How To Spot Fake The North Face Nuptse Jacket

The North Face Nuptse jacket might be the perfect choice to keep you warm this winter. However, winter time approaching is also the perfect opportunity for counterfeit makers to sell more fake products. Do you want to be able to spot the difference between a real VS fake TNF jacket? Stay tuned, because we are about to tell you right now!

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How To Legit Check TNF Nuptse Jacket?

  • The hangtag
  • The zipper
  • The chest logo
  • The “700” text
  • The neck tag
  • The product code
  • The holographic tag

The North Face Nuptse replica - The Hangtag Method

The first and most obvious difference here is the color of the tag. The authentic is a washed-out shade of dark blue. The fake one is much more dark, almost black. 

The next thing to notice is the clarity of the print. As you can see, the fake one has lower resolution, and some details of the image are less visible. For example, the details of the mountains are not as sharp, and the fog above the mountains is more deep.

Finally, make sure the font is authentic. This replica has the “Iconic Nuptse” text placed slightly higher, and the letters slightly bigger.

The North Face Nuptse Real VS Fake Guide - TNF Nuptse jacket legit check

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How to spot fake TNF Nuptse jacket - The Zipper Method

First, pay attention to the zipper head. The authentic one is thicker than the fake. The fabric tag attached to it also has a different shape. The authentic has rounded corners, while the fake is straight with sharp corners. 

Apart from that, try to examine the text stamped on the metal part of the tag. It should be well visible, and, as you can see on the fake VS real Nuptse jacket comparison, the letters should also be a little wider. 

The North Face Nuptse replica

TNF Nuptse jacket authentication - The Chest Logo Method

Let’s move on to the most interesting part, which is the chest logo. We are going to observe two different replicas, one being cheaper and poorer quality, and the other one being a more high-end replica. 

The lower quality item pictured below gets the logo very wrong. Most importantly, the lower borders of the “rainbow” elements are not aligned to each other. Some of them are higher, some lower, etc. The text is also not aligned with the border of the rainbow, some letters are closer to it, while some are further. The letters are thinner, which is especially easy to notice if you look at the “R”. 

TNF Nuptse jacket authentication

The higher quality replica has a few visible flaws. The most obvious one is the thread sticking out in letter “F”. Overall, the density of the stitching is not rich enough, and because of that letters tend to appear more fuzzy, and have unclear borders. Not only that, but the letters are also too thin, which you can notice if you look closely. However, high quality replicas might not have any flaws at all in that area, so you might want to learn the other methods to spot a fake TNF Nuptse jacket. So let’s keep going!

How to spot fake TNF Nuptse jacket

Even though these methods of authenticating The North Face Nuptse jacket are the most relevant to today’s counterfeit industry, beware that fake producers progress at insane rates. We notice virtually each month that it is getting harder and harder to differentiate original items from fakes, because replicas are getting pretty good. You should definitely try methods in this guide yourself, but if you spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider professional authentication.

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Fake VS Real The North Face Nuptse jacket - The “700” Method

The next thing to check is the “700” lettering on the sleeve.

Here it is possible to point out similar flaws to the previous method, such as the threading not being dense enough and letters having a wrong shape.

But one more thing you should verify here is the pattern of the fabric. In particular, notice how both fake and authentic have a subtle checkered pattern. However, the real jacket has the vertical lines looking more prominent due to their slightly lighter shade.

Fake VS Real The North Face Nuptse jacket

How to legit check Nuptse TNF jacket - The Neck Tag Method

One more important detail is the neck tag. To authenticate it, focus on three things: the size and weight of the font, and the density of threading.

Talking about the font, we are once again going to point out one flaw that you have probably noticed before. The letters of the replica are thinner, whereas the authentic ones are more thick. 

As for the embroidered logo, simply follow the recommendations we mentioned before. Make sure the stitching is nice and dense, there are no “bald” spots on the logo, and that no threads are sticking out.

How to legit check Nuptse TNF jacket

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Fake The North Face Nuptse jacket - The Product Code Method

When looking at the product code, note how the letters are smaller and thinner, and they are spaced more tightly. 

The dimensions of the product code tag are also incorrect, the fake one being much shorter. Not only that, but the material / texture of the tag is different, too. The authentic one is printed on perfectly white paper, whereas the fake paper is grey-ish and seems to have some pattern on it.

Fake The North Face Nuptse jacket

How to authenticate TNF Nuptse jacket - The Holographic Tag Method

Our final topic for today will be the holographic sticker that can ease the authentication process. Even though such stickers are made specifically to distinct authentic products from the counterfeits, some replica manufacturers manage to produce tags that look very much like the real ones. So how do we tell them apart?

First things first, the holograph should always have cuts on the corners, which the replica one does not have.

Besides, sometimes the holograph is not included on the tag at all. However, usually this flaw is present in low quality items. 

How to authenticate TNF Nuptse jacket

How can I legit check my TNF Nuptse jacket at home?

The most basic methods include:

  • Checking the neck tag and the chest logo
  • Verifying the holographic tag (make sure it has the cuts on the corners!)
  • Examining the hangtag

Why is it important to verify brand items?

Sometimes, even when you purchase from a trusted retailer, you can still receive a counterfeit item. If you truly want to avoid replicas, it is always better to authenticate your purchase and make 100% sure. 

How to get my brand items authenticated by professionals?

If our methods seemed puzzling to you, we suggest you use our amazing authentication service! Our trusted experts will cover all of your needs, providing a detailed verification plus an authenticity certificate. Try it out here: The North Face legit check.

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