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Nikita Chen

the head of the luxury team

Rachel Nguyen

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

The luxury legit check team has been helping me with authentication of the designer items I get for my store. I have also received a business pricing bundle, which has saved me money and time as I now authenticate my stock with LegitGrails.

Alex Torres

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

I regularly use LegitGrails services, and ask Nikita to be the authenticator. He knows Gucci very well and helps me authenticate my items when I need a certificate.

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The LegitGrails legit check teams always stay up to date with the latest happenings in the fashion industry, particularly through Reddit.

We strive to develop and global network or reliable stores and sellers, and this is a small step that will definitely help us reach our goal.

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Mason .
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Tremendous experience

My experience with LegitGrails was absolutely great. Nikita and his team assisted me in a quick manner. They have also showed and explained to me why my Dior shoulder bag was fake. 10/10.

Australia Australia

Great work and response

Nikita was great. He was so easy to talk to and very responsive. I got a answer very quick. I asked so many questions and he had all the answers. Thank you

Josh y.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Saved me some dollar

Perfect, I had purchased a pair of Alexander McQueens in depop after spending ages debating on how legit they were! They looked perfect, I bought them and got in touch with these guys to check them for me before the seller posted them. Upon having a look they decided that the shoes looked good but the receipt he was using to prove the authenticity was completely fake! All in all I got a refund and they saved me the time and hassle and money of getting a refund after the shoes had been sent! Thanks again

Elizabeth a.
United States United States

Fast service with knowledgeable staff

So glad I found y’all. Another authentication service that I will not mention authenticated a very fake bag to the person that sold it to me. Try to get a certificate showing it was a fake from another before I found this wonderful company, but Instead of stating the obvious they wanted to refund my money when the bag was so obviously not authentic. So very thankful I found this company and will never have to worry about getting Bamboozled again

Matheus S.
Canada Canada

all of my Saint Laurent is checked here

saw your guys guides on how to authenticate Gucci shoes and decided to take a try and use your services. it's been a month since and I've legit checked like 12 of my Saint Laurent tees and jeans. It's truly rare to find some experts who really know what they are doing in this industry and this team is definitely the one that knows the shit.

Angel D.
Canada Canada

Got my Vetements x dhl t-shirt legit checked

Excellent customer support. I loved the feature of chatting with my authenticator and getting the results right there..

Sweden Sweden

amazing service

I was surprised about the fact that these guys also do legit checks on designer bags. as an owner of a pretty expensive gucci bag i was quiet interested in checking its authenticity. Turns out my bag was fake, but these guys exlained all the reasoning behind it and helped me refund my money back. Im glad to use this service!

Benjamin k.
United States United States

Good service but needs more explanation

Overall, I really liked it but I would like to see more examples than just one real vs fake comparison

Bakker D.
Netherlands Netherlands


Very good communication and experts, got my result on time and certification with it

Hans D.
Germany Germany


thanks to the luxury department for legit checking my balenciaga shoes and helping me to get a refund from the reselling store. I managed to save a lot of money!

Australia Australia

big ups and A++

big ups to every single person in the team, company, and special thank YOU to Nikita who helped me a lot with my purchases and advice the best ones in the game

Tobias H.
Austria Austria

Support from me!

Not my first time using this service but I check my 'luxury' items pretty oftenly. Support from me to everyone in this team and LegitGrails who save me a lot!

United States United States

Burberry Authentication

I sent a Burberry item for authentication and I was sure it was authentic just needed a Certificate. The outcome was fake so I asked to double check it as I bought it from a trusted source. At the end the team apologised and found it to be authentic

aali m.
Canada Canada

So great!

This is such a great service that I would definitely recommend to someone who if trying to authenticate quickly and accurately. The luxury team stated why my item was AUTHENTIC in the email with the certificate and all, I am now confident that my Gucci sweater is indeed legit! So much happiness and relief

Zoe P.
France France

Very nice team

I checked a Chanel bag I got from fleas market ! I was not legit but I really like the team of Legitgrails , thank you for your help

Dan A.
Switzerland Switzerland

Amazing team

Helped me a lot with my Louis Vuitton belts and now I am sure about authenticity , new supporter !

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