How to Spot Real vs Fake Christian Louboutin Sneakers

red soles of Christian Louboutin sneakers

Christian Louboutin sneakers are known for their luxury and style, but telling real from fake can be tough.

This guide will explore key authentication areas to help you differentiate counterfeit sneakers.

Whether you're buying new or secondhand, knowing how to tell if Christian Louboutin sneakers are real can save you from purchasing fake products.

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Key Authentication Areas for Christian Louboutin Sneakers

When authenticating Christian Louboutin sneakers, several critical areas need close inspection. Here are some of them:

Stitching Quality

Christian Louboutin sneakers real vs fake: stitching

When checking if Christian Louboutin sneakers are real, focus on the stitching. Real ones have small, neat, and straight stitches, showing careful work.

Fakes often have big, loose stitches that make the shoes look uneven. Genuine Louboutins are handmade, so they're precise and well-crafted. In contrast, fake ones may have messy stitching, with threads sticking out or fabric not lining up.

Look closely, especially on spike sneakers, where threads may not be properly embedded in the leather, another sign of poor quality

Rear Stitching and Perforations

When examining Christian Louboutin sneakers, pay close attention to the rear stitching and perforations.

Genuine pairs have clean stitching and evenly spaced holes. In contrast, counterfeit sneakers may exhibit messy stitching and unevenly placed perforations, with less distance between the holes.

Spikes Detailing

Christian Louboutin sneakers real vs fake: spikes

When authenticating Christian Louboutin sneakers, pay attention to the spikes. Real ones have neatly aligned spikes and are finished without any glue residue. But fake ones might have too long spikes, stick out too much, and look bulkier than the real ones.

Midsole Craftsmanship

Check the midsole of the sneakers for any inconsistencies in craftsmanship. Real Christian Louboutin sneakers have a flawless midsole with intricate detailing, while fake ones may have a less detailed and defined appearance.

Lace Quality

When examining Christian Louboutin sneakers, pay attention to the quality of the laces.

Genuine pairs have durable laces with a higher stitching density and sharper appearance. In contrast, counterfeit sneakers may have laces that feel flimsy and lack the same level of quality.

Insole and Sole Inspection

Christian Louboutin sneakers real vs fake: outsole

Inspect both the insole and sole of the sneakers for authenticity clues. Genuine Christian Louboutin sneakers have carefully crafted "Louboutin" text on the insole. Ensure that the "Christian" part of the logo isn't too heavy on paint and that the letters aren't joined together.

Moving to the sole, authentic Louboutin spike sneakers have a sole that isn't overly shiny. The "Louboutin" text should look consistent without any excessive shine or scratches. Keep in mind that slight wear may be present, especially on shoes worn indoors or just once.

Authentic Christian Louboutin shoes usually feature a clear "Christian Louboutin" logo stamped near the heel. The "Christian" part is usually in a different font from "Louboutin" and formed into a "C" in cursive. Look for "MADE IN ITALY" and the shoe size engraved below the logo.

Counterfeit shoes often have poorly-stamped logos that are hard to read or feel. The font may be incorrect, and the letters might look too thick or thin. Genuine half sizes are marked as "½," not ".5." Also, older authentic shoes may have a "VERO CUOIO" stamp between the logo and "MADE IN ITALY."


Box Label Verification

Christian Louboutin sneakers real vs fake: box label

Check the label on the sneaker box for authenticity. Genuine Christian Louboutin boxes are strong and well-made, with clear printing. The top of the box has the "Christian Louboutin" logo in white, centered, with "Paris" in the bottom right corner.

On the side label, you'll see the shoe name, color, and size, along with the "Christian Louboutin" logo on a black background. Real boxes are usually better quality, while fake ones might seem flimsy.

Fake boxes often have font mistakes, like being too thick or thin. The font on the label might also be wrong. Watch for misspelled words.

Inside, real boxes are plain white with no logo. Fake ones might have a red inside lid with a logo, which isn't usual for real Christian Louboutin boxes.

Purchasing Tips and Safety Measures

Before making a purchase, it's essential to ensure Christian Louboutin sneakers' authenticity.

Verifying Authenticity Before Purchase

Prioritize authenticity by verifying the sneakers before making a purchase. Use reputable authentication services or seek expert advice to confirm the product's genuineness. You can always speak to a Legit Grails specialist and get your pair authenticated.

Also, go through the steps listed above before making any purchases. Remember, if even one of the points listed above applies to the pair you're purchasing, you shouldn't buy it at all.

Ensuring a Secure Transaction

Opt for secure transaction methods and reputable sellers when buying Christian Louboutin sneakers. Avoid deals that seem too good to be true and ensure the ability to return counterfeit products if necessary.

PayPal is a great way to purchase online products. The company has a great security system in place, and in 99% of cases, buyers who have been tricked can return the product and get their money back.

You can also use your traditional bank, but the process of getting your money back will take longer. Avoid using non-regulated means of payment like cryptocurrency. It is very hard, almost impossible, to get your money back if you already sent them.

Recommended Practices for Buying Genuine Sneakers

Stick to trusted ways of buying real Christian Louboutin sneakers. This means going to official stores or reliable sellers with good reviews and proof of authentication.

If you chose the second-hand market, do your research and learn about how a genuine pair of Christian Louboutin sneakers should be.

You can also check the website from where you're buying a product. For example, if you found the website through a Facebook ad and the domain was created one month ago, it would be better to avoid buying from them.


In summary, telling apart real and fake Christian Louboutin sneakers means checking key details closely.

Look at things like stitching, spike design, and box labels to be sure. Remember, it's important to choose authenticity to get the best quality and craftsmanship.


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