How to Spot a Fake Tory Burch Bag?

How to Spot a Fake Tory Burch Bag?

With excellent craftsmanship and elegance, the Tory Burch bags have become a fashion symbol for bag lovers around the globe. However, its popularity has become its biggest enemy. Some corrupted minds make fake Tory Burch bags to earn money from its fame. If you want to buy a Tory Burch bag, learning how to spot a fake vs real Tory Burch bag is important.

This article provides various techniques to distinguish between a fake vs real Tory Burch bag. These methods have been approved by professional authenticators and have proven to be effective in accurately identifying fake bags.

Let's promptly learn how to identify a counterfeit Tory Burch bag.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taking a good look and feel at the materials and color of the bag is an easy way to determine whether your bag is original.

  • The distinctive logo can also be utilized to see whether the bag is fake or not.

  • The inside label and outside tag both use unique fonts and letter sizings that illustrate the bag's credibility.

  • A real Tory Burch bag will come with a serial number and corresponding QR code that can be used to instantly verify your bag's authenticity.

  • If you are still struggling with determining if your Tory Burch bag is real, consider using our professional systems and certifications to get a solid answer.

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The Overall Shape Method

Tory burch bag

One straightforward technique to identify a counterfeit Tory Burch bag is the overall shape method. The reason behind Tory Burch's higher price point is the quality materials used, resulting in a more durable bag with a robust structure that sets it apart from fake versions.

Prior to purchasing, visit the official Tory Burch website to verify the bag's size and construction materials.

Ensure that the dimensions of the bag you intend to purchase match those listed on the website and inspect the leather quality. Authentic Tory Burch bags have smooth edges, while fake bags typically have irregular edges.

As shown in the image, the bags have a smooth finish, and the stitchings are clean and even. Also, the top and the bottom of the bag should go straight. If the bag looks curvy and does not have a linear structure, it is a copy.

Don't have the time to authenticate your bag? Check out our Tory Burch Authentication Service

The Logo Plaque Method

Tory Burch logo plaque

Regarding the logo, Tory Burch uses a cross double T logo in their products. The same logo is used in genuine Tory Burch handbags, and the logos are made of high-quality metal and are made very precisely. Tory Burch uses shiny brass in the making of their logo.

However, the logo sizes vary depending on the product. But all of the symbols have a very smooth finish and shiny color.

The logos on genuine Tory Burch handbags have smooth edges without any imperfections, whereas counterfeit versions may have rough edges and be made of low-quality materials. Additionally, the color of the fake logo may differ slightly, and it may appear plastic-like in texture.

However, as logos are relatively easy to replicate, it can be challenging to identify a fake Tory Burch bag based solely on the logo. Therefore, it is recommended to use the other methods mentioned in this article to accurately spot the difference between a fake and genuine Tory Burch bag.

The Metal Clasp Method

Tory Burch metal clasp

Tory Burch uses high-quality materials to make their bags more unique. And then they did the same thing to Tory Burch bags. Talking about the metal clasp, it is not just a metal but an experience. In the genuine Tory Burch handbags, use the best quality plug and unplug mechanism to make the experience smoother and easier.

So the genuine Tory Burch handbags clasp will be easy to lock and unlock, but it will stay strong and not open on its own.

Also, the metal would be shiny like its logo, and “Tory Burch” will be written in capital letters. If the notes are small or misspelled, it is a fake copy. Also, the metal clasp on authentic Tory Burch handbags will look brand new and have a solid, shiny color.

On the other hand the fake one might have a dull color and look older as well.

The Chain Method

Tory Burch chain

Tory Burch bags typically feature an alluring chain strap that is unique and highly detailed. Many counterfeiters struggle to accurately replicate the chain, making it a crucial element to examine when determining the authenticity of a Tory Burch bag.

The chain is crafted from premium materials and has a brass color that is shiny yet not overly reflective. If the chain appears too polished or the color appears different from brass, it is likely a fake copy.

On top of that, there is a Tory Burch logo on the chain, and the logo should be clear, easily visible, and well-carved, as shown in the right image. This detail is hard to copy, so many scammers fail at this point. And remember that the chain is removable; if it is permanently added and you can not remove it, it means you have a fake copy in your hand.

