How To Spot Fake Bape STA

How To Spot Fake Bape STA

To authenticate Bape STA start by examining the overall look of the pair so you get many details at once. Then check the stitching as well as the midsole. Do not check the tongue badge followed by the insole method. Then, observe the tag and soles thoroughly. Finally, check the box to finish your authentication process successfully.

How To Legit Check Bape STA?

Bape STA Authentication: The Overall Look Method

You can notice how the fake Bapesta Low sneakers have their threads on the star of the wrong size and thickness in the image below with the real vs fake Bapesta Low sneakers comparison.

The fake pair's stitches appear to be overly small, short, and thin, and this can be seen throughout the counterfeit Bape star.

The stitching on the star on the actual Bape STAS, on the other hand, appears to be larger, longer, and thicker than the threads on the fake pair.

Bape STA Authentication

Fake Bape STA: The Stitching Method

Let's take a closer look at the stitching.

When you compare each stitch on the replica sneaker to the original, you'll notice how precise and seamless the real stitches are, but the imitation ones are messy and dirty.

The logo in the middle of the heel counter should also be mentioned; the genuine is much bolder, whilst the counterfeit is paler and plain (for similar issues check out Nike Air Force 1 Low White Sneakers).

Fake Bape STA

How To Legit Check Bape STA: The Midsole Method

We pointed out how the fake pair's stitching job is done incorrectly when compared to the clean stitching job on the real shoes in the image of the legitimate vs fake Bapesta Low sneakers down below.

Some of the threads on the fake pair are thicker and shorter than others, however, the threads on the authentic shoes are all the same thickness and length.

How To Legit Check Bape STA

Bape STA Real Vs Fake

How To Spot Fake Bape STA: The Tongue Badge Method

The image of the real vs fake Bapesta Low sneakers demonstrates how the registered trademark "®" symbol on the fake pair is too thick, but the symbol on the true pair is slimmer.

The fake letter "B" in Bape's written logo appears smaller than the legitimate pair's letter "B," since the original pair's letter is stretched more and wider than the fake pair's letter.

How To Spot Fake Bape STA

Bape STA Real Vs Fake: The Insole Method

The BAPE STA logo should always be facing different directions on the insoles of dull STAs. Because most fakes have the insole branding facing the same direction, insoles are a particularly effective indicator with this generation. Fakers have improved recently, so if your insoles resemble the genuine model, be cautious and check for more information.

Bape STA Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Bape STA: The Tag Method

We've highlighted two major problems in the fake pair's size tag in the comparative image below.

Starting at the top, you can see how the fake pair's "US" two-letter writing appears to be too thin and narrow in comparison to the actual one.

When it comes to the genuine article, the legitimate Bapestas' "US" wording on the size tag is thicker, larger, and more distinct than the imitation.

Now, on the lower side of the label, we have the text "* A BATHING APE®," which is likewise too thin and tiny, although the real shoes have thicker and larger writing.

Real Vs Fake Bape STA

Authenticate With Real Experts

Fake Bape STA

How To Tell If Bape STA Is Fake: The Sole Method

The real sole is well-defined with little stars, however, the copy sole is devoid of these symbols and instead has some strange bumps. The engraving is also not well done, as indicated in the left picture, and needs to be considerably sharper (similar issues can be found with the Walk'n'Dior Sneakers).

How To Tell If Bape STA Is Fake

Legit Check Bape STA: The Box Method

When the blue boxes are disassembled, a "special scene" with Baby Milo and Baby Lisa is revealed. Fakers haven't caught on to this yet, as far as we've noticed (they've barely caught on to the blue boxes as of right now). The majority of fakes are still packaged in gold boxes.)

The counterfeit box, on the whole, has significantly darker colors and less detail.

Legit Check Bape STA

How To Tell If Bape STA Is Fake

What is BAPE Sta?

Bape STA or Bapesta is the signature footwear of a Bathing Ape first dropped in 2000.

How much are BAPESTAs?

Bape STAs retail for 279 USD.

Where can I get Bape STA authenticated?

You can get your Bapesta authenticated by an expert team at LegitGrails 24/7. All you need to do is reach out and use our services. Check it out: Bape legit check.

Authenticate With Real Experts

Authenticate With Real Experts

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