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Tyrone Ray

the head of the hype team

Amanda Costa

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

The hype team are my go to legit check experts when I need authentication for my store. They knows Off White and Jordans very well, and save me stress when I get new pairs coming in!

Jian Zhou

LegitGrails Loyal Customer

Truly a great person to work with! Tyrone always supports his opinion with multiple examples and answers any question I ask, and I appreciate this approach a lot.

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United States United States

Good and fast service

Good service , got it authenticated to make sure . Got a response within 24 hours

Caleb T.
United States United States

Saved me $600

My shoes turned out to be fake after I bought a pair of Yellow Grateful Dead Dunks on eBay; however, it saved me $600 so I'm beyond appreciative! The live chat platform is also very helpful as well. I will for sure be submitting pictures for future purchases! Thanks again!

Mathias H.
Denmark Denmark

Fast review and precise explaination.

Even though my shoes turned out to fake, I still appreciate the fast and precise explaination the hype team gave. Thank you!

Allie O.
United States United States

Great service and excellent communication!

Nikita was a pleasure to work with. I initially connected by chat and he gave me a lot of information before even formally assessing my Gucci shoes. I am glad that I asked him to authenticate the shoes. I wasn’t sure they were authentic because I bought them on a reselling site. It turns out that they were an older model and that’s why they didn’t have a serial number. Anyway, it was great to work with this company. Thanks!

Mark .
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very detailed explanations

I had a great experience with Hype Team. The reason I used LegitGrails was to authenticate AJ Diors that I bought off eBay for a very expensive price. They couldn’t authenticate right away with 6 photos uploaded, however I sent additional photos when the pair arrived. They responded in 20 minutes and OMG thanks god they’re authentic. Will use again!!

Germany Germany

Professional service

Excellent service, I will be using this service again! Thank you so much for your help guys!

Jim .
Germany Germany

Great service!

Very excellent and quick service. Helped me from Facebook messenger to main site! Saved me from a scammer!

Sabine S.
Germany Germany

Great and fast service

I used this service to authenticate a pair of Nike Dunk High GS 316604-172. I received an E-Mail withing 9 hours that more photos of the inner stitching and sole are needed and after I sent them, I got a reply within a few minutes that the shoes are legit. The certificate will help me with the sale and I can be sure every detail is checked by experts. I also used the chat to ask a question and got an instant reply and great customer service. I can fully recommend this team.

Munir H.
United States United States

Made my week!

These guys are great! In every way, the expertise blows me away. I reached back out to them several weeks later just to ask about another shoe. One question and the answered immediately at 6am EST with my answer and didn't even ask why I didn't purchase. They are professionals for sure!!

United States United States

Surprised by the speed and accurateness of the LegitGrails Team LC

In less that 24 hours, the LegitGrails team provided me with an excellent analysis of the Dior garment in question. Aside from the issues I initially saw with the price tags, I was impressed that they had expert knowledge about the expected stitching, neck labels, and washing labels, and fonts. Unfortunately this garment turned out to be a replica / fake, but at least I now have expert evidence that can be leveraged in the dispute of my case with the seller. I 100% recommend LegitGrails, and have already sent them another request today. Great work!

Cam P.
Canada Canada

Eased my Concerns

My experience was great. I secured some LA-CHI 1s in a trade. Upon receipt of the shoes, I noticed some differences between the left and right shoe. Opinions among friends varied from “Don’t worry, they’re legit” to “send them back.” My initial opinion was definitely concerned about legitimacy. All of the issues looked like QC but I couldn’t verify. The legit grails team kept me informed throughout the process, asking questions to ensure they did a thorough review before giving their conclusion. 100% will use again.

United States United States

Great fast authentication

They were really fast and very thorough. Unfortunately my shoes were fake but because they were able to let me know so fast I was able to return them for a full refund and use they certificate showing they were not authentic as proof. Very great service l, I will definitely be using again for shoes I purchase in the future. A+

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best Authentication Service

I have used LegitGrails 3x now and they have always been responsive and honest when authenticating my items - they have never let me down! They're able to provide an outcome within the time frames given and carefully explain the reasons for that decision on whether the item is fake or authentic - I couldn’t be happier! I will 100000% continue using them in the future!

United States United States

Great Service

Fast response and good customer service. Would not have known if the pair I was about to buy were not authentic. Thanks.

julie c.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I bought a couple of pairs of Jordans on ebay which seemed pretty legit but I wanted to double check. For the sake of £7 I knew it was worth it. Just had to send a few extra photos of specific areas on the shoes but this didn't put me off I can tell these guys are professionals �

Zach K.
United States United States

Great Communication and Service

I’m so glad I chose LegitGrails. I wouldn’t have known my item was non-authentic without them.

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