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This is for resellers, online store owners and other businesses that want to:

Build customer trust with an authentic brand image

Boost sales with authenticity certificates

Ensure the authenticity of your items

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Why Should I Choose LegitGrails?

The LegitGrails Team is trusted by numerous resellers and reselling stores. We have more than 6 years of experience in the market, while some of our legit check experts have been doing this for much longer. Our knowledge is backed up by the free library of legit check guides.

How Does The Legit Check Service Work?

All you need to do is upload the photos of your item! It is that easy. You can then choose your preferred response time up to your convenience. The outcome and the authenticity certificate will appear in your inbox or live chat within your selected time (no longer than 24h).

What Items Can I Authenticate?

We authenticate most of the Hype, Luxury and Streetwear brands. Got any questions? Leave us a message on the live chat available on the website!

What Photos Do I Upload?

Please refer to our Photo Examples page for comprehensive instructions and useful examples of photos needed for a reliable authenticity check.

Will I Receive An Authenticity Certificate?

Of course! Here's what it looks like.

What If My Item Is Fake?

Our RefundGrails consultancy service is meant to help people manage the dispute processes. Get the money you spent on a fake item back to your account with the help of our professionals!

About us

Our story

LegitGrails consists of 3 authentication teams with over 6 years of experience from reselling items and undertaking authentication training.

Our goal

Our mission is to provide authenticity to our stakeholders. Our vision is to create a secure platform that supports the growth of the fashion industry.

Our approach

We carefully check every detail of the items that are sent to our team, the result of the authentication is supported by a unique authenticity certificate.

Building a network

LegitGrails aims to build a network of trusted sellers to bring authenticity and trust to what people around the world are wearing.

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