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"Our mission is to help you avoid fake designer items and promote authenticity and confidence in what you wear."

The LegitGrails Team 


LegitGrails is made up of 3 experienced teams of authentication experts. Our authenticators have more than 4 years of experience in authenticating hypebeast and designer items. We gained our experience through reselling items online but more importantly by completing legit check training.


Our mission is providing authenticity for our stakeholders. We help our customers and partners avoid purchasing fake items by inspecting every single detail of the respective item they wish to authenticate. Not only promoting authenticity but also saving you money!


LegitGrails' vision is to create a secure platform that will help the fashion industry grow. We carefully legit check every detail of the items sent to our team, consisting of authenticators with extensive experience. The outcome of the legit check is supported with an authenticity certificate, unique to every order.


LegitGrails aims to build a network of reliable sellers and stores to provide authenticity and confidence in what people wear around the world. Working with sellers and collaborating with designers and hypebeast stores has made a big change! We encourage you to collaborate with us to contribute to this global network.

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