How To Spot Fake Cartier Love Ring

How To Spot Fake Cartier Love Ring

A Cartier Love Ring is probably the best gift you can ever think of. But, unfortunately, even with Cartier’s originality, there are still a lot of counterfeits on the market.

That’s why, in this article, we gathered more than twelve different methods of spotting a fake Cartier Love Ring. Enjoy!

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Cartier 750 Ring 52833a Real or Fake: The Overall Look Method

Cartier Love ring real vs fake

We know it's hard to copy the amazing look of the real ring in the picture.

But fakers should think twice. Many people still get tricked by these fakes, and that's why we're showing you how to tell the real ones from the fakes. First, look at the diamond.

The real one shines a lot, but the fake one doesn't. It looks dull and dark. Next, check the circle patterns on the fake Cartier Love ring. They're not shaped right and don't look as good as they should.

Fake Cartier Love Ring: The Font Method (Cartier 3 Diamond Ring)

Cartier Love ring code real vs fake

Check the writing on the inside of the Cartier 3 Diamond ring closely. How the letters and numbers look can tell you if it's real or fake.

In the real ring, the writing is thicker and stands out more. In the picture on the right, it's thinner and harder to see. The "52" on the fake ring and its letters are also thin and faint, unlike the real one.

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How To Legit Check Cartier 750 Ring 52833a: The Details Method (Cartier Love Wedding Band)

Cartier Love ring real vs fake

The real Cartier Love Wedding Band has special and perfectly round details. But the circles on the fake ring are not the same.

They don't look as bold or even as the ones in the left photo.

How To Spot Fake Cartier Love Ring: The Font Method (Cartier Love Wedding Band)

Cartier Love ring codes real vs fake

In this comparison, you can see the fake ring's writing doesn't look right. The real Cartier Love ring has big and bold letters and numbers.

But the ones in the right picture are much smaller and lighter, and they don't look like the real thing. The real writing is much bigger than the fake one. When you look at the "Au75" inscriptions in these pictures, you can see the differences more clearly.

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Cartier 750 Ring 52833a Real Vs Fake: The Overall Look Method

Cartier Love ring real vs fake

Let's look at the Cartier Love Ring as a whole. The real ring has perfect circles that aren't as deep as the fake one's circles.

This shows it's a fake right away. The fake ring's circles are also not as wide as they should be. The fake ring looks uneven and cheaply made, making it look low-quality.

Real Vs Fake Cartier 750 Ring 52833a: The Measurements Method

Cartier Love ring real vs fake

You can easily see the difference between these pictures. The fake ring is much thinner than the real one.

The reason is simple: people making fake rings use cheaper stuff to save money. Here, they used less metal.

How To Tell If Cartier 750 Ring 52833a Is Fake: The Font Method

Cartier Love ring codes real vs fake

The people making the fake ring used text that is too dark and bold. It should look lighter, like in the left picture.

The real ring has nicer and cleaner writing than the fake ring, which doesn't look as good.

Legit Check Cartier Love Ring: The Packaging Method

Cartier red paper bag real vs fake

When you buy a Cartier ring, it comes in a nice box. Check the box as soon as you get it, because it can help you know if the ring is real.

The real bag is a brighter red, but the fake one is darker and not as bright. The fake writing is bigger but not as clear as the real one. The handle on the fake box isn't as shiny as it should be.

Cartier Love Wedding Band Authentication: The Pattern Method

Cartier box pattern real vs fake

You can easily spot problems with the fake Cartier Love ring's pattern: the flower design looks faded and blurry, and just seems cheap. On the real ring, the design is clear, detailed, and looks really nice.

The fake ring also feels smoother, not like the real one.

Fake Cartier Love Wedding Band: The Box Method

Cartier Love ring box real vs fake

The box is a big part that the people making fake Cartier Love Rings should've done better. The fake box has a gold net pattern that's too rough, while the real box just has a little gold ink.

The word "Cartier" on the fake box also isn't shiny like it should be.

How To Legit Check Cartier Love Wedding Band: The Box Interior Method

Cartier Love ring inside of the box real vs fake

Cartier put effort into the box just like the ring. The real one has a soft, fuzzy inside, while the fake one is flat.

The letters on the real ring look like silver, but on the fake rings, the writing is different and colored.

How To Spot Fake Cartier Love Wedding Band: The Paperwork Method

Cartier Love ring certificate real vs fake

Lastly, we'll cover the paperwork method. Pay attention to the font—it's the key difference. Instead of copying the original style, fake letters are thicker.

They also tried to make the "mark" look better by making it bolder and brighter, but that just makes it obvious it's fake.

Does the Cartier Love ring run smaller? 

Yes, Cartier 750 Ring 52833a sizes are a little smaller than the regular rings. You should size up for the ring to fit nicely.

What is the price for the Cartier Love ring?

As of 2024, the price of the Cartier Cartier 750 Ring 52833a is ~1,820 USD.

Where can I get the Cartier 750 Ring 52833a authenticated?

If you still doubt your authentication skills, we recommend you reach out to our expert team to get your ring authenticated in the shortest amount of time! 

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