How To Spot Real Vs. Fake MCM Bag

close up shot of MCM bag's zipper

When it comes to buying second-hand (or even new) MCM bags, distinguishing between authentic and counterfeit products is essential.

Here are the best five features you should look after when checking a genuine MCM Bag. Let's dive right into it!

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Material Quality and Bag Structure

When you're talking about MCM bags, real ones are all about luxury and quality. They're made from top-notch materials like fancy canvas and leather, giving them a soft and smooth feel. This shows how serious MCM is about making top-quality stuff.

But fake MCM bags? They're a different story. They often feel stiff and plastic-like. Plus, if you peek into the pockets, you might even catch a whiff of glue—yuck! Real MCM bags smell like high-quality vintage leather, not chemicals.

So, when you're eyeing an MCM bag for sale, remember: the real deal stands tall and proud, while the fake ones might flop over. Stick to the official sale to ensure you're getting the genuine article; there are no knock-offs here!

MCM Bag Zippers and Hardware

MCM bag real vs fake: zipper comparison

Authentic MCM bags have high-quality zippers and metal hardware. Most designer bags use YKK zippers, which are known for their durability. Look for the YKK brand on the zipper slider to confirm authenticity.

The metal hardware is usually gold-toned. Some bags may feature cobalt or 14k gold-plated hardware, but it should always be flawless—no chips, flakes, or cracks. The hardware should feel sturdy and substantial, showcasing MCM's commitment to quality.

Interior Tags and Lining

MCM bag real vs fake: tag comparison

Since 2005, real MCM bags have tags inside showing the brand logo and where they're made. If you can't find this tag on a bag made after 2005, it's probably fake.

Also, the inside lining of genuine MCM bags should feel smooth, fit well, and not be too tight or stiff. Unlike some other fancy bags, the fabric inside MCM bags might look different from bag to bag.


The MCM Logo: A Detailed Look

Authentic MCM bags have a recognizable logo featuring MCM letters above a bay leaf wreath. Count the bay leaves to ensure authenticity: nine on the left and eight on the right. Also, check for the word "MUNCHEN" below the wreath.

Watch out for font inconsistencies; if the letters are too thick or thin, it's likely a fake. The logo print should be clear and consistent, with no irregularities indicating a counterfeit.

Serial Numbers and Logo Plates

Authentic MCM bags have a gold plate on the outside, usually showing the MCM logo and a serial number. It's firmly attached and might have rounded corners.

The serial number, found under the logo, follows a specific format depending on the bag's age. Also, the screws on the logo plate are rounded, not star-shaped, so they're easy to take off if necessary.

Practical Tips for Verifying an MCM Bag's Authenticity

Using these tips, you will buy a genuine MCM Bag with a 99% probability!

Comparing Bag Shape and Size

Compare your bag's dimensions with the official specifications provided by MCM. Authentic MCM bags have consistent measurements and proportions - every bag should be identical.

When it comes to counterfeit MCM bags, they often don't replicate the true measurements of a genuine bag.

To ensure that the item you want to buy is legit, you can find the measurements of the REAL bag on the Internet and measure the one you want to buy.

This will eliminate the possibility of buying a fake MCM bag.

Assessing the Logo Pattern and Print Quality

MCM bag real vs fake: print comparison

Examine the clarity and consistency of the logo pattern on your bag. Genuine MCM bags have a clear and well-defined logo print, whereas counterfeit bags may have blurred or poorly executed logos.

To get a better idea of what an MCM logo should look like, you can simply search for a high-resolution picture online or take one yourself.

If you have a store or a reputable reseller in your city, take a photo of the logo and compare it with the logo of the purse you want to buy.

In most cases, you will see the differences without even zooming in on the picture. Counterfeiters are not very good at replicating logos.

Checking the Gold Plate and Serial Number

MCM bag real vs fake: gold plate comparison

Inspect the gold plate for any inconsistencies or irregularities in the engraving. Genuine MCM bags have precise engraving on the gold plate, including the serial number, which matches the number on the interior tag.

Checking if the plate is made out of real gold is almost impossible, but you can always check for a probe.

You should also check the serial number. If there is none, you can skip the purse right away. If there is a serial number, but you don't know if it is legit or not, it would be better to let professionals check the bag. At Legit Grails, we can give you a 100% verdict.

Final Word

To make sure you're getting a genuine MCM bag, it's important to be careful when checking its authenticity. Pay close attention to details like the material, logo, and serial numbers.

Stick to trusted sellers and authorized stores to be sure you're buying the real thing and avoid getting duped with fake products.


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