The Most Advanced Authentication Service

Discover our luxury authentication process and why LegitGrails is essential when dealing with branded items.

Here's How It Works

Start Your Authentication

Upload the photos of your item and choose your response time

Let Our Experts Do the Job

Our team of authenticators will carefully review every single detail

Receive Your Certificate

The outcome will be sent to your email together with the unique authenticity certificate


Transparency Project

We strive for authenticity in everything our company does. While the authentication process may seem secretive, our team goal is to achieve 100% transparency in our methods. Check out our case studies to learn how the process of authenticating your items from our end works!

Check Case Studies

Meet Our Team

Nikita Chen

Founder and CEO

Jeffrey C.

Head of Authentication

Deema Raf.

Head of Operations and Support


Our mission is to empower consumers and businesses with the confidence to buy and sell branded fashion items without the fear of counterfeits.

Building a network

We're creating a network for secure investment in authentic brands, eliminating the risks of counterfeits, and fostering a safe and trustworthy fashion marketplace.

Our people

Our 3 authentication teams at LegitGrails possess over 6 years of experience in reselling and authentication training, ensuring a reliable and thorough authentication process.


We meticulously examine every item sent to our team, providing a unique authenticity certificate that guarantees our rigorous authentication process.

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