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4 easy steps to authenticate an item

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Birkenstock Authentication Service

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Meet Our Authenticators

3 teams specialised in different brands. Bi-weekly authentication tests to ensure <99% accuracy rate on all authentications performed. System that tracks authenticators’ stats & more

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Why choose us?

Excellent Customer Feedback

Expert knowledge backed by the library of free guides, reviewed by our clients

Money Back Guarantee

Get a full refund if we commit a mistake in the authentication


Live chat or email our authenticators at any point, available 24/7

Authenticity Certificate

Get quick and reliable results & an official authenticity certificate

Grow Your Business with LegitGrails

Are you an online reseller or a business owner that deals with branded items? Let's work together to get rid of fakes.

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How We Ensure the Highest Accuracy

Experienced Industry Professionals

Trained and certified authenticators with an accuracy rate of over 99% and an experience in reselling and working directly with well-known brands.

Peer Review System

Each item is checked by 2 to 4 professional authenticators, the system assigns the best authenticators based on specific brands and individual KPIs.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

Complex system created by our team tracks authenticator success metrics, average response times, and double-checking request statistics.

Testing & Improving Knowledge

Bi-weekly authentication tests are conducted in-house to ensure authenticators' high accuracy for brands they specialise in and to spot potential issues.

Reliable Verification

Having more than 6 years of experience in the fashion industry, our team has mastered the Birkenstock legit check process. The LegitGrails authenticators continue their research and constant improvement of their Birkenstock verification knowledge. Every item examined by our Birkenstock authentication team gets at least 2 independent reviews.

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Reliable Verification

Get Your NFT Authenticity certificate

Store information about your item’s authenticity on a blockchain and prove that your item is real to anyone online

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Got tricked into buying a fake?

Check out our RefundGrails service to help you get back the money you spent on a fake. If our authenticators determine that your item is not authentic, our RefundGrails team will go the extra mile to help you with your dispute.

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Featured Questions and Socials

Why Should I Choose LegitGrails?

The LegitGrails Team is trusted by 80,000+ individuals and businesses around the world. We have more than 6 years of experience in the market, while some of our authenticators have been doing this for much longer. Our knowledge is backed up by the free library of authentication guides. We also share our knowledge in our educational courses and our Reddit community. The LegitGrails Team’s efforts were recognised by Forbes, NiceKicks, as well as other popular industry communities.

How Does The Legit Check Service Work?

All you need to do is upload the good quality photos of your item! It is that easy. You can see all the needed details when clicking ‘Upload Photos’. You can then choose your preferred response time up to your convenience. The outcome and the authenticity certificate will appear in your inbox or live chat within your selected time (no longer than 24h).

What Items Can I Authenticate?

We authenticate most of the Hype, Luxury and Streetwear brands. Got any questions? Reach out to our customer support team via the live chat available in the bottom-left corner of the page!

What Photos Do I Upload?

All the needed details for each item category are shown on the page when you click ‘Upload Photos’. You can also refer to our Photo Examples page for comprehensive instructions and useful examples of photos needed for a reliable authenticity check.

Will I Receive An Authenticity Certificate?

Of course! Here's what it looks like.

What If My Item Is Fake?

Our RefundGrails consultancy service is meant to help people manage the dispute processes. Get the money you spent on a fake item back to your account with the help of our professionals!