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How It Works?

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Benefit From The...

Unique authenticity certificates

The LegitGrails authenticity certificate comes with every item verified

teams' Detailed Examination

The outcome of every authentication will be explained in detail

Free legit check guides

Browse legit check guides on our website available as a free alternative

Long time Experience

We work with big physical stores that sell your hype needs. This allows us to gather knowledge about all new and old models.

how it works? 

Choose An Item For a Digital Authentication

There are brand specific and some model specific pages on our website

Upload 5 to 30 photos of the item

The photos can be uploaded on any of the brand pages or the model specific pages

Purchase and get Results within 30 minutes

Purchase the service and get the outcome with the authenticity certificate via live chat or email

our Authenticity Certificates work perfectly for:

we have teams of legit check experts

LegitGrails is divided into 3 authentication teams: the Hype Team, the Streetwear Team, and the Luxury Team. They carefully review every item, weight different opinions, and justify the outcome by their detailed explanation.

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Explore our legit check guides

Use our library of free authentication guides as an alternative to our service.

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