How To Spot Real Vs Fake Chloé Bag

woman wearing a Chloe bag on her shoulder
Chloe bags are a symbol of luxury and quality. The French luxury fashion house was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. The bag collection is famous for its iconic designs, and many of them are worn by celebrities.

The premium craftsmanship and boho chic vibe are the signature features of a Chloe bag. Fashion enthusiasts seek after the signature designs.

Whenever there is hype about a brand, unfortunately, counterfeiters follow up. With so many fake versions of Chloe bags on the market, making a difference might seem impossible.

Don't want to get scammed? Our fake Chloe bag vs. real authentication guide reveals the best methods to identify original bags.

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Key Features of Authentic Chloé Bags

The Chloe bags reflect craftsmanship and quality. As soon as you take the bag in your hands, it instantly gives off a premium feel. It is sturdy and heavy, and a unique aspect of it gives perfection.

The impeccable craftsmanship can be instantly recognized by the stitching. An original Chloe bag has consistent and neat stitching, revealing their excellent manufacturing practices.

When you look closer at the stitching in fake models, you can notice the imperfections. Thin thread, sloppy stitching, and irregular stitches are the signs of a fake bag.

Next, we focus on the material. Original Chloe bags are made of genuine leather, a material known for its characteristics. You can instantly recognize the original leather by its smell and touch test.

Genuine leather has a pleasant, sweet smell, even in pre-loved luxury bags. On the other hand, counterfeit models are made of fake leather. It is made of plastic and will have an unpleasant chemical odor.

If the bag is in your hands, run your fingers through the surface to feel it. Natural leather should feel soft and velvety, while fake is stiff.

In addition, assess the texture. Natural leather has a distinct grain with irregular patterns and wrinkles. The real beauty of leather lies in the imperfection.

The man-made material tries to mimic the same grain patterns but fails to do so. You can notice repetitive patterns and no imperfections at all.

Stitching Patterns and Quality

Chloe bag real vs fake comparison: stitching

The stitching is usually what gives off a fake bag. We focus on the signature pattern and quality to make a difference between fake Chloe bags vs real.

The T-shape stitching is a signature feature of the Chloe bags. It is done with two layers for extra support. The individual stitches are slightly angular, being deeply stitched into the leather. Also, the T-shape is close to the upper seam.

While the counterfeiters tried to copy the pattern, their version differs. The stitches are done in one layer and are straight. Also, we can notice how it is positioned lower than the original.

Interior Lining and Tags

Chloe bag real vs fake comparison: inside tags

The interior lining of the Chloe bags is another point of interest in this authentication guide. The seams can help you distinguish between fake Chloe bags vs real ones.

For this method, take a look at the side seams. In the original, this seam is wrinkled and imperfect. While it might appear strange at first glance, the imperfection is a characteristic of the original Chloe bags.

On the other hand, the interior seam is perfectly aligned in the fake. It is smooth and doesn't have any wrinkles.

The logo tag is our next concern. Depending on the model, the logo can be differently displayed. In some chloe bags it will be printed in golden over the leather tag. In other models you might notice it is embossed into the tag.

No matter which method is used, always make sure to compare the logto the original. Look for inconsistencies in the letter positioning and size.

You can also find the date code tag attached to the interior. While counterfeiters might copy the exact number, look for inconsistencies in the size and thickness.

Hardware Details

The original Chloe bags come with high quality hardware. It looks sturdy and tough. It should keep the same qualities in pre-loved bags, but might be a little dull due to wear and tear which is normal.

The Chloe hardware is commonly made of brass, which has a matte finish. If you notice that it is too bright and shiny, this signal is a fake product.

The metal circle is a signature feature of some Chloe models. Fake models' color and shape can vary. It can have a different undertone and a more prominent shine.


Step-by-Step Authentication Process

Examining the Stitching

Chloe bag real vs fake comparison: logo label & stitching

The original stitching in Chloe's bags is precise, neat, and strong. The signature T-shape pattern is made with two layers of thread.

The flap stitching should be neat and precise, forming a straight line. The thread is thick and strong, and there are no gaps between the individual stitches.

Assessing the Interior

The bag lining should have wrinkled side seams. This is a common feature of Chloe bags. If it appears too neat, it is a fake product.

The branded tag is attached on the interior. It has the brand name Chloe followed by the "made in Italy" line. T can be printed or embossed into the leather depending on the specific model you have.

At this point, it is essential to check the consistency of the branded font and text alignment. If the text is too thick or not correctly aligned, it signals a fake.

Verifying Hardware Authenticity

The hardware should reflect the dedication to high quality. Different Chloe models come with other hardware, but it is essential to compare the tone and quality.

Whether your bag has chainlink, buckle, circle or buttons, make sure they align with the original. The chainlink shouldn't be too yellow or shiny in the original. The buttons should be polished and not smaller than the original.

Common Traits of Counterfeit Chloé Bags

  • Stitching flaws: Irregular stitching with gaps between.
  • Hardware quality: Different tone and excess shine.
  • Interior lining: Flawless inside seam.
  • Logo: The "Chloe" text has a different position, and the font differs.

Expert Authentication Services

Counterfeiters are getting better at copying the Chloe bags to deceive customers. The market is oversaturated with copies that closely resemble the original, making it difficult to spot the difference between fake and real.

The inferences are hard to spot for the untrained eye, so turning to experts is the best idea. Online authentication services can help you verify designer goods within a few simple steps. It is as easy as submitting a few photos, and our expert authenticators will do the rest.


While you can protect yourself from fraud when buying from licensed retailers, sometimes you might want to go for an affordable and sustainable option. Shipping for a pre-loved bag can be challenging, with so many counterfeits overflowing the market.

Fake Chloé bags might copy the same aesthetics, but they can't resemble the quality of a designer brand. Chloe bags are not only a fashion accessory but also a significant investment. Always authenticate the items to make sure you are purchasing the real deal.

If you need help authenticating your designer goods, don't mind contacting us now!


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