How to Spot Fake Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

real vs fake marc jacobs snapshot bag

Are you out there shopping for a brand new Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag but don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a fake piece? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

In this article, you’ll find the best nine methods of spotting a fake Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag!

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The Overall Look Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: overall look

If you're trying to determine whether your Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag is real or fake, look at how it appears overall. Real Snapshot Bags are 7 inches long, 2 inches wide (depth), and 4 inches tall.

They're made from saffiano leather, like what the Prada Galleria Bag uses.

The special wax treatment on saffiano leather makes the bag tough against water, strong, and able to keep its boxy shape. Fake Snapshot Bags are usually bigger than the real ones and are made from cheaper materials. That's why they often lose shape and can easily get scratched or damaged.

The Front Logo Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: the logo

The logo on the front is a good way to tell if your Marc Jacobs bag is real. Real bags have a chunky metal logo that looks like an oval with two breaks to make a "J" shape.

Fake Snapshot bags, on the other hand, often don't have these breaks for the letters. Instead, they might just have a full oval shape or use thinner hardware, as you can see in the comparison above.

The Stitching Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: the stitching

Real Snapshot Bags have neat single stitching all over, except for six spots with double stitching: 4 stitches where the top edge of the side panel meets the front and back panels and two stitches on the upper corners of the back pocket.

Checking the back pocket, some fake bags might skip stitching along the top edge, while a genuine bag will have stitching along all four edges of the pocket.

The Top Side Logo Stamp Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: the logo stamp

To easily check if your Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag is real, just look at the logo stamp on the top. Many fake bags don't have this stamp. The stamp should be in the middle on the upper side of the leather, between the zippers. It will say "The Marc Jacobs," "The Marc Jacobs New York," or "Marc Jacobs" (depending on when and which bag you got).

The Zipper Method

The zipper on a real Snapshot Bag looks different. It has an open, horseshoe-shaped ring that matches the zipper's color. The end of the zipper has a leather piece made from the same saffiano leather as the bag's main part. This piece should be thick, stiff, and treated with waterproof wax.

On fake bags, the zipper attachment isn't the same horseshoe shape. Sometimes, it's a round ring or a similar horseshoe shape with a bar through it. This makes the zipper hardware look messy, unlike the clean look of the real zipper attachment.

The Hardware Engravings Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: hardware

On a real Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag, the zipper pull has "Marc Jacobs" engraved near the end, close to the leather ribbon. Likewise, the clip that attaches the strap to the bag also has a "Marc Jacobs" engraving. But sometimes, replica bags miss out on these engravings completely.

Moreover, the attachment clip on Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bags has a distinct style. It looks like a clip you'd find on a dog leash, similar to the handle hardware on the Dior Cargo Bag. This unique detail makes spotting fake Snapshot bags easy, as replicas often use different, lower-quality fasteners.

The Strap Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: the strap

The adjustable strap on a real Snapshot Bag is created from strong, durable webbing material. It should feel smooth when touched, flexible but not weak, and have "Marc Jacobs" printed in a noticeable sans-serif font with letters close together.

The Inside Logo Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: the inside logo

When you're verifying your Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag, take a look inside. These bags have two separate compartments, each with its own zipper opening. If your Snapshot bag only has one compartment, it's not authentic.

In an authentic bag, the back compartment contains an interior pocket with a leather logo tag that says "The Marc Jacobs." Bags that don't have this leather logo tag or are completely missing the inside pocket are replicas.

Tags and Packaging Method

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag real vs fake: serial code & production tag

If you have a used Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag, it might not have the original packaging. But if you bought a new or supposedly new one, there are packaging clues to check for authenticity.

Real Snapshot Bags are wrapped carefully with protective stuff, and they come with a dust bag, a tag, and an authentication card. One special protective touch is a Styrofoam piece on the bag's front, with a custom hole for the logo. If your new Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag is missing this front logo protection, it could be a sign of a fake.

The dust bag for your Snapshot Bag should be white with "The Marc Jacobs" in black letters on the front, in the center. The tag for your new bag should be black and stuck on the side, showing product info and a barcode on one side and "The Marc Jacobs" on the other.

You'll find an authentication card in a white envelope inside the bag.

How Much Does a Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag Cost?

A new Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag costs between $325.00 to $425.00 when you purchase from Marc Jacobs or from reputable retailers (e.g. Macy’s, Saks Fifth Ave, etc.).

Is the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag Worth it?

The Snapshot Bag is a compact cross-body bag with interchangeable straps, subtle branding, and durable leather. If you’re looking for an on-trend, go-to purse that can transition from casual - like an afternoon of errands – to semi-formal – perfect for cocktails or a night out – then the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag is definitely worth it.

Where Can I Get My Marc Jacobs Bag Authenticated?

Hopefully, this authentication guide has helped you determine if your Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag is real or fake. If you still aren’t sure and would like an extra set of expert eyes on your luxury purchase, our team at LegitGrails can legit check your Snapshot Bag in the shortest amount of time.

Check out our Marc Jacobs authentication service here!

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