How to Spot Fake Yeezy in 2024

Do you want to purchase a new pair of Yeezys but don't know how to tell if they are fake?

Don't worry. We've got you covered!

In this article, you'll find 13 different methods on how to tell if Yeezys are fake and how to deal with the fact that you already bought a fake pair. So buckle up, cause we're in for a ride!

Key Takeaways:

  • Logo sizing and stitching quality are paramount when authenticating Yeezys, with genuine pairs showcasing consistent, precise logo proportions and flawless stitching.

  • Authentic Yeezys feature a valid QR code that leads to official Adidas or Yeezy websites, while fakes may have non-functional or misleading QR codes.

  • Inconsistencies in stitching, material quality, and the construction of components like zippers and heel tabs are common indicators of counterfeit Yeezys.

  • Examining the shoe and box tags for font, spacing, and information accuracy can help identify fakes, as genuine Yeezy products maintain consistent and precise details.

  • Material quality is a significant factor, with authentic Yeezys using high-grade materials that contribute to their comfort and durability, unlike the inferior materials found in fakes.

13 Ways to Tell Fake vs. Real Yeezys

real vs fake yeezy slides

Logo Size

The logo size shouldn't be too large or too small. Counterfeit sneakers always get the size wrong, making it too disproportionate for the rest of the Yeezy shoe.

Authentic Yeezy sneakers will always look on point without any irregular spacings or altered fonts.

Real Yeezy sneakers maintain consistent and precise logo proportions. Pay close attention to the stitching around the logo, ensuring it's neat and even(fake Yeezy shoes often don't get this part right)

QR Code and Tag

Authentic Yeezys have QR codes placed on the shoe's box label. Verify the QR code's validity by ensuring it directs you to the official Adidas website or a Yeezy-specific page.

Counterfeit pairs can have QR Codes that look similar to the ones placed on an authentic Yeezy sneakers box. However, it won't ever direct you to an official website.

Also, examine the shoe's tag for any discrepancies in font, spacing, or information compared to genuine Yeezy tags. If you can't compare the tag to a real pair, just ensure it looks legit.

Inconsistent Stitching

Genuine Yeezys boast flawless and uniform stitching, reflecting meticulous craftsmanship. Fake Yeezys, on the other hand, often exhibit subpar stitching with visible imperfections and irregular patterns.

Also, the quality of the materials used for stitching real Yeezys is a lot higher. How many times have you seen threads coming out of an authentic pair cause they broke from tension?

Well, this can happen to any fake pair of Yeezy sneakers you will buy. They simply use the lowest quality materials to be profitable.

Matching Tags and Box Details

a pair of yeezy boost on the box

Another easy way to spot fake Yeezys is to check the tags on the shoe and the box for inconsistencies in font, spacing, and information compared to official Yeezy products. Authentic Yeezy boxes feature consistent and precise details, and the numbers/information from the box coincides with the one on the tag.

Fake shoes that want to look like Adidas Yeezy sneakers will often overlook this part, displaying errors or poorly replicated labels.

Also, you should closely examine the box's label, paying attention to the barcode, size, and color information for any irregularities. Yes, original boxes can also display irregularities sometimes, but it is a rare case.

Poorly Placed Heel Tab

Check for a perfectly centered heel tab.

Real Yeezy shoes will always have a perfectly aligned heel tab with the shoe's back, displaying excellent craftsmanship. Also, pay attention to the spacing between the tab and the shoe's edge, ensuring it maintains consistency with the genuine design.

Fake Yeezys often get this part wrong, displaying misaligned or asymmetrical heel tabs that will eventually hurt your feet and your knees.

Signature Wave Pattern

white yeezy on a black background

Authentic Yeezys have a distinct and consistent wave pattern on the upper knit material, showcasing the brand's unique design. While fake pairs have started slowly getting the design, there are no counterfeit Yeezy sneakers to make it look real.

Real Yeezys maintain a seamless and fluid wave flow across the shoe's upper, making it seem more elegant and great-looking. The fake ones lack precision, displaying irregular and poorly replicated wave patterns.

Familiarize yourself with legitimate Yeezy images to develop a discerning eye for this specific feature. By carefully examining the wave pattern, you can spot fake Yeezys right away.

Sketchy Packaging

Genuine Yeezys come in high-quality, well-crafted packaging with precise printing and attention to detail. The packaging is smooth and without big scratches or any other deformations.

