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Legit Check Service

Trusted by numerous resell stores and 2000+ customers. Our Authenticity Certificates are eligible for PayPal disputes.

You can now explore our authentication teams and purchase legit check services.

The outcome and the authenticity certificate will be in your inbox within the answer time you choose (from 30 minutes to 24h).

You can also benefit from our free legit check guides, as a free alternative.

Partner with LegitGrails

Are you a hypebeast, an online reseller or a store owner? Let's work together to promote authenticity


The most faked brand?


What We Strive For

"My initial goal was helping individuals around the world save their time and money by avoiding buying counterfeit pieces."

Nikita Chen, CEO of LegitGrails

What We Strive For

"Now my team and I decided to go a step further - we aim to help larger groups and stores to ensure that their items are authentic."

Nikita Chen, CEO of LegitGrails
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