How To Spot Fake Dior Caro Bag

How To Spot Fake Dior Caro Bag

To authenticate the iconic Dior Caro bag start by observing the overall look to get the most details at once. Then, check the bag on the backside to see if the quilting is accurate. Do not forget to check the logo from the front and the back. Finally, finish up your authentication process by checking the hardware and the label.

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Dior Caro Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Counterfeiting this exquisite design is not an easy task, that is why so many differences can be found on the counterfeit bag.

The very first thing that should be pointed out is the thickness of the flap: while the authentic one creates curvy corners on top edges, the counterfeit ones are much sharper because of the thinner flap that does not create the same full and curvier look.  

Another difference is the handle attachments that are tiny in the left picture but much bigger on the fake Dior bag: having measurements wrong is a big red flag when it comes to luxurious bags.

Dior Caro Bag Authentication

Fake Dior Caro Bag: The Back Side Method

Now let's turn our Dior Caro to look at its backside. 

The very first thing that pops out the moment we look at these comparison pictures is the quilting: stitches that create diamond shapes on the surface are super symmetrical, tight, and neat in the left picture whereas the sewing on the counterfeit model is sloppy and asymmetrical giving the overall quilting a weird look. (You can find the same issue with the Chanel Wallet too) What is even weirder is how flat the diamond shapes are in the right picture when they need to be as embossed as they are on the authentic model. 

Another difference that we spot here is the shape of the numbers and letters: for example, the number 30 is thin, defined, and narrow in the left picture whereas they appear much thicker, faded, and wider on the fake Dior.

Fake Dior Caro Bag

How To Legit Check Dior Caro Bag: The Logo Method

We love the iconic Christian Dior logo that is almost impossible to get replicated flawlessly. 

The very first difference that should be pointed out is the thickness and width of the fake logo: letters on the authentic CD logo are bigger but narrower and well-defined whereas they are smaller but much wider, and thicker on the counterfeit bag. (logo issues are commonly found in the Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine counterfeit bags too)

The shape is not the only wrong thing but the color too: the fake logo is much yellower than it is supposed to be.

How To Legit Check Dior Caro Bag

How To Spot Fake Dior Caro Bag: The Flap Interior Method

If we take a look at the open flap we will notice how the differences in logos were not only from the outside,

The original CD is much curvier with tiny screws on the sides that blend in well with the rest of the logo whereas the sides of the fake letters are less curvy and the screws are much bigger with the sloppier look.

The center part of the fake logo is also much thicker and wider than it was supposed to be whereas the original one is smaller with more definition.

How To Spot Fake Dior Caro Bag

Dior Caro Bag Real Vs Fake: The Hardware Method

This tiny hardware rectangle on the handle of a bag needs to be observed closely too. 

Letters on the authentic piece are thick, placed close to one another, and golden whereas they do not even have the same engraved look in the right picture as the letters are thinner, narrower, and black.

The shape of the rectangle is different too: the outline on the fake piece is much thicker than it is supposed to be and also the corners have to be much softer just as they are in the left picture.

Dior Caro Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Dior Caro Bag: The Label Method

The final step we will be using for our Dior Caro authentication is the label method.

The authentic label is nice and big enough for all lettering lines to fit perfectly and symmetrically. The authentic label is smaller with asymmetrical stitching that does not replicate the sewing in the left picture. 

Letters are also much paler and less defined on the counterfeit label. 

Real Vs Fake Dior Caro Bag

Is Dior Caro a good investment?

Just like most designer bags, the value of Dior Caro in good condition is expected to increase in upcoming years, so if you ever decide to resell the bag, you might get a good deal. Dior Caro is everything you would expect from a high-quality bag: it is stylish, chic, and comfortable at the same time!

How can you tell a fake Dior Caro?

If you have read this guide then you already know the methods to tell fake and authentic Dior Caro bags apart. All we recommend for the successful legit check process is following each step very closely.

Where can I get a Dior Caro bag authenticated? 

If you still want to get the professional help you must be blessed from the sky as you have already found the expert team that can help you 24/7! All you need to do is use our legit check services and choose the time option that is the most suitable for you. We will make your authenticity certificate with the fastest turn-around time. Check it out: Dior legit check.

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