Our independent professionals will help you receive a refund for the fake purchase you made

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Receive guidance in navigating the dispute process
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Get assistance in gathering the evidence and documentation to support your claim
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Benefit from the support of our team of experienced agents


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Why RefundGrails?

Complex Made Easy

Our agents will help you provide PayPal or other payment institutions with valid documentation and report illegal activities. We will help you communicate with the payment institution to return the money for the purchase.

Experienced Agents

RefundGrails agents assigned to your case have extensive knowledge of payment institution policies. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Just send an email to disputes@legitgrails.com.

86% Success Rate

Our team is often asked how effective our RefundGrails service is. Our average success rate is 86% based on the specifications of certain payment institutions.

Money Back Guarantee

We value your money. We value your time. For this reason, we will refund the fee for the service as a credit to your LegitGrails account if we are unable to assist you. This is 100% transparent and always will be.


Rated as Excellent by our customers

4.7 out of 5

Always satisfied

I've used LegitGrails a few times now and I've been very satisfied with their services and their turn-around time is accurate to what they advertise. I will continue to use LegitGrails and recommend them.


Prompt and timely service

I am happy with the service and what came along with it. I am satisfied with what I paid for. I will definitely keep my business with Legit Grails. 🤝

Julie Ann

Extremely satisfied

I used the service here to check the authenticity of my Celine Triomphe bag. The service was faster than my order, they responded very quickly. I will definitely continue to use their services

D'La Luxe Hanoi

Very fast and professional

Highly recommend this company for anyone who needs a quick, accurate determination about their luxury items. Thank you for all of your help!

Georgia M


I've used twice now. Feels good to know you can trust as you're investing alot of money into luxury items. Fast response!!

Nancee Nayoski

Highly recommend

Great service! Fast turnaround! Their certificate saved me from losing my money on a fake bag I purchased that was listed as authentic. Highly recommend!

Lidiana Murphy

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