How to legit check Vlone x Palm Angels Tee

Quality T-Shirt is an essential piece of everyone’s wardrobe. Finding a quality exclusive option to build the fundamentals of your closet is great and nevertheless it is only a half of the way of successful purchase due to the process of item’s authentication. Yes, we all adore rare pieces, but we also are in need of making sure that our beloved item does get through the legit check smoothly in order to leave us in satisfaction.

If the T-Shirt of your choice is Vlone x Palm Angels Tee, the following guide will serve you by reducing the precious time you would spend researching the authentication details for this particular collaboration. So please, give us an opportunity to get you through the Vlone x Palm Angels legit check process safely and supply you with the tools necessary to become an expert yourself. 

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How To Legit Check Vlone x Palm Angels Tee?

The T-shirt Backside Method

Without any doubts first things first we are starting with the backside logo. There is no necessity to have flawless optics or tools to compare Vlone real vs fake t shirt. Just stick to the basics  and look for such characteristics as shown in the comparison picture: the color of the logo, texture and quality of its printing.

Although it is not directly outlined in the presented image, you  should also bear in mind that average manufacturer does fail to copy the original size of the logo, which is another feature to use when answering to the question how to spot fake Vlone tee.

How to legit check Vlone x Palm Angels Tee: The T-shirt Backside Method

The T-shirt Front Side Method

We are going to continue your Vlone tee legit check by switching your attention over to the frontside of the t-shirt. The distinctions here require the customer to keep his focused eye on the printing, which has a decisive power over counterfeit items in Vlone real vs fake t shirt comparison. Once again become an inspector of the manufacturer's ability to replicate the original logo by referring to the image below.

Expand your area of investigation by zooming in to the font of the printing by keeping in mind that the fake letters are thicker, more stretched horizontally and also, the fake strokes are shorter (circled in the comparison).

How to legit check Vlone x Palm Angels Tee: The T-shirt Front Side Method

The Size Tag Method

Moving on, the next topic for the discussion of Vlone authentication guide is the size tag. Usually, the size tag is the main point of weakness for the fake items when it comes down to the Vlone Palm Angels tee legitimacy check due to the high density of granular details carried out in the original piece.

Looking on the image below you could identify the main distinction with smooth and ease. Pay closer attention to the USA tag as well as to the font of the writings “100%” and the “V” on the middle tag. Lastly, do not forget to set your intention and complete your Vlone real vs fake tag inspection thoroughly by investigating its length. 

How to legit check Vlone x Palm Angels Tee: The Size Tag Method

The Neck Tag Method

Progressing further to the neck tag, the accompanying picture below will help you to draw the line between fake and authentic piece by offering you the original layout of the printing, which will lead you towards the successful Vlone Palm Angels tee check.

Given comparison outlines a strong necessity to verify the font on your T-Shirt’s neck tag, since the fake pieces tend to have it placed much higher up. As a result of such tiny, seemingly insignificant deficiencies, the item usually fails to pass Vlone tee check successfully.

How to legit check Vlone x Palm Angels Tee: The Neck Tag Method

The last component of your fruitful Vlone Palm Angels tee authentication would be sneaking a quick look onto the backside of the neck tag mentioned in the previous method. In contrast to the preceding approach this particular side of the neck tag does a wonderful job of supplying its customer with sufficient information to wrap the Vlone Palm Angels process up and proceed to the conclusion.

Here, pin your eyes on the sewing of the fake Vlone x Palm Angels Tee, which is placed too high. Next up take into consideration that the font of the fake tag is often too small and there is a little space between the lines and letters. Finally, take notice of the size and the placement of the perforations : these also differ from the authentic item.

How to legit check Vlone x Palm Angels Tee: The Neck Tag Method

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