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Rachel Nguyen

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

The luxury legit check team has been helping me with authentication of the designer items I get for my store. I have also received a business pricing bundle, which has saved me money and time as I now authenticate my stock with LegitGrails.

Alex Torres

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

I regularly use LegitGrails services. They know Gucci very well and help me authenticate my items when I need a certificate.

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The LegitGrails legit check teams always stay up to date with the latest updates in the fashion industry, particularly through Reddit.

We strive to develop a global network of reliable stores and sellers, and this is a small step that will definitely help us reach our goal.

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Canada Canada

Love them

Absolutely Wonderful! I read about this service on people, forbes and deadline and have used them to authenticate two Prada bags I purchased for insanely cheap on marketplace and Kijiji. I was so skeptical about paying 300 for a fake and in under 2 hours they were able to 1. ask for an annoying, but respected amount of photos for a more clear examination and send a certificate of authentication! The fact that they asked for more pics shows me that they were actually taking the time to carefully look at the bags. 10/10 recommend, so underrated!!! would much rather pay 15-30US than $200+ To find out it’s not real :’)

Dina H.


I was very impressed with my first experience with this authentication site. I needed a Dior Clutch authenticated, and they took their time and made sure I sent enough pictures and clearer pictures before they gave me the certificate. I felt that they were very serious and professional.

Stefanie P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very professional - great service!

After purchasing a Dior bag from ebay, I wanted to be extra safe and get my item verified professionally. Legitgrails were very responsive and after asking for a few more photos they confirmed the authenticity of my bag and provided a certificate of its authenticity which was a major sigh of relief. Thank you so much for your help.

Canada Canada


Best customer service:) will definitely use the service again in the future.

United States United States

Very thorough

I purchased my Celine bag preloved and even though the website I purchased from had their own authentication service, I still wanted a second review. I heard about LegitGrails online. Once I submitted my request the team sent numerous follow-up emails asking for additional and clearer photos. While the 24 hours had passed I felt I was in good hands because they were willing to thoroughly examine every detail to reach a consensus. They continued working over a holiday weekend! Really impressed with LegitGrails and would try them again for all my preloved purchases.

Australia Australia

Went well

Little bit late but it went well. I appreciate it, thank you fam

Deon T.
United States United States

Sigh of relief from LegitGrails

Very quick and reliable! Fast response! Had bought some shoes off a sketchy website and they were able to authenticate with ease especially with me being new to the shoe world! Will use again!

Gio R.
Jersey Jersey


Incredibly responsive - Very impressed with this service and I will 100% be coming back for any authentication needed in the future. Thanks again!

Julia A.
Germany Germany

Just Wow!!

The LegitGrails Team is the absolute best. They’re so incredibly friendly, helpful and authenticated everything in the time span they said they would. I highly appreciated and recommend their authentications. Just over all a great experience. They came back to me to get more pictures and tell you exactly why they pin pointed as legit (or not)

United States United States

Great experience

At first team was unsure if my item was authentic and suggested to have another luxury team take a second look. Really appreciated that they took the time to do this in order to make sure my item was indeed authentic. Will definitely use this service again in the future, very grateful!

Singapore Singapore

Legit Check Off-White Tee

Excellent service, fast and accurate results. I had a suspicion that my Off-White tee could be fake and they confirmed my suspicion with their detailed report. Will definitely engage their service in future

Romania Romania

The best!!

Very good

Japan Japan

Very Professional with Fast Results

I am so glad I found Legit Grails. I purchased a preowned Burberry item and had it authenticated online through another company. The result was that it was a Fake! As the seller stated that she purchased it herself directly through Burberry, I decided to get a second opinion and thank God that I did! Legit Grails was much more detailed and asked for additional photos and the result came as authentic. I will definitely be a return customer!

Philippines Philippines


I found a vintage Lady Dior nylon bag online, and I wasn’t confident to purchase it because I don’t know if the product is authentic as there were no card or receipt to verify authenticity. I researched online on how I can possibly verify a vintage Dior bag, and I stumbled upon LegitGrails. I checked out their website and I sent them a dm through Instagram for inquiry. I asked for their help, and it really helped me a lot. Thank you so much for establishing this platform! It definitely was a brilliant idea that you came up with this! Definitely a go-to website whenever you’re in doubt!

Canada Canada


I recently got my jacket stolen. With covid going on, times been hard financially so I decided to get a Canada Goose jacket through Kijiji. I did my research on how to authenticate but sometimes it's just too difficult to know for sure. I ended up getting a cg Fraser and it looked good. However when I got home I started to doubt. Fortunately I came upon LegitGrails and chose the 12 hours service for them to help me authenticate. Through the process they've been great. I sent a video and some photos to them, they could have easily just given me an answer based on what I sent, but they are especially careful in making the right decision so they contacted me via email for more photos of specific parts of the jacket. Before my 12 hours was up they gave me an answer with an explanation why the jacket was authentic and this definitely put my mind at ease. You can definitely really on LegitGrails to do a quality job!

Thailand Thailand

Legit check chrome heart

Great service. I always lc with them first when i bought something. They told how different between fake and real.u can get a discount if they r late.