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The Logo Stamp Method

Tory Burch logo stamp

This method is similar to the previous logo plague method. Inside every real Tory Burch bag, there is a logo stamp. The stamp says “Tory Burch New York” in uppercase letters. The font looks clear and shiny. If the font in your bag is dull, like the right image, and unclear, that must be a fake copy. You can also spot spelling mistakes in some counterfeit bags.

Also, check the interior lining. The real bags have nylon lining because it is soft and long-lasting.

On the other hand, fake bag manufacturers do not spend much and use different materials for the lining.

You should also check the inner stitching because the real Tory Burch stitchings are even and sturdy that do not harm the leather; on the other hand, fake bag stitchings are too hard, that sometimes cause the material to tear.

The Inside Label Method

Tory Burch inside label

Tory Burch tries their best to combat counterfeits. This is the reason they make their bags as detailed as possible. Tory Burch bags have an inside “Made in” label.

The label on a real Tory Burch bag displays the manufacturing country and serial number. Ensure that the tag is accurately aligned and clearly readable. As Tory Burch products are made in China, the label should indicate "Made in China," which should be written in uppercase letters as seen in images of the bags.

However, to check the serial number, you might have to visit Tory Burch's client service and message them for confirmation. It is crucial to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes on the label or anywhere else on the Tory Burch bag, as a brand of this caliber would not make careless mistakes.

Tory Burch always recommends purchasing their products from their showrooms to avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit items. This is the safest way to guarantee that you are purchasing a genuine Tory Burch bag.

The Paper Tag Method

Tory Burch paper tag

Tory Burch bags come with a paper tag. The paper tag might look simple, but it has many details that make it different.

Their paper tags are made of high-quality paper, which is sturdy to last long. The real Tory Burch bags paper tag has the official Tory Burch logo, which is a double T. And right under the logo, there should be Tory Burch written in capital letters, and the letters should be easy to read.

The hologram and name should be shiny and a little bumpy as well. You can feel the hologram when you touch it.

Another important detail is the hole on the top of the paper. The real Tory Burch paper tag does have a simple paper hole. On the other hand, in the fake bags, the gap may have a ring like the one shown in the image.

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The Model Information Method

Tory Burch model information tag

An easy way to spot a fake Tory Burch bag is to check the model information. This model information paper comes with the bag and has the bag's details, including the size, color, serial number, and QR code. Check every spelling of everything written in the paper. Sometimes scammers need to correct their writing.

Also, make sure the fonts match this image and that every text is in the same place as this image. And check if the word “size” is bigger or smaller than “OS.” If the “size” word is bigger than other words, it is a fake copy shown in the image. Also, ensure the words are easily readable and the fonts are clear, like the left image. If the fonts are blurry and the paper looks old, it is probably a fake copy of Tory Burch .


Tory Burch is a beloved and widely recognized brand, and it is essential to know how to identify a fake Tory Burch bag when shopping for an authentic product.

With advancements in technology, scammers have become more proficient in producing counterfeit items, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate between a real and fake product.

However, paying close attention to key details can help identify a fake Tory Burch bag. These methods include examining the overall structure, scrutinizing the logo, comparing the metal clasp, inspecting the chain, comparing the logo stamp, and paying attention to the paper tag, model information, and inside label. Each of these techniques is briefly outlined in this guide to help you spot a fake Tory Burch bag with confidence.

However, aside from these key features, there are some methods like comparing the zippers, stitchings, craftsmanship, and more. Scammers try to keep their replicas as cheap as possible and make the bags with cheap quality material. So buy from an official Tory Burch showroom to reduce the risk of getting scammed.

Is Tory Burch a Luxury Brand?

Tory Burch is a famous brand with a higher price than many brands, but it is not a luxury brand. Many people compare it with Louis Vuitton and Prada, but it is in the same category as Coach and Kate Spade. Tory Burch is not a high-end luxury brand but likely a mid-range brand with high-quality products in its inventory.

Where are Tory Burch Bags Made?

Tory Burch started their production in the USA. But now their bags and clothes are made in China, and shoes are made in Brazil. Many people think products made in China are fake, but that is not true. Tory Burch makes the bags in China, and all have made-in-China tags.

How to Check Tory Burch's Serial Number?

The only way to check the Tory Burch serial is to visit their official website and contact their client service. Send them the serial number and ask for confirmation. Tory Burch maintains strict rules to combat counterfeits. They take legal action against the scammers and shut them down forever.

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