How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Bvlgari Watch

a Bvlgari watch

Are you wondering how to tell if a Bvlgari watch is fake? Authenticity is crucial when it comes to luxury timepieces like Bvlgari watches.

In this guide, we'll explore the key features of genuine Bvlgari watches and provide tips on spotting fake ones.

By understanding the unique markings, craftsmanship, and authentication processes, you can confidently verify the authenticity of your Bvlgari watch.

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Key Features of Authentic Bvlgari Watches

Here are the key features you should look for when authenticating a Bvlgari Watch.

Watch Markings and Logo

Bvlgari watch real vs fake: logo

When checking if a Bvlgari watch is real, look at the "BVLGARI" logo closely. Genuine Bvlgari watches have this logo spelled in uppercase Roman letters, with clear and precise lettering.

If you spot lowercase letters or misspellings like "Bulgari," it could be a fake. Also, watch out for other signs, like adhesive residue or text that's not positioned right. These details can also suggest the watch is fake.

Craftsmanship and Material Quality

Authentic Bvlgari watch

Authentic Bvlgari watches are well-known for their excellent quality and careful craftsmanship.

They're made with top-notch materials like stainless steel, gold, and valuable gemstones. When inspecting a Bvlgari watch, focus on details such as the crown, crystal, case, dial, and bezel.

Fake watches might try to copy these features. Still, they often use lower-quality materials or take shortcuts, like using glass instead of synthetic sapphire for the crystal or having poorly printed dials.

Also, in models like the Serpenti with jewels, only the best diamonds or precious gemstones are used, with precise and consistent settings.

How to Tell a Fake Bvlgari Watch

Check out these three steps to spotting a fake Bvlgari watch.

Watch Markings and Warning Signs

When identifying a fake Bvlgari watch, pay close attention to the watch markings and logos.

Counterfeit Bvlgari watches often have inaccuracies in the logo, such as misspelled words or distorted lettering. Look for any discrepancies in the placement, size, or font of the logo, as these can indicate a fake.

Assessing the Seller

When purchasing a Bvlgari watch, it's essential to research the seller's credibility. Buy from authorized dealers or reputable retailers to ensure the authenticity of your watch.

Avoid purchasing from sellers with limited information or questionable reviews, as they may be selling counterfeit products.

Understanding Market Value

Compare prices and market value when purchasing a Bvlgari watch. The watch is likely fake if the price seems too good to be true.

Genuine Bvlgari watches retain their value over time, so be wary of discounted prices or suspicious deals.

Verifying the Authenticity of Your Bvlgari Watch

Here are the two steps to verifying the authenticity of your Bvlgari watch.

Expert Opinion and Authentication Services

Getting an expert opinion is a good idea if you're unsure whether your Bvlgari watch is real. Professional appraisers or authentication services can check the watch's markings, materials, and craftsmanship.

Bvlgari's Authentication Process

Bvlgari offers authentication services to verify the authenticity of customers' watches. Contact Bvlgari directly or visit an authorized Bvlgari retailer to authenticate your watch.

Bvlgari's authentication process involves thoroughly examining and verifying the watch's features and markings.


Verifying a Bvlgari watch involves paying close attention to markings, craftsmanship, and where you buy it from.

By using the advice in this guide and getting expert help if needed, you can be sure your Bvlgari watch is genuine and enjoy its quality without worry.


Can I authenticate my Bvlgari watch myself?

While you can identify some warning signs of counterfeit Bvlgari watches, seeking expert opinion for accurate authentication is best.

Are all Bvlgari watches sold online fake?

No, but it's crucial to research the seller's credibility and compare prices to ensure you purchase an authentic Bvlgari watch. 


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