How to Tell if a Valentino Bag is Real?

Valentino bag buckle close up

Valentino bags feature a timeless design, enhanced with studs for visual appeal. The iconic rockstud embellishments are part of the signature style of these bags, adding a touch of edginess to the overall design.

Valentino bags are available in various styles. The brand offers many options for different needs, from large tote bags, elegant clutches, and cute handbags to convenient backpacks.

The exclusive craftsmanship, premium materials, and impeccable design enhance their desirability. The price tag of Valentino bags is seen as a lucrative opportunity by counterfeiters, who have perfected their practices and make it difficult for you to spot the fakes.

How do you tell if a Valentino handbag is real? We share the proven authentication methods with you!

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Researching Valentino Bag Styles

Valentino has many styles popular among fashion artists and celebrities. Due to their popularity, they are a common target for counterfeiters willing to earn quick money.

If you have spotted a beautiful Valentino handbag for a reasonable price, make sure to identify the style. Next, check with the official website to identify the critical characteristics of your chosen style.

The Valentino Glam Lock is an iconic style released by this brand, which has had various updates through the years. The leather construction features a streamlined look enhanced with studs, making an ideal bag for the day and evening.

The Vsling has a signature minimalist look, with a statement clasp that carries the "V" logo. The banded clutch is the same color as the leather construction, and these bags often have a monochrome look.

The Spike bag makes a bold statement with the tiny spikes and signature pattern. The iconic bag has a top handle to carry it in your hands and a shoulder strap.

Each bag style has signature characteristics that can be used to authenticate your bag. If a bag doesn't match the style characteristics of the official Valentino website, it is a fake product.


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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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Examining Materials and Craftsmanship

Valentino uses high-quality leather to craft their bags. The texture can vary depending on the bag style, but you can recognize the key characteristics of genuine leather.

You can recognize genuine leather by observing the pattern. Natural leather comes with tiny bumps that form the signature grain. The pattern varies through the bag, and you can spot creases and wrinkles.

If you have the Valentino bag in your hands, feeling the texture and smell is enough to identify genuine leather in brand-new and pre-loved products. The leather should feel very soft and have a pleasant earthy smell.

Fake leather feels stiff and sturdy to the touch. Also, it lacks the leathery smell, which can be replaced with an unpleasant chemical smell.

The fake leather feels very smooth and has a consistent texture. You won't be able to spot any variations in the leather grain.

Authentication Labels and Tags

Authentic Valentino comes with authenticity tags and cards containing detailed product information such as model specification, serial number, and Made in Italy statement.

The serial number on the authenticity card is also printed on an authentication tag inside the bag. You can find the label inside the pocket of your bag, sewn into the side seam.

However, it would be best to be cautious with this authentication method when comparing a fake Valentino to a real one. Counterfeiters can copy the authentication label and tags. On the other hand, the card can be lost or misplaced with pre-loved bags.

Hardware and Logo Details

a comparison of real vs fake Valentino bag hardware details

Comparing the logo in fake Valentino bags vs real is an essential authentication method. From our experience with branded products, the logo is always a telltale sign.

While counterfeiters might try their best to copy the logo, they can't recreate the exact one. There will still be a difference in the letter size, thickness, font, and printing quality.

How to authenticate your luxury bag by examining the branded logo? We compare close-ups of the knockoff Valentino bag vs the real one to identify the key differences.

Firstly, the original bag has a logo engraved into the material. The letters are pressed into the material so they look dimensional and can be felt to the touch.

When we look closer at the fake logo, we notice that the letters are printed on the material surface. If you have the Valentino bag in your hands, you can feel this when touching the surface. The logo feels smooth and even.

The branded logo is golden, but the quality difference is apparent. The original logo has a bold color without any faded spots. Also, the logo replica is pale, indicating poor printing quality.

Further, we focus on the letter font and size to authenticate a genuine Valentino handbag. The letters are thicker in the original and placed closely, just like the trademark logo.

In the fake bag, we notice how the letters look thin and have gaps, which is not typical for an athletic Valentino logo.

The branded "V" symbol is also challenging to replicate. The original logo has a thick letter and carries the same font as the logo.

On the other hand, the fake symbol has a slightly angular letter. Also, the lines are very thin, and we can see faded spots.

Stitching and Seams

example of fake vs real stitchings on Valentino bags

How to tell authentic Valentino handbags by looking at the stitching and seams? The poor stitching quality instantly gives off a counterfeit product, as high-end brands pay utmost attention to detail when crafting their product.

