Authenticity Certificates That Are Impossible To Fake

Create an unbreakable digital record of your items' authenticity and increase their resale value

How Does It Work?
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Verify your item and get the
LegitGrails certificate & unique certificate code

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Insert your wallet adress & unique certificate code in the fields

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Purchase the NFT certificate on this page

Done! The NFT will be in your wallet soon!


NFT Authenticity Certificate

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Make sure you already have a certificate from LegitGrails!

You Don't Have a LegitGrails Certificate?

Authenticate your items to receive a standard LegitGrails authenticity certificate. If you have that, your NFT is just a click away!

Start Authentication
PDF certificate
PDF certificate

Can be faked and copied

Not 100% reliable from buyers' perspective

Can be used for several items

Does not offer royalties

NFT certificate
NFT certificate

Stored on a blockchain - impossible to hack or change

100% transparent & provides ownership history

Guarantees uniqueness

Provides royalties from every subsequent resale

Decide on pricing of your NFT certificate

There are several ways to do so:

• Transfer the ownership of the certificate to the buyer for free

• Set a price for the certificate in crypto and sell it from your NFT page

• Or include the price of your NFT certificate in the price of your physical item wherever you sell it.

Publish a link to your NFT Certificate

When publishing your item on an online store or marketplace, refer those who want to check its authenticity to your NFT certificate page. You can refer to your certificate page on the LegitGrails NFT Certificate hub that is sent to you when we transfer the NFT to your wallet. You can also publish the certificate on any NFT  marketplace and refer your buyers there.

Ask your buyer to provide a crypto wallet

Request a crypto wallet from the next owner when you sell your physical item with the NFT certificate

Transfer ownership of your certificate

If you are selling the item and want to transfer ownership of the certificate, simply go to your NFT page and click "Transfer". Enter your buyer's wallet address and confirm the transaction.

Send us an inquiry if you would like to get more information on how you can use our NFT authenticity certificates for your business' needs!

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Link all your authenticated items to an immutable NFT certificate and increase the liquidity of your inventory

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Earn royalties yourself and let your customers earn the royalties after the item is subsequently resold!

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Increase the trust of your customers and pass on the ownership of the certificate to them

What is an NFT?

NFT is a blockchain technology which allows to create immutable digital record that will be forever stored online and protected from hacks and data

Is it secure?

When you get your NFT certificate, even LegitGrails cannot change the data and the outcome that has been stored as an NFT. It gets uploaded to

Who owns my NFT?

Your NFT certificate becomes completely owned by YOU and no one else. It’s the same as owning private property in real life, NFT technology just allows people

Which wallets do we support?

We support all Polygon-compatible wallets. Here are popular Polygon wallets: Metamask, Trust Wallet, My Ether Wallet.

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