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Alexander Saralidze

the head of the streetwear team

Jerfi Hilario

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

Alexander is for sure an expert who knows his brands well! Each one of the Supreme items I know have been authenticated by Alexander. Those certificates has also helped me to resell some of the pieces.

Dominic Gonzalez

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

I often buy designer clothing such as Balenciaga and CDG, and often send those to the streetwear team at LegitGrails. This authentication beforehand saves me a lot of money .

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Spain Spain

incredible authentication of my Supreme Box Logo Black

I liked this service a lot. They told me why my box logo is replica and showed how it should look. Now, I'm gonna ask for a refund!!

Skylar T.
United States United States

Got my FOG Nike 1 String authenticated :)

So happy to use Legit grails!! They legit checked the FOG Nike 1 string for me before purchasing it and it was legit!! So happy they are authentic because I was looking for a good price for them and now I purchased them for personals. Will keep doing business with legit grails. :)

Skylar T.
United States United States

Saved me from purchasing a fake item

Overall, I give these guys 5 stars for responding super quickly and helping me legit check a Balenciaga speed trainer before purchasing them from a seller. Even though I didn’t send much pictures. They Told me the flaws they saw that were red flags and to not purchase. Really recommend this business and will definitely be back for future legit checks. Thank you legit grails for your help and time :)

William B.
Canada Canada

detailed 10/10

I was surprised to receive very detailed explanations regarding my Supreme Louis Vuitton Hoodie authenticity check. Thanks to streetwear team! Will use you guys more often.

Nathaniel g.
Canada Canada


I bought a legit check on this website and I was fascinated. Everything works just as they explain in their FAQ page. On top of that the design is very understandable and good looking

John .
United Kingdom United Kingdom

thorough expertise

I chatted with alexander during my supreme x north face authenticator and the guy seemed to be legit. Good knowledge too

Elijah H.
Australia Australia

This is a 10/10!

Alex at the Streetwear team got real knowledge about box logos Exactly what i needed for my store

Ben .
Netherlands Netherlands

I got what i expected, very nice

Everything was just as I expected. I ordered a legit check for my supreme long sleeve and I didn't even have to wait much for the reply. After roughly 20 minutes i was told that my item is fake, and i was provided with some undebatable evidence. Im not surprised at all, but thanks to u guys

Sweden Sweden

Verified Supreme Bogo

The experience I had was good and I recommend using this services, amazing!!

Jeremy W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

great service fir sure

got my box logo's authenticated. super legit service. a+ for customer service and fast replies via live chat you got a customer for life..

United Kingdom United Kingdom

fake bape hoodie

Found a free authentication guide online and was looking to authenticate my Bape shark hoodie. I eventually got it legit checked with legit grails and it came out to be counterfeit. Thanks for detailed explanations + fake & real photos..

United States United States

Nice legit checks

Found legit grails on insta and and didn’t know that here is a whole team of authenticators who legit check stuff. Got a quick reply and had a small lecture from Alex about how to avoid fakes

United States United States

Supreme verified

Thanks to the street wear team they def seemed to know more about the supreme fakes that i didn’t know before although I’m a reseller lol. Got a really fast reply and had a nice chat with the head of the team

Alice t.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Got my palm angels from a reseller and was not sure about the stitching. I sent it to authenticate here and in 2 hours got a reply with good explanation. A special thanks to Alexander for authenticating my t shirt

Christopher .
United States United States

100/10 for this service

My guys get 100/10 for all the help and assistance! the hoodie I won turned out to be Fake and I would never realise,.. I'm not trying to walk about wearing some ripoffs, just got rid of one thanks to YOU

Jaden m.
United States United States

Legit Supreme hoodie

I was soo nervous about this one but Alexander from the street wear team helped me verify a DS Supreme bandana bogo hoodie He showed me authentic examples and justified why mine was also legit ! Thank you soo much for the help and evrthing

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