The authentic Valentino purse instantly gives off a high-quality feel. When you look up the stitching closely, you notice the preciseness, with each stitch keeping the same position and size. The material is precisely cut at the seams, ensuring a pristine look typical for a big-name brand.

In contrast, the fake Valentino bag has uneven, thin stitching that looks messy. You can also notice the poorly cut material, resulting in uneven edges.

Zippers, Buttons, and Closures

fake vs real Valentino bag zippers

How to authenticate a Valentino bag by examining the zippers? The overall quality and attention to detail instantly give off a fake bag.

We start by comparing the zipper shape in fake Valentino vs real. The pull has a nicely carved square shape with rounded edges in the original.

On the contrary, we can't spot the same quality in the fake product. The square is smaller, and the edges look uneven, indicating poor equipment.

Another critical difference is the zigzag cutting on the bottom of the pull. The pattern looks larger on the fake bag.

Furthermore, we analyze the branded logo engraved on the zipper pull. While the counterfeiters tried hard to copy the logo, we can notice differences in the engraving quality.

The zipper in the authentic Valentino bag features the signature font of this brand. Also, the letters are thick and precisely engraved into the metal.

When zooming in on the fake bag's zipper, we can notice poor engraving quality. The letters are thin and lack precision, indicating poor manufacturing practices typical for a counterfeit product.

To round up this authentication method, we focus on the zipper color. The original has a beautiful golden color that looks very subtle. But we can't say the same for the fake one. The fake zipper has a glistening sheen and a yellowish color, indicating poor quality.

Interior Features and Lining

How to tell if a Valentino bag is real by examining the interior features and lining? The innocence in lining quality and pockets can help you reveal a counterfeit product.

Valentino bags usually have a red lining, a signature feature for this brand. If the color is different, the product is likely a fake.

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Price and Purchase Sources

Other potential indicators when authenticating a bag are where you buy your bag and how much you pay. Purchasing a bag from a Valentino store or licensed retailer is the best way to ensure you purchase genuine products.

Reputable selling websites offer pre-owned Valentino bags, so they are a favorite choice for the ones who want to get a vintage bag. However, you want to be careful when shopping from individual sellers.

You can find genuine designer bags on online marketplaces, but be aware of scams. In such cases, asking for close-up photos to help you authenticate the product would be best.

The price is another thing that can help you distinguish fake Valentino bags vs real ones.

Anything that sounds too good to be true indicates a counterfeit bag. Valentino bags cost up to $5,000. Some styles are on the cheaper side, so be sure to check the price range for your chosen model.

Tips for Online Shopping

If purchasing a Valentino bag from individual sellers, check the product photos in the listing. There should be plenty of high-quality images to help you identify the key characteristics of a genuine bag.

The seller should include close-ups of the key features such as stitching, logo, clasp, hardware, interior lining, authenticity tag, and card. Then, compare them to images from the original bag. Pictures uploaded from a catalog should raise suspicion.

Seeking Professional Authentication

If you can't authenticate your Valentino bag, you can always use luxury authentication services. The experts at LegitGrails can determine whether your bag is real or fake by analyzing the photos.

The online authentication process is very straightforward. You only need to provide close-up photos of the bag, and the professionals will check its authenticity.


Whether You spotted a brand new Valentino Rockstud bag or a pre-loved Garavani V logo bag, confirming its authenticity is essential. Some proven authentication methods are checking the bag style, materials, authentication label, hardware, logo, stitching, interior, price, and purchase sources.

If you're shopping online, research the seller or wrestling website you're buying from. Also, make sure that your price matches the market value of your chosen bag style. If you still have trouble authenticating your bag, getting a professional authentication service would be best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Valentino bags have serial numbers?

Valentino bags come with a serial number printed on a tag sewn onto the interior lining side seam. The serial number should match the one on the authenticity card. However, older Valentino bag models might not have a serial number.

Why are there 2 Valentino brands?

Mario Valentino and Valentino Garavani are two different Italian brands. People often mix them, but they are two brands with a long history in fashion.

Mario Valentino bags have the trademark symbols "V" and the "Valentino" logo. However, only some Valentino Garavani bags have their trademark, "V."

Are Valentino's bags the same as Valentino?

Valentino Garavani and Mario Valentino are separate brands. They differ in terms of style and design.

Mario Valentino is famous for designing bags with rich colors and unusual patterns. On the other hand, Valentino Garavani is known for its classic design and neutral colors.


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Upload photos of the item

Place your order

We verify the item

You get the outcome

3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Planning on getting an item? Having doubts on an item you already have?

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