original, and not only that, but they are also inconsistent in length.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Heel Method

The Underside of the Heel Tab Method

For this method you have to pull up the heel tab and look at the underside of it, which has some simple text printed on it. As it turns out, this seemingly insignificant detail is mostly overlooked by replica makers, so it can be a great help at spotting a fake item.

The first difference here is that the color of the patch itself is incorrect. The authentic one is light brown, while the fake one is grey.

Secondly, the print is too thick and fuzzy. It appears to be done on a cheaper, lower quality manufacturing equipment. The text is also smaller and the characters have less space between them.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Underside of the Heel Tab Method

The Size Tag Method

Next on our list is the size tag method. The main thing to notice on the size tag is the font. 

A great way to authenticate the size tag is by looking at the SZ text in the upper right corner. The SZ lettering looks more thick and fuzzy on the fake one, which is most likely due to bad quality of printing. As you may have already noticed, most replicas have thicker, fuzzier fonts, often with smaller letter spacing. This is a general detail that can be applied to almost all brands and models of sneakers.

Another mistake you can spot here is that the font overall is smaller. It is especially easy to notice on the “Made in China” text.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Size Tag Method

The Insole Method

As for the insole, here we would like to point out some flaws in “The Ten” logo. 

The letters of “The Ten” text are a lot thinner. The X logo is also thinner and the corners of it are more stretched out. 

You should also notice the placing of the text and the X logo. Of course, the authentic pair should have it perfectly centered. 

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Insole Method

The Shoelaces Method

For the last method today, we are going to examine the shoelaces, specifically the “Shoelaces” print on them.

Most importantly, we suggest you authenticate the placing of the text. It should be placed close to the plastic lace tip, at about 1-2 cm distance, but not overlapping with it. On the fake Air Max Off-White 90, the text seems to be placed too far from it. 

Apart from that, the fake “Shoelaces” print is too thick in font, and that, as we previously mentioned, is a dead giveaway of bad printing.

How to Spot a Fake Air Max Off-White 90: The Shoelaces Method

The Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of our guide. Our main advice, as always, is to be careful when shopping for brand items. With thousands of replicas being produced every day, you never know when you are going to stumble on a fake product.

If you need your brand items professionally authenticated, do not hesitate to contact us! Our knowledgeable team provides reliable authentications 24/7. Check out this page for more information about our service and reviews from our customers.

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