LegitGrails Authentication Experts

Professionals with more than 6 years of experience in the industry. They pass regular authentication tests and ensure an accuracy rate of over 99% on their specialisation brands.

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How We Ensure the Highest Accuracy

Experienced Industry Professionals

Trained and certified authenticators with an accuracy rate of over 99% and an experience in reselling and working directly with well-known brands.

Peer Review System

Each item is checked by 2 to 4 professional authenticators, the system assigns the best authenticators based on specific brands and individual KPIs.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

Complex system created by our team tracks authenticator success metrics, average response times, and double-checking request statistics.

Testing & Improving Knowledge

Bi-weekly authentication tests are conducted in-house to ensure authenticators' high accuracy for brands they specialise in and to spot potential issues.

Our story

LegitGrails consists of 3 authentication teams with over 6 years of experience from reselling items and undertaking authentication training.

Our goal

Our mission is to provide authenticity to our stakeholders. Our vision is to create a secure platform that supports the growth of the fashion industry.

Our approach

We carefully check every detail of the items that are sent to our team, the result of the authentication is supported by a unique authenticity certificate.

Building a network

LegitGrails aims to build a network of trusted sellers to bring authenticity and trust to what people around the world are wearing.

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