This plan would be prefect for a real fashion lover. Shoes, clothes or accessories - does not matter. Our team will make sure that all the items you buy during this month are authentic.


What is included in this plan?

Our "Hypebeast" monthly plan includes the following features:

  • 20 authentications
  • Authenticity certificates for every item
  • 18h response time
  • Real vs fake comparisons if the outcome is fake
  • Priority 24/7 support via email/ Instagram/ WhatsApp

Is this the right plan for me?

This plan would be a good fit for someone who:

  • Has a small amount of items that need to be authenticated monthly
  • Has a reselling page/ account
  • Needs to build trust from their customers with the use of the authenticity certificates
  • Wants to pay less than the regular price per authentication
  • Wants to be a part of our global network of verified sellers

Is it a one time payment?

Yes, this is a one time payment. It is not a recurring charge. Whenever you want to continue the subscription you can always do so by purchasing this plan again.

What if I do not use up all the authentications?

In case you do not use up all the 20 authentications, the rest will add up to the next month.

Can I change the item I am authenticating?

In case you've sent us an item and the verification is no longer needed, you can always change it. That way, this will count as one authentication.

How will we communicate? 

It's up to you! You can suggest your preferred method of communication. Our team always wants to ensure the most transparent and fast connection with our customers.


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