NFT Authenticity Certificate



Create an unbreakable digital record of your items' authenticity and increase their resale value

What can i do with an NFT certificate? 

Prove authenticity

When listed on an NFT marketplace, stores information about the creator (LegitGrails), item authenticity, and ownership history.

Increase resale value

If you sell an item, you can give or sell the NFT certificate to your buyer's wallet and it will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain forever.

Earn royalties

Just like artists of NFT artworks, you also receive royalties as the original owner of the LegitGrails authenticity certificate.

NFT Authenticity Certificate


Make sure you already have a certificate from LegitGrails!

Why NFT for authenticity certificates?

PDF certificate

  • Can be faked and copied
  • Not 100% reliable from buyers' perspective
  • Can be used for several items
  • Does not offer royalties


NFT certificate

  • Stored on a blockchain - impossible to hack or change
  • 100% transparent & provides ownership history
  • Guarantees uniqueness
  • Provides royalties from every subsequent resale

you don't have a LegitGrails certificate?

Authenticate your items to receive a standard LegitGrails authenticity certificate. If you have that, your NFT is just a click away!

What's in it for businesses?

Our NFT authenticity certificates help resellers and online marketplaces build transparent relationships with customers and provide an innovative way to prove the authenticity of each listing!

Link all your authenticated items to an immutable NFT certificate and increase the liquidity of your inventory

Increase the trust of your customers and pass on the ownership of the certificate to them

Earn royalties yourself and let your customers earn the royalties after the item is subsequently resold!

What is an NFT?

NFT is a blockchain technology which allows to create immutable digital record that will be forever stored online and protected from hacks and data changes. NFTs can be used to store any digital data but having your authenticity certificate as an NFT is the best way to prove and guarantee authenticity of your items online. 

Is it secure?

When you get your NFT certificate, even LegitGrails cannot change the data and the outcome that has been stored as an NFT. It gets uploaded to the Ethereum network and can be accessible by anyone to check the NFT data.

Who owns my NFT?

Your NFT certificate becomes completely owned by YOU and no one else. It’s the same as owning private property in real life, NFT technology just allows people to own private property in the digital world. No one apart from the holder of the NFT has the ability to change the data or use it for purposes not specified by the owner.

Which wallets do we support?

We support all Polygon-compatible wallets. If you don’t have one, it’s very easy to setup, just follow the links below. Here are popular Polygon wallets: Metamask, Trust Wallet, My Ether Wallet.