How To Spot Real vs Fake MCM Backpack

MCM backpack

In the world of stylish accessories, MCM backpacks represent both luxury and sophistication. Yet, as their popularity grows, so does the presence of counterfeit versions.

This guide aims to simplify the process of distinguishing between authentic and fake MCM backpacks, ensuring you make the right choice.

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Inspecting the Materials

Spotting a genuine MCM backpack begins with the quality of the materials used. MCM is known for using top-notch leather, giving their bags a soft, luxurious feel. Authentic MCM leather is distinct – it's soft, supple, and stands out from the often inferior materials used in fake MCM bags.

A simple yet effective test is the smell check. Real MCM leather carries a natural scent, reminiscent of pure leather or, for vintage models, that classic vintage leather aroma. On the flip side, counterfeit MCM bags might give off a noticeable plastic, chemical, or glue smell, signaling the use of lower-quality materials.

Assessing Shape and Size

real vs. fake MCM backpack shape and size

Checking if an MCM backpack is real is easy. Just look at its shape and size. Real MCM backpacks have specific dimensions and stand a certain way. Compare the size with what MCM says on their website. If it doesn't match, it might be fake.

Also, a genuine MCM backpack, made with top-notch materials, won't collapse when you stand it up. Just put it on a flat surface without any support. This quick test helps you know if your MCM backpack is the real deal.

Logo Verification

an example of an authentic logo on MCM Backpack

When checking if your MCM bag is genuine, focus on the logo – a crucial indicator of authenticity. Authentic MCM logos are carefully made, featuring the distinct bay leaves and the registered trademark sign (®). Pay attention to details like the MCM letters, which should be centered above the bay leaves, and the bay leaf wreath with its specific features, including ribbon ends arching downward and upward.

A crucial aspect in logo examination is leaf count. A real MCM logo usually has nine leaves on the left and eight on the right. Any deviation from this leaf count may indicate a fake bag. Also, inspect the brass plate, often found on MCM bags. Genuine plates have rounded corners and double-lined MCM lettering. The font on the brass plate should not be blackened; any blackening could suggest a counterfeit.

MCM Serial Number Check

Real MCM backpacks come with a special serial number. Genuine bags always have a clear, well-engraved serial number, even though the format might differ. On the other hand, fake bags might have poorly done or missing serial numbers.

If you're unsure, double-check the serial number with MCM's official records to make sure your MCM backpack is authentic. It's a simple step, but it can be essential in confirming the real deal.

Checking Accessories and Hardware

Checking the authenticity of an MCM backpack includes looking at its hardware, a crucial part in telling real from fake. Focus on the screws holding the logo plate – real MCM screws are inserted, not star-shaped, and can be removed. If the screws are part of the logo plate, it's a clear sign of a fake MCM backpack.

Also, check the zippers; MCM uses sturdy ones often made by well-known brands like YKK. Consider the overall hardware quality, as genuine designer bags like MCM resist scratches, paint peeling, and have a solid weight.

A key feature is the golden tint on MCM backpack hardware, a clear indicator of authenticity. This reflects MCM's dedication to quality, ensuring a durable and visually appealing element in the design.

Searching for the Company Label

Authentic MCM backpacks have labels saying "Made in Italy" or "Made in Korea," marking their origin. MCM began in Germany and later expanded production to Italy and Korea. Understanding the meaning of these labels is key for authenticating MCM backpacks.

The Authenticity Card, Care Instructions, and Dust Bag

Authentic MCM backpacks come with important extras that confirm their genuineness. These include an authenticity card, care instructions, and a special dust bag with the MCM logo. The authenticity card, found in a black envelope with the MCM logo, contains details like the product number, assuring you of the backpack's authenticity.

The care instructions guide you on maintaining the bag's quality. The branded dust bag not only protects your backpack but also reflects MCM's attention to detail. Watch out for fake versions that might be missing these extras or show differences in design and quality.

Stitching and Lining

comparison of real vs fake MCM backpacks stitching

Checking the stitching is important when verifying MCM backpacks. Real ones have neat and even seams with a consistent pattern, showcasing precise craftsmanship. On the other hand, fake MCM backpacks may display stitching issues like frayed or crooked seams, especially at the corners.

A consistent distance between the seams and the bag's edges is a sign of authenticity. It's crucial to pay attention to these stitching details during the authentication process. Examining the lining inside the bag also helps, with genuine MCM backpacks featuring quality materials and impeccable stitching.

Price Point Considerations

Knowing the usual cost of real MCM backpacks is vital to spot fake ones. Genuine MCM backpacks, recognized for their top-notch quality, usually range from $700 to $1,000, based on style and materials.

If the price seems surprisingly low, it might be a sign of a fake. Being careful about such deals is important, as it could mean you're getting a counterfeit product. Choosing a genuine MCM backpack not only guarantees durability and quality but also maintains the brand's exclusivity and prestige.


In summary, confirming the authenticity of an MCM backpack requires a thorough check of materials, dimensions, logos, serial numbers, and accessories.

A keen eye for quality, along with knowledge of MCM's history and standards, helps make informed purchasing decisions. Authenticating an MCM backpack ensures not just a stylish accessory but an investment in genuine luxury.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions online.

What is MCM?

MCM, originally standing for Michael Cromer München, is a German luxury fashion brand known for its leather goods and accessories.

What does MCM Stand For?

MCM originally stood for Michael Cromer München, the name of the brand's founder.

Average Price Range for MCM Backpacks

Authentic MCM backpacks fall within a price range reflecting their premium quality, ranging from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Is MCM Cheaper in Korea?

While MCM expanded its manufacturing to Korea, prices may not differ based on the manufacturing location. Prices are influenced more by factors such as design, materials, and exclusivity. 


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