How To Spot Fake The North Face Nuptse Jacket

How To Spot Fake The North Face Nuptse Jacket

Do you want a brand new The North Face Nuptse Jacket but don’t know how to filter out all the counterfeit products that recently flooded the market? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

In this article, you’ll find the seven best methods of spotting a fake TNF Nuptse jacket. So buckle up, 'cause we’re in for a ride!

How to legit check The North Face Nuptse Jacket?

The Hangtag Method

The North Face paper tag real vs fake

The first thing you'll see is the tag color. The real North Face jacket is a faded dark blue, but the fake one is much darker, almost black.

Next, look at the print quality. The fake version has a lower resolution, making some image details harder to see. For example, the mountain details are less clear, and the fog above them looks thicker.

Lastly, check the font to make sure it's authentic. In this replica, the "Iconic Nuptse" text is a bit higher up, and the letters are bigger.

The Zipper Method

TNF zipper pull comparison

Begin by looking at the zipper head. The genuine North Face jacket zipper is thicker compared to the fake one. Also, inspect the fabric tag attached to it—the real version has rounded corners, while the fake version has straight and sharp corners.

Next, examine the text stamped on the metal part of the tag. It should be easily visible, and as you can see in the comparison between the authentic and fake North Face jackets, the letters should also be a bit wider.

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The Chest Logo Method

Let's now explore the most interesting part—the chest logo of The North Face jacket. We'll look at two different replicas: a lower quality, a cheaper option, and a higher-end replica.

TNF logo real vs fake comparison

The cheaper replica shown below misrepresents the North Face logo. The lower edges of the "rainbow" elements are not aligned correctly. Some are higher, while others are lower, creating inconsistencies. The text also doesn't match the rainbow border well—certain letters are closer, others farther. The letters seem thinner, especially noticeable in the "R."

The North Face logo real vs fake comparison

A few flaws are visible in the higher-quality North Face jacket replica. The most obvious is a thread sticking out in the letter "F." Overall, the stitching isn't dense enough, resulting in letters appearing fuzzy with unclear edges.

Additionally, the letters are too thin, which becomes apparent upon closer inspection. However, top-notch replicas might not have any flaws in this area.

The “700” Method

TNF 700 embroidery real vs fake comparison

Now, let's shift our focus to the "700" lettering on the sleeve of your The North Face jacket.

Here, you might spot familiar problems from the previous method, such as stitching that's not dense enough and letters with the wrong shapes. However, there's an additional aspect to examine: the fabric pattern.

Note how fake and genuine The North Face jackets display a subtle checkered pattern. However, the vertical lines in the real North Face jacket stand out more due to their slightly lighter shade.

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The Neck Tag Method

TNF neck label comparison

Another important thing to look at is the neck tag. To check if it's real, focus on three main things: the font size, how bold it is, and how close the threads are.

Regarding the font, we'll point out a familiar issue. You've probably noticed that the letters on the fake North Face jacket are thinner, while the real ones are thicker.

As for the embroidered logo, simply follow the advice we've given before. Ensure the stitching is dense and doesn’t have areas with thin stitching or loose threads sticking out.

The Product Code Method

The North Face product code label real vs fake

As you look at the product code, pay attention to the smaller and thinner letters and closer spacing.

Moreover, the size of the product code tag is incorrect; the tag on the fake The North Face jacket is significantly shorter. Not only that but the material and texture of the tag are also different. The authentic one is printed on clean white paper, while the fake version seems more grayish and has a noticeable pattern.

The Holographic Tag Method

The North Face hologram tag comparison

Our final topic for today is the holographic sticker, a key element in the authentication process. Although these stickers are meant to distinguish real products from counterfeits, some replica manufacturers produce tags that closely mimic authentic North Face ones. How can we differentiate between them?

First, remember that the holograph should always have corner cuts, a detail absent in replica North Face jackets.

Moreover, occasionally the holograph might be absent from the tag entirely. However, this issue is usually seen in lower-quality items.

How can I legit check my The North Face Nuptse jacket at home?

The most basic methods include:

  • Checking the neck tag and the chest North Face logo
  • Verifying the holographic tag (make sure it has the cuts on the corners!)
  • Examining the hangtag

Why is it important to verify brand items?

Sometimes, even when you purchase from a trusted retailer, you can still receive a counterfeit item. If you truly want to avoid The North Face jacket replicas, it is always better to authenticate your purchase and make 100% sure.

How to get my brand items authenticated by professionals?

If our methods seem puzzling to you, we suggest you use our amazing authentication service! Our trusted experts will cover your needs, providing a detailed verification and an authenticity certificate.

Try it out here: The North Face legit check.


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