Fake pairs have a rougher-looking box with faded colors or inaccurate details. The Adidas logo always looks sketchy and blurred, while the serial code or other such details might not coincide with the real deal.

Inspect the packaging for signs of damage, rough handling, or improper sealing, which are uncommon with legitimate products. You will never see real Adidas Yeezy shoes packed in a poor-looking box.

Material Quality

An authentic pair of Yeezy shoes will always have high-grade materials used. The boost sole will be manufactured out of soft and bouncy foam, the toe box and the inner details will have that superior workmanship, and the laces will feel durable.

Fake Yeezys will, of course, use poor-quality materials. Pay close attention to the knit fabric, leather, or suede, ensuring they feel premium and consistent with original Yeezy products. Especially when it comes to Yeezy Boost 350 v2s, where the material feels amazing.

Check the Middle Stitching

Counterfeit pairs often exhibit subpar stitching, with uneven or messy patterns that will likely break after just 2 days of active usage.

Before buying a real pair of Yeezy Boost 350 v2, ensure the stitching aligns precisely and maintains uniform spacing.

It is actually very easy to spot fake Yeezys by stitching, as fake pairs can't get this part as well as original manufacturers do.

Sketchy Laces

Well, it's safe to say that if the right lace is longer or has a different shade compared to the left lace, you've got yourself a fake pair of Yeezys. Real Yeezys come with high-quality, well-made laces that complement the overall design.

The lace tips should have an Adidas logo on them. Counterfeit pairs often don't get this detail right and leave the laces as they are. Examine the aglets, ensuring they are securely attached and have a clean finish, with no glue remaining on the sides.

Check the Heel Details

The placement of the heel is very important. It should be perfectly aligned with the rest of the shoe, ensuring it can hold up your entire body. Pay attention to the shape, size, and alignment of the heel counter, as it can be a crucial factor for your comfort and security.

Examine the logo or branding on the heel, ensuring it's clear and accurately replicated. While the Adidas logo isn't the most complex one in the industry, many fake manufacturers can't get it right in the heel's material.


The outsoles of original Yeezys are durable, made out of high-quality materials that won't get brushed away by a two-minute walk. They have a well-defined pattern that matches the specific design of the model items, so look at it closely.

Check for any inconsistencies in the texture, depth, or placement of the patterns. Examine the material, ensuring it feels sturdy and resilient, as fake Yeezy outsoles often use inferior materials.

Also, you should look for any signs of glue marks or rough edges, as these can indicate fake Yeezys.

How to Avoid Buying Fake Yeezys

Buy from a Trusted Seller

Of course, the best place to buy a pair of original Yeezy Boost 350 v2 is at the official Adidas store, either online or offline. It's safe to say that no matter how big the discount will be there, you'll always get a legit pair of shoes.

You can also go to a trusted retail seller that has a direct agreement with Adidas. Of course, the chances of you buying a fake pair there are higher compared to the original store, but are still significantly lower compared to buying online from replica manufacturers.

Spot Fake Yeezy Listings

If you're buying your pair of Yeezy sneakers online, you should know how to spot a fake pair instantly.

Of course, the first legit check to do is the price. If you see an unauthorized pair selling for half of the retail price, there must be something wrong with it.

Also, you should look for obvious fake details like a disproportionate Adidas logo or a fake stitching pattern. However, it would be better for you to buy your pair from an offline store, as you don't really know if you'll get what you see in the photos.

If you bought a pair of Yeezys and want to make sure it's authentic, our Yeezy Authentication Service is here to help put your mind at easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fake Yeezys as Comfortable as Real Ones?

No, they are not as comfortable as the authentic ones.

Genuine pairs are made out of the best material, with their signature wave-like pattern that supports your ankle, the authentic insole that cushions every step you make, and so on.

If you want to buy Yeezys, it would be a great idea just to pay the price for the Kanye West-made original shoes and enjoy.

Do Real Yeezys Have Numbers on Them?

Yes, real Yeezy sneakers typically have model numbers or style codes. These numbers are used to identify the specific model, colorway, and size of the Yeezy shoe.

The model number is often found on the shoe's tag, which is usually on the inside of the tongue or the inner side of the shoe. The model number may also be printed on the shoe's box label, providing further information about the Yeezy pair inside.

These numbers serve as a way to authenticate and differentiate various Yeezy releases and help buyers and collectors identify genuine Yeezy products.

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