How To Spot Fake Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt

When it comes to the legit check of Palm Angels Kill The Bear items, it is easy to get confused. If you want to avoid buying a replica, follow this simple guide! 

For this guide we will be using Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt as an example, but keep in mind that this article is suitable for all Kill The Bear hoodies and shirts. This, of course, is a generalised guide, so if you want a more detailed authentication of your particular item, we will be glad to assist with our professional legit check services. Live chat with our experts is available 24/7, so do not hesitate to send us a message.

How To Legit Check Palm Angels Kill The Bear Tee?

  1. Verify the Kill The Bear print on the front 
  2. Authenticate the back print
  3. Inspect the neck tag
  4. Examine the sewing
  5. Take note of the wash tag

The Kill The Bear Print Method

The first step on the road to spotting a fake Palm Angels Kill The Bear tee is to verify the signature bear print. 

Usually, if you inspect a replica, you can notice that the print is lower quality. This is the case here, with the drawing being too textured and printed in lower resolution. Not only that, but the “Palm Angels” text is too thick in font. 

Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt Real VS Fake Guide: The Kill The Bear Print Method

Let’s take a look at one more Palm Angels fake vs real comparison to see all the details. The fabric should be visible through the print, making a subtle vertical line pattern on the print, while on the unoriginal item it’s not the same. 

Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt Real VS Fake Guide: The Kill The Bear Print Method

The Back Print Method

Moving on with our Palm Angels tee authentication, let’s take a look at the Palm Angels logo print on the back of your shirt. 

Here you can see that the font is not entirely correct on the Palm Angels tee replica. The letters are a bit thicker, but the spacing between them is tighter. It also seems that the font is a bit taller and more vertically stretched.

Another thing you should take note of is that no letters should connect, so make sure this detail is done right.

Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt Real VS Fake Guide: The Back Print Method


The Neck Tag Method

The neck tag can be a bit tricky. There is a small detail that you should spot, which was put in the authentic design intentionally in order to make it more difficult to replicate.

Take a closer look at the neck tag and you can notice how the authentic letters have small horizontal lines on them, kind of like a watermark. These horizontal lines are hard to spot and especially hard to copy, since they require excellent printing equipment to produce. The unauthentic one does not have these lines at all.

Next, focus your attention on the print. In case with the fake one, it looks more messy. Some of the letters touch each other, like "l" and "m", "n" and "g". In the authentic tee, every letter is defined and does not touch the others. Besides, the "tails" of the letters are too long on the fake. 

Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt Real VS Fake Guide: The Neck Tag Method

The Stitching Method

At first glance you wouldn't think stitching is something you should pay attention to. After all, it is always the same on every shirt, real or fake, right? Wrong.

The "ribs" or the stitches of the real one have a specific pattern, unlike the zigzag method that is used in the fake material, which is the more common method to stitch. The way the real stitches are made is by making a straight horizontal stitch, followed by a diagonal one and the pattern goes on.

Apart from that, notice the thickness of the borders of the stitches, where the real one has a comparatively more decorative and well made structure in comparison to the fake Palm Angels Kill The Bear tee. 

Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt Real VS Fake Guide: The Stitching Method


The Wash Tag Method

The last element is the wash tag, which is perhaps the most important one to verify.

First of all, the replica's text is placed further from the stitching line, unlike the original. The text is also thicker than needed.

Secondly, the threading is more dense on the fake shirt. Notice how it covers the tag almost completely, leaving little free spots. The authentic one is a more free stitching, where you can clearly see the structure of the sews.

Finally, the text translation can sometimes be wrong, like in this case it is with the Arabic instructions. Of course, it is pretty hard to tell the difference, especially if you are not a language master, but it is just an interesting detail which further proves that the designers of the authentic put a lot of thought into producing their items, going as far as to hire professional translators just for translating the wash tags.

Palm Angels Kill The Bear T-Shirt Real VS Fake Guide: The Wash Tag Method

The Bottom Line

This is the end of our guide! We hope that with this knowledge you will have no problem spotting a replica Palm Angels tee. However, even specialists need help sometimes, and we would like to offer our assistance! Whatever concern you may have, just let us know. Our crew of experts is skillful at authenticating any brand items. Click here to learn more about us!


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