How To Spot Real Vs Fake G-Shock Watch

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G-Shock watches, renowned for their durability and unique design, are popular among watch enthusiasts and adventurers alike. However, their popularity has also led to a surge in counterfeit versions flooding the market.

Distinguishing between a real G-Shock and a fake one can be challenging, but it's crucial for ensuring you get the quality and functionality you expect.

This guide will help you navigate the key indicators to look out for, so you can confidently tell a genuine G-Shock watch from a fake. From easy tells to detailed verification methods, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

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Easy Tells for Fake G-Shock Watches

One of the first steps in identifying a fake G-Shock watch is to look for obvious signs. These quick checks can often reveal whether a watch is genuine or not.

The Button Test

A quick way to check for authenticity is the button test. On a real G-Shock watch, the buttons should feel solid and responsive, clicking smoothly without wobbling. Counterfeit models often have buttons that feel cheap or flimsy and may not respond as well. For example, pressing a button on a fake G-Shock might feel spongy or not spring back as it should.

The fastest way to determine if your G-Shock watch is genuine is by performing the 3-button LCD test. In timekeeping mode, press buttons A, C, and D simultaneously to activate all segments of the LCD display. Press D to cycle through the different screens. Depending on your G-Shock series, the screen will display the Casio module number that either matches or closely matches the 4-digit code on the back of the watch. Press any button to return home.

Weight Check

Another straightforward test is to compare the weight of the watch with the official specifications provided by Casio, the manufacturer of G-Shock watches. Genuine G-Shock watches are made with high-quality materials, giving them a substantial feel.

If your watch feels unusually light, it might be a counterfeit. For instance, if you’re holding a supposed G-Shock in your hand and it feels insubstantial compared to what you expected, it’s worth checking the weight against the specs listed on Casio’s official website.

Check out our Watch Authentication Service if you need expert help.

Buckle Inspection

Real Vs Fake G-Shock Watch: buckle

Authentic G-Shock watches feature a high-quality buckle with a clear "Casio" engraving that is sharp and precise. In contrast, fake watches may have uneven or misspelled engravings, rough finishes, or poorly aligned marks on the buckle. Take a close look at these details to spot differences.

Initially, distinguishing between the buckles of fake and genuine G-Shock watches can be tricky, but closer inspection reveals distinct characteristics. Genuine G-Shock buckles are shiny with "CASIO CHINA" engraved on the back, while fake ones have a matte finish with "CASIO JAPAN" engraved.

Detailed Verification Methods

While the easy tells can often reveal a fake, more detailed verification methods provide additional assurance of authenticity.

Packaging and Documentation

Authentic G-Shock watches are carefully packaged with clear instructions in multiple languages, excluding Chinese as the predominant language. The watch's unique code or module number appears on the case back, watch tag, and manual.

To verify authenticity, check this code on Casio's website under the G-Shock Instruction Manual Directory by Model Name. Original G-Shock models will be listed there. Each genuine watch also comes with a warranty card from Shriro Australia, the exclusive Casio distributor in Australia, and an International Warranty Card from the G-Shock International Warranty Network.

Authentic G-Shock packaging includes two layers: a cardboard sleeve around a cardboard box or an aluminum case. Look for a barcode on the outer packaging that matches the watch's model number. Limited-edition G-Shock models, such as the GAE2100RC-1A Rubik's Cube collaboration, come in themed packaging available from authorized dealers.

Watch Hands and Markers

Real Vs Fake G-Shock Watch: hands and markers

When inspecting a G-Shock watch, look closely at the hands and markers for clues to its authenticity. Genuine G-Shock watches have hands with precise colors—typically grey with a distinct blue tip. Fake ones often use a single color throughout the hands, lacking the accurate color details of genuine models.

Also, check the 12 o’clock marker. Authentic G-Shock watches feature a square-shaped marker at 12 o’clock. Counterfeits may have markers with triangle-shaped edges, which is a clear difference from the real design.

Make sure the colors are consistent, and the finish is smooth. Authentic G-Shock watches have uniform illumination and smooth-hand movement, while fakes may have uneven paint or misaligned markers. These details help distinguish real from fake G-Shock watches reliably.

Online Verification

For added assurance, you can use LegitGrails to authenticate your watch. LegitGrails is a great tool when it comes to luxury watch authentication.

We have databases of known counterfeit serial numbers and can quickly confirm if your watch is genuine. This step is especially useful if you’re buying a G-Shock watch online and want to ensure it’s not a fake before making a purchase.

How to Avoid Purchasing Fake G-Shock Watches

Preventing the purchase of a fake G-Shock watch is often easier than trying to verify its authenticity after the fact. Here are some tips to help you avoid counterfeit watches.

Authorized Dealers

The best way to ensure you’re buying a genuine G-Shock watch is to purchase from authorized dealers. Authorized dealers are certified by Casio to sell genuine products and offer warranties.

Buying from an authorized dealer provides peace of mind and ensures you receive a legitimate product. For example, purchasing directly from Casio’s official website or from a recognized retail store reduces the risk of buying a fake.

Tips for Online Shopping

If you prefer to shop online, it’s important to recognize reputable online stores. Look for websites with positive reviews and clear contact information. Avoid sites that offer deals that seem too good to be true, as these are often a sign of counterfeit products.

Additionally, check if the website provides a secure payment method and offers a return policy. For instance, buying from well-known platforms like Amazon or authorized e-commerce sites ensures a higher level of security and authenticity.


Distinguishing between a genuine and fake G-Shock watch is about paying attention to details. Check the button feel, weight, buckle, packaging, hands, markers, and use online tools for verification.

Buy from authorized sellers or reputable online stores to avoid fakes. Authentic G-Shock watches guarantee quality, durability, and style, ensuring a confident and reliable timepiece.

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