How To Spot Fake Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers

How To Spot Fake Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers

We all want a pair of new Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers. They look cool, have an interesting design, and are simply different from the usual Yeezys or Nikes.

But how can you spot a fake pair of Golden Goose Super-Stars without going to a professional authenticator?

In this article, we gathered 12 different methods of spotting a fake pair of Golden Goose sneakers on your own. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  • Genuine Golden Goose Super Star Sneakers can easily be distinguished as real following a few simple methods.

  • Real sneakers have a unique star made up of different shapes and sizes of sequins, while fake sneakers use uniform sequins in their stars.

  • The measurements of the show from the heel to the toe box give a lot away about whether the sneaker is authentic or not.

  • The pattern and style of the soles and insoles of the shoe are another dead giveaway for whether they are real or not.

  • Figuring out whether your shoes are real or not is difficult. You can use our services to get easy and fast certification proving the authenticity of your sneakers.

How to legit check Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers?

The Side Method

First and foremost, the authentic heel stands taller and uses a textureless material, setting it apart from the fake version, which exhibits bubbly surfaces and a noticeably shorter heel.

The genuine one widens towards the end, while the counterfeit maintains a consistent width throughout.

Moving on to the holographic material on the heel counter, it should not be visible from the side on the original, not to mention the incorrect shade and material used on the fake.

The original sneaker displays a smooth and curvy line, whereas the fake model's stitching appears haphazard with a different shape, likely due to a narrower heel collar.

Finally, let's discuss the font: in the authentic version, the letters are larger and more square-like, while in the counterfeit, they are smaller, rounder, and boast a more vibrant color.

Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers Authentication

The Star Method

Now, let's delve into the most iconic aspect of these sneakers - the stars.

In the authentic version, the star stands out with glitters that vary in shapes, sizes, and colors, creating a truly captivating and attractive appearance.

However, in the fake version, the glitters on the star are all uniform and lack the diverse and eye-catching effect we just mentioned.

Another noticeable difference is that each point of the genuine star is longer than its counterfeit counterpart. Additionally, the top point of the authentic star is partially visible, while it appears cut off in the right picture of the fake version.
How To Spot Fake Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers

The Heel Counter Method

Although the authentic collar has a silver appearance, it is not holographic, unlike what we observe in the case of the fake pair. The collar and the heel counter on the counterfeit are made of shiny holographic material, whereas it should be a beige suede per the original design.

Moreover, there are noticeable differences in measurements. The fake heel counter appears wider, and the shiny material extends to the sides, deviating from the authentic design.

Regarding the stitching, the left picture showcases thick and high-quality thread, emphasizing its durability. In contrast, the fake pair features thin thread that might come off at any moment, indicating inferior craftsmanship.

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How To Legit Check Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers

Authenticate With Real Experts

The Toe-Box Method

The authentic toe box appears taller and more well-defined, whereas the fake one falls flat and lacks the expected definition.

Not only do we see disparities in the toe-boxes, but also the shoelaces. At first glance, it's evident that the fake laces are excessively wide and thick, whereas they should be thinner and have a less textured appearance in the genuine version.

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Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers Real VS Fake

The Sole Method

It would be a mistake to underestimate the significance of certain details just because they might not be immediately noticeable while wearing the sneakers - they hold crucial clues for authenticity.

Replica factories overlook these crucial details, so carefully inspect these areas for flaws.

For instance, let's look at the zig-zags on the soles. The original pair are smaller, with more of them than the fake sneakers.

Moreover, their shape is distinctively different; the points on the authentic pair are rounder, setting them apart from the fake ones.

Even the positioning of these zig-zags can reveal flaws, as evidenced in the bottom right pictures. Paying attention to these finer points will help in identifying the genuine product.

Real VS Fake Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers

How To Tell If Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers are Fake: The Insole Method

The genuine font boasts a bolder and sharper appearance, likely influenced by its pitch-black background. Conversely, the letters on the fake insole are smaller, exhibit different shapes, and lack the same level of boldness. These differences can be attributed to the textured and faded background of the counterfeit.

Furthermore, when we examine both numbers, the dissimilarities become evident. The original sizing appears bigger and deeply engraved, whereas the replica sizing lacks depth and clarity. These distinct characteristics serve as clear indicators of authenticity versus imitation.
How To Tell If Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers Is Fake

The Label Method

In the left picture, the genuine label is square-shaped, as it should be. The replica label appears rectangle-shaped, indicating a distinct mismatch.

Moving on to the font, the letters on the original label are thinner, narrower, and slightly tilted to the right. In contrast, the replica label displays bolder, thicker letters that lean more noticeably. This variation in typography provides a clear distinction between the two.

The stitching on the right picture stands out as it is done with white thread, which is incorrect. In the authentic version, the stitching should be done with black thread.

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Legit Check Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers

The Tag Method

Instead of making the text thicker and wider than in other areas, they made the letters smaller and narrower in the right picture. This is quite the opposite of what is intended to replicate the effect shown on the genuine tag.

Furthermore, the fuzzy background on the fake tag must truly capture the fuzziness seen on the authentic one. The need for more attention to this detail becomes apparent when examining the two side by side.
Fake Golden Goose Super-Star

The Dust-Bag Method

First and foremost, we need to highlight the materials used. The fake dust bag is made from a poor-quality material that crumples easily, in stark contrast to the authentic one crafted from cotton.

While they made some progress in replicating the font on the fake dust bag, the sizing still needs to be fixed. The letters on the original dust bag are noticeably larger.

Lastly, we come to the rope. The rope should be black on the authentic dust bag, but it is mistakenly white on the fake bag.

Real VS Fake Golden Goose Super-Star

The Materials Method

Counterfeit factories don’t use the same materials as authentic ones. By simply touching a pair of fake sneakers and then comparing it to the real deal, you’ll feel just how different they are from this point of view.

The original suede was changed with a poor replica. The rubber on the sole makes the shoe uncomfortable, and the shoe laces are made of threads that even a toddler can break.

All these details can give you a comprehensive understanding of how fake or real a product is. You can even use only this point to determine the authenticity of a pair of sneakers, and you’ll probably get it right.

The Stitching Method

Counterfeit factories cannot replicate the perfectly aligned stitches of an original pair of Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers.

They usually have threads coming out, inconsistent stitching patterns, and a lot of flaws related to the quality of the material used.

A real pair of Super-Star sneakers won’t have any threads coming out of it. The stitching pattern will be uniform on any shoe element, from the sole to the upper part.

The Price Method

A pair of sneakers that normally costs $100-$120 won’t be sold for $20. This is simply impossible and not rentable for the company.

Even with the biggest discounts, you won’t be able to buy a pair of real Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers for less than $50-60 because that is the minimal price from which the factory has a profit.

All the cheaper pairs you find online are obviously fake.

What makes Golden Goose so special?

First of all, the fact that the shoes are hand-finished by artisans is already more than special, but the materials used by the brand are also high-quality.

While wearing your GG, you appear taller with longer legs- another reason you should consider getting your shoes today.

Why is Golden Goose so expensive?

As mentioned, the sneakers are made by workers with a fair wage. Besides, the high-quality Italian leather is also costly, adding to the final price.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, authenticating Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers is relatively easy when you are familiar with these methods—encountered some difficulties? We got your back! Contact us via live chat or use our excellent legit check services and get your authenticity certificate today!

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Get To Know If Your Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers Are Real


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