Why Luxury Authentication Is Essential For Your Business

Whether you are selling rare pieces or iconic favorite handbags, vintage luxury businesses are in a great position to connect customers with coveted designs. To build brand trust and integrity, resellers often look for new solutions.

One of those steps is to partner with a luxury authentication service, which is a pillar for any seller's success. Why is this process so important? What is the best way to streamline these methods? From immediate benefits to future growth, we have got all the details covered in this article. 

Build Trust

According to a study by Vogue Business, 96% of buyers of  pre-owned luxury goods  say that authentication is important. 45% of them also buy vintage items every month. These statistics offer perfect insight into buyers' decisions and opportunities for sellers of pre-owned luxury items.

Based on these numbers, it is easy to see why brands that keep counterfeits away from their audience are more likely to create a stronger bond with their customers. Since the market depends on repeat buyers, this aspect is critical to the growth of any label.

How can you build trust and your reputation? Utilising a luxury authentication service like LegitGrails will help assure your customers of the true value of your designs. Our team only works with experts and will assist you with professional methods.

Curate Your Collection with Peace of Mind

We know that the process of sourcing second-hand luxury products can be stressful. When you build a long-term relationship with a team of authenticators, curation will be seamless.

If you have any concerns, you can upload a few photos and let our experts help you before you buy. This way, you can always add to your collection and feel confident in your pre-owned luxury items.

Explore New Sectors

The reliability of these services opens numerous opportunities for brands to scale their business. As LegitGrails serves as a building block for your brand, you can explore other opportunities to add value to your brand. Below are some ideas on how to take your sales to the next level:

Consignment: Did you know that 56% of luxury item buyers also sell their items? If you are a reseller, this could be an easy way to set up a consignment. Especially if you work with authenticators who offer quick digital verifications. In addition to selling items, you can offer to help your buyers sell their own items for an additional fee. We can recommend this option to companies with a strong marketing team. Labels that have a partnership with services like LegitGrails are also in a good position for consignment.

Expanding Your Collection: If you already have an audience, adding new categories is a great way to boost sales. Fortunately, our service has dedicated experts for validating shoes, handbags, luxury and streetwear items. This means you can have all your new arrivals authenticated all in one place.

A New Era of Luxury: Perhaps you have not ventured into the realm of unique collectibles before. When you have a trusted service on your side, you can be confident in purchasing even the rarest pieces.

All in all, these new opportunities will quickly help you increase your revenue. They will also add versatility to your business and make your brand stand out from the crowd.


Avoid Fakes with LegitGrails

We authenticate new and pre-owned luxury bags, clothing, jewellery and other fashion. Let's work together to get rid of fakes!

Partner with us


Save Time

Some resellers choose to train internal authenticators. Others offer assistance to buyers who believe they have purchased counterfeit items. This can take a lot of time and often does not build trust, making customers hesitant to return.

Authentication services create a more trustworthy option that is a great way to save time and improve efficiency. Since our authentication service includes a digital submission process, all you have to do is upload a few photos. We will take care of the rest.

If you want to switch to a team like LegitGrails, another benefit is the high level of experience. Practical knowledge is still the name of the game in the industry, which means that experienced authenticators and companies are more accurate and resourceful.

Keep Up With The Market

The pre-owned market is a dynamic and rapidly changing industry, especially since it has become more popular in recent years. Unfortunately, as the sale of vintage items increases, so does the production of counterfeits.

How can you spot counterfeit designs and prevent them from ruining your business's reputation? By teaming up with an authentication service, you can ensure that each and every product is validated through the highest accuracy verification process.

At LegitGrails, we believe that it's all in the details. Our team employs superior inspection, checking every fine detail. From the material and color palette to the piping, stitching and hardware. Thanks to our years of experience, this process ensures the reliability of our service.

Maximise Profits

Combined, these factors will take your business to new heights and increase your sales. Increased trust will lead to a household name in the pre-owned luxury goods industry. This will most likely lead to more customers, rapid growth and new PR opportunities.



How Can LegitGrails Help?

Creating Reliable, Authentic Connections

At the heart of any successful resale business is trust, authenticity and a commitment to transparency. Just as trust is important with customers, we believe it's important for our resale partners as well. That's why we guarantee outstanding attention to detail for all of our customers. Whether it's the first or 200th design you entrust to our experts, you can expect the same level of care. Every time.

Learn More About Our Services

Whether you are looking to authenticate your current stock or expand your collection, we are here for you. LegitGrails is made up of three professional teams that adapt to your business needs. To simplify the process for resellers, we offer both single and bulk authentication and discounted packages. To increase efficiency, our team works with short turnaround times and a digital submission process.

Would you like to receive a consultation for your brand and partnership with LegitGrails? Our team is always available to answer questions about our services. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We are so glad you are interested in working with LegitGrails! Start your journey and create additional trust for your brand in just a few simple steps:

  • Browse through our services and teams and get to know our community.
  • Choose the package that best suits you and your collections (or contact us for a custom quote).
  • Sign up to LegitGrails and receive next steps via email.
  • Start the process and enjoy the convenience of our professional services.
  • Receive a decision and online certificate in as little as 30 minutes. 




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