The "Luxury" Authentication Bundle

Problems for Resellers

  • Counterfeit flooding the market
  • Lack of authentication expertise
  • Rare or vintage items authentication
  • Difficult to gain customer trust

How We Can Solve Them

  • Great authentication knowledge
  • More than 6 years in the industry
  • Authentication teams specialised by brand
  • Unique authenticity certificates for every item

Luxury Authentication Bundle


number of authentications

There is no expiry period for any of the bundles. No discount codes should be applied to the bundles.

How Does it Work

Purchase an Authentication Bundle

Submit your order on this page, choosing your preferred bundle size

Receive an Email

You will get an order confirmation email, containing all the instruction

Upload the Photos

Upload the photos of your items via received link, no need to submit all the items at once

Be Confident in Your Items

Get your reliable results & authenticity certificates for every item

Our "Luxury" plan includes the following features:

  • The chosen number of authentications
  • Covering Luxury Brands
  • Custom authenticity certificates for every item
  • 24h response time
  • Priority 24/7 support via email/ Instagram/ WhatsApp

Who is this for?

Resellers, online store owners and other businesses that want to:

Build customer trust with an authentic brand image

Boost sales with the help of our authenticity certificate

Clear stock from counterfeits

legitgrails authenticity certificates

Let's get personal...

To make our offers accessible for everyone, we have a range of partnership schemes for any kind of business or individual. Reach our team via the link below or live chat to find the right fit for you!