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Featured On Forbes

"LegitGrails has no less than four people authenticate everything they review."


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"LegitGrails, a sneaker & luxury goods verification platform with dozens of years of combined experience in legit check training."


Legit Check Service

LegitGrails is trusted by numerous resell stores and 5000+ customers. Our Authenticity Certificates increase the value of your item.

We have now integrated a feature to explore our authentication teams.

Upload photos of your item, the outcome & authenticity certificate will be in your inbox within the answer time you choose (from 30 minutes to 24h).

Use the most reliable library of free legit check guides, as a free alternative.

Rated at 4.9/5.0

From Luxury Bags to Sneakers

Are you looking to authenticate your Chanel bag, brand new Off White Chicago's or a fresh Supreme Box Logo? You name it, we authenticate it.

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Are you a hypebeast, an online reseller or a store owner? Let's work together to promote authenticity


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