How To Spot Fake Vlone x Palm Angels Tee

How To Spot Fake Vlone x Palm Angels Tee


The most effective way to authenticate a Vlone x Palm Angels tee is to verify the quality of the printing. The item has several printing details that are often gotten wrong by the replica manufacturers. Make sure you check the fonts and the overall look of the print. For example, it would be unusual for chest printing of the authentic t-shirts to peel off.

How To Legit Check Vlone Palm Angels Tee?

Vlone Palm Angels Tee Real vs Fake: The Front Print

There is a staple Vlone logo found in the chest area of the item, which should be the first detail to be reviewed in our authentication process. Make sure that the colours are correct; numerous replicas our team has seen have the wrong shades of purple used. Verify the shape of the staple details, as those can be easily gotten wrong. 

A fake Vlone Palm Angels t-shirt would also have the ‘LONE’ text looking off due to the fonts. Although the latest replicas are moving closer to the most accurate fonts, the older releases may still show the wrong fonts as a giveaway.

Vlone Palm Angels Tee Real vs Fake


At the back of the t-shirt, you should locate the flame ‘V’ and the Palm Angels logo. Here you must verify whether the details found in the flame are on spot. A real Vlone Palm Angels t-shirt would have its flame details looking tall and large, while the replicas would have those looking bulky. 

The same can be said for the fonts used in the Palm Angels logo, as most of the fakes tend to miss out some crucial details. Remember to review the letter ‘e’ and check whether it has all the right aspects to it.

How To Spot Fake Vlone Palm Angels Staple Tee

Legit Check Palm Angels Vlone Tee: The Neck Label

The next step involves reviewing the stitching found in the neck label. There should be a clear stitching line going through the top part of the label. An authentic Palm Angels Vlone t-shirt would have a considerable amount of fabric left at the top, while the replicas often have the sews placed too close to the edge.

Another aspect of this method is checking the materials used in the label itself. Make sure that your item uses a silky material, which is soft to the touch. A replica Vlone tee would have rough material used, making it look matte rather than silky.

Legit Check Palm Angels Vlone Tee


Vlone Palm Angels T-Shirt Fake vs Real: The Backside Of The Neck Tag 

Remember to turn the neck label to review the details found in the back. Firstly, pay attention to the perforations found in the label. Those obviously vary from an item to an item, yet the real Palm Angels tees rarely have the perforations placed too close to the seam. Make sure that the seams are also visible, similarly to the authentic reference in our real vs fake Palm Angels Vlone comparison below.

Vlone Palm Angels T-Shirt Fake vs Real

How To Spot Real Vlone Palm Angels Tee: The Inner Tag

The inner label of this item consists of three specific tags: the production tag, the washing label, and the size indication label. Verify whether or not the top stitching is consistent with our real reference placed below. The fake Vlone Palm Angels t-shirts often have the stitching being too dense or way too loose.

The production tag must never have its information printed one, the text must be embroidered. The same applies to the size label, as this is where the cheaper replicas use printing.

When it comes to the washing label, verify the fonts used in the text; a common flaw found in the replicas is the text that is too thick.

How To Spot Real Vlone Palm Angels Tee

How do I know if my Vlone Palm Angels are legit?

The quickest way to authenticate your Vlone Palm Angels Tee is to verify the inner labels. 

Where can I get my Vlone Palm Angels authenticated?

You can authenticate your Vlone x Palm Angels using our expert legit check services. Receive the outcome and an authenticity certificate in less than 30 minutes. Check out this link here: Vlone legit check.


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