How To Spot Real Vs Fake UGG Boots

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UGG boots, known for their comfort and style, have become a popular item in the fashion world.

However, this popularity has led to a surge in counterfeit products. Knowing how to spot fake UGG boots is crucial for ensuring you get the quality and comfort you pay for.

This guide will help you spot fake UGG boots by examining key features. Enjoy!

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Key Features of Genuine UGG Boots

Before buying a pair of UGG Boots, check out these features. These are the easiest to spot if you’re not a professional shoe authenticator.

Materials and Quality

UGG real vs fake comparison: materials

One of the most important aspects of authentic UGG boots is the materials' quality. Genuine UGG boots are made from high-grade sheepskin. It is known for its durability and softness.

The sheepskin used in real UGG boots is usually twin-faced, meaning the fleece and skin are part of a piece of material. This gives the boots a luxurious feel and helps maintain warmth and comfort.

Counterfeit UGG boots often use synthetic materials or lower-quality sheepskin that does not provide the same level of comfort or durability. The fleece in fake UGGs might feel rough, thin, or synthetic, lacking the plush texture of genuine sheepskin.

Stitching and Construction

Another telltale sign of authenticity is the craftsmanship of authentic UGG boots. Real UGG boots are meticulously constructed, with even, tight stitching that ensures durability and a polished appearance. The stitching on genuine UGG boots is usually done with strong nylon thread, which can withstand wear and tear.

In contrast, fake UGG boots often have sloppy or uneven stitching. The threads might be loose or frayed, indicating poor construction quality. This lack of attention to detail can result in a shorter lifespan for the boots and a less refined look.

Visual Guide to Identifying Fake UGGs

If you're buying a pair of UGGs in real life, you can use these methods to spot a fake pair.

Badge Inspection

UGG real vs fake comparison: badge

The badge on UGG boots is a key feature to examine when determining authenticity. Genuine UGG boots have a clear and precisely placed UGG logo on the heel. The font is specific, and the letters should be well-defined with consistent spacing. The color of the badge should not fade or look washed out, and the stitching around the badge should be neat and secure.

Fake UGG boots often have badges with incorrect font styles, misspellings, or uneven lettering. The color may also appear faded or inconsistent, and the stitching around the badge can be sloppy or misaligned.

Sole Examination

UGG real vs fake comparison: sole

The soles of genuine UGG boots are designed for comfort and durability, with a specific tread pattern and material quality. Authentic UGG boots have a thick, durable sole made from high-quality rubber, providing good traction and support. The tread pattern is distinct and should match the designs found on official UGG websites or stores.

Counterfeit UGG boots often have thinner soles from inferior rubber, which can wear out quickly. The tread patterns may be inconsistent, poorly defined, or completely different from authentic designs. Additionally, the soles of fake UGGs might feel flimsy or overly flexible compared to the sturdy feel of real UGG soles.


Check the Stitching

The stitching on genuine UGG boots is another crucial detail to inspect. Authentic UGG boots feature even, tight stitching that ensures the boots are durable and well-constructed. The stitches should be uniform in size and spaced evenly along the seams.

In contrast, fake UGG boots often exhibit irregular, loose, or uneven stitching. The threads may fray or break easily, indicating poor craftsmanship. Examining the stitching carefully can reveal whether the boots are genuine or counterfeit.

Other Indicators of Fake UGG Products

Here are more indicators to help you spot a fake pair of UGGs.

Suede Quality

UGG real vs fake comparison: suede

The suede quality used in UGG boots is a significant indicator of authenticity. Genuine UGG boots are made from high-quality suede that feels soft and smooth to the touch. The suede should have a uniform texture and color without any patches or inconsistencies.

On the other hand, Fake UGG boots often use lower-quality suede that feels rough or stiff. The color may be uneven, and the texture might be inconsistent, with visible imperfections. Additionally, the suede on counterfeit UGGs may not react to water like authentic suede, which tends to darken slightly when wet.

Size Tag and Labels

UGG real vs fake comparison: size tag

The size tags and labels inside genuine UGG boots are another important feature to check. Authentic UGG boots have well-made labels with clear, crisp lettering and accurate information. The size tag should include details such as the size, country of manufacture, and sometimes a QR code or serial number for additional authenticity verification.

Counterfeit UGG boots often have poorly made size tags with blurry or misaligned text. The information on the tags may be incorrect or incomplete, and there may be spelling mistakes or inconsistencies. Inspecting the size tag and labels closely can help identify fake UGG boots.

Toe Box Shape

Another distinguishing feature of genuine UGG boots is the shape of the toe box. Authentic UGG boots have a specific shape that is rounded and slightly wide, providing comfort and ample space for the toes. The toe box should maintain its shape well, even after extended wear.

Fake UGG boots often have a toe box that is too narrow or misshapen. The shape may look off, and the toe box might collapse or lose its form over time. Comparing the shape of the toe box with that of authentic UGG boots can help determine if the boots are genuine or counterfeit.

Safe Shopping and Authentication Tips

To ensure you are purchasing authentic UGG boots, following safe shopping practices and verifying the product's authenticity is essential. Here are some tips to help you avoid counterfeit UGG boots:

Buy UGG boots from authorized retailers, official UGG stores, or reputable online platforms. Authorized retailers are more likely to sell genuine products and offer proper customer service.

Check the seller's reputation and reviews if buying from an online marketplace or a third-party seller. Look for positive feedback and a history of selling authentic products.

Authentic UGG boots have proper documentation, including care instructions and authenticity cards. Ensure that the product includes these materials and appears legitimate.

Be cautious of prices that seem too good to be true. Genuine UGG boots have a specific price range. Significant discounts mean counterfeit products.

Authentic UGG boots come in high-quality packaging with the UGG logo and branding. Check the packaging for any signs of tampering or poor quality.


Spotting fake UGG boots requires careful attention to detail and knowing the key features that set genuine UGG products apart.

By examining the materials, stitching, badges, soles, and other indicators, you can determine whether the boots are real or counterfeit. Always prioritize buying from authorized retailers and reputable sources to ensure you get genuine UGG boots.

If you're unsure, consider consulting a shoe authenticator to verify the product's authenticity. Following these guidelines will help you enjoy genuine UGG boots' quality, comfort, and style while protecting yourself from fake products.


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