How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Loafers

How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Loafers

The Prada Monolith Loafers feature a contemporary maxi sole with a monolithic design, as well as a brushed leather top with a rigorous aesthetic and polished finish. Let's take a look at the overall look, plaque, stitching, toe box, leather, insole, sole, and heel counter methods to verify the pair in ten simple stages.

How To Legit Check Prada Monolith Loafers?

Prada Monolith Loafers Authentication: The Overall Look Method

What might be more crucial than examining the overall appearance method?

When you look at the pair as a whole, you may see a lot of differences at once.

The first thing that stands out is the leather quality: the imitation leather is stiffer and shinier than it should be.

It's also worth looking at the front cutout, which has a curve on the real piece but is considerably smaller on the counterfeit model. (For similar issues check out Dior Dway Slides)

Prada Monolith Loafers Authentication

Fake Prada Monolith Loafers: The Plaque Method

Prada Authentic Logo plaques on Monolith loafers should be clearly legible, put evenly to the leather, and secured. Prada, Milano, and Dal 1913 are always featured on the logo plaque. The color of the plaque must be the same as the leather. Pay special attention to the logo plaque's stitching and the typography of the genuine Prada logo.

The fake plaque has Dal 1973 instead of 1913 inscribed on it, the central symbol is completely different, the letters and screws are thicker and bulkier, and the entire plaque has a completely different appearance. Keep an eye out for these inconsistencies and consider them as a red flag.

Fake Prada Monolith Loafers

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How To Legit Check Prada Monolith Loafers: The Stitching Method

Stitching on genuine Prada Monolith loafers should not be crooked, uneven, or sloppy. Sturdy and tight stitches are where the Prada stands. If they're frayed in any way, the bag is most likely a fake.

The counterfeit Prada has opted to sew with thin thread that barely holds the pieces together, whereas the authentic stitches are strong and tight, making the pair durable.

The faux loafers include large holes in the place of the sewing, giving the entire pair a poor appearance.

How To Legit Check Prada Monolith Loafers

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How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Loafers: The Toe Box Method

Let's look at the curviness of the toe boxes on the real vs counterfeit Prada Monolith loafers from the profile side.

In this side-by-side comparison, you can see how the faux loafers' toe box is too curved. On the other hand, the genuine Prada Monolith loafers are less curved, which can be more easily spotted at the tips.  

The width of the sole parts is different as well - the imitation ones appear to be much narrower than the original, giving the complete model a faulted, very cheap appearance.

How To Spot Fake Prada Monolith Loafers

Prada Monolith Loafers Real Vs Fake: The Leather Method

The suppleness and smoothness of Prada leathers help in the authentication process. Run your fingers over the leather; if it feels too stiff, unbending, or, on the other hand, too slick and glossy, you're dealing with a fake.

The authentic Monolith loafers are made of matte, high-quality brushed leather, whereas the fake leather is overly shiny and glossy, indicating that it is a counterfeit right away.

In the right picture, the front stitched section is also very different: it's rounded, with no apparent shape and uneven stitching.

Prada Monolith Loafers Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Prada Monolith Loafers: The Heel Counter Method

What you should constantly remember is that luxury brands, such as Prada, never utilize glue in their products, which is why there are visible stitches above the original heel and glue marks on top of the fake heel.

The contrast in fonts is also noticeable: the letters are asymmetrical, with no discernible shape or form. A quick inspection of the lettering reveals that the pair is fake.

Real Vs Fake Prada Monolith Loafers

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How To Tell If Prada Monolith Loafers Are Fake: The Details Method

When it comes to authenticating luxury labels, remember that it's the little things that make them so special.

You can see how there is excess material above the false toe box, despite the fact that it was supposed to be neat and flawless, as depicted in the left picture.

The original model's stitching is smooth and seamless, making the pair more durable and appealing.

How To Tell If Prada Monolith Loafers Are Fake

Legit Check Prada Monolith Loafers: The Sole Method

Examine the sole of the shoe by turning it over. The Prada brand will always be present on the original sole, but don't assume your pair is genuine simply because the soles contain the lettering. A false pair of shoes may have the Prada emblem on one side of the shoe or not at all on the sole, indicating that they are fake.

The shape of each fake Prada sole in this case is absolutely different from the original design. This isn't the only difference: the unauthentic sole's surface is also significantly more textured than the original. (For similar issues check out Chanel Espadrilles)

Legit Check Prada Monolith Loafers

Fake Vs Real Prada Monolith Loafers: The Insole Method

Let's take a look at the text and stitching on the insoles of these Prada Monolith loafers and see how they differ.

The first distinction to be made is in the writing style. The authentic Prada letters are bold, thick, and sharp, whereas the counterfeit letters are pale, faded, and uneven.

In addition, the letters on the counterfeit insoles are too close together. The gap between the letters R" and "A" is the easiest way to spot this mistake.

The stitching on the insole of the fake Prada Monolith shoes is uneven and inconsistent, but the original Prada Monolith loafers have the same stitches that are thick, symmetrical, tight, and secure.

Fake Vs Real Prada Monolith Loafers

Do the Prada loafers run true to size?

The Prada shoes are true to size and not too tight. They are ideal luxury shoes for regular wear as well as special events.

Do loafers stretch over time?

Given that the Monolith loafers are made of leather, they should stretch out quite a bit after breaking in.

Where can I get Prada Monolith Loafers authenticated?

Professionals do it best, don’t you agree? LegitGrails’ expert team is here to assist you in authenticating your luxury items. Get your authenticity certificate now! Check it out: Prada legit check.

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