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Jacquemus Authentication Service

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Meet Our Authenticators

3 teams specialised in different brands. Bi-weekly authentication tests to ensure >99% accuracy rate on all authentications performed. System that tracks authenticators’ stats & more

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How We Ensure the Highest Accuracy

Experienced Industry Professionals

Trained and certified authenticators with an accuracy rate of over 99% and an experience in reselling and working directly with well-known brands.

Peer Review System

Each item is checked by 2 to 4 professional authenticators, the system assigns the best authenticators based on specific brands and individual KPIs.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

Complex system created by our team tracks authenticator success metrics, average response times, and double-checking request statistics.

Testing & Improving Knowledge

Bi-weekly authentication tests are conducted in-house to ensure authenticators' high accuracy for brands they specialise in and to spot potential issues.

Featured Questions

How does LegitGrails Jacquemus Authentication Service work?


Our Jacquemus Authentication Service works using Hybrid Authentication. This combines AI precision with human expertise to verify your item's authenticity. You begin by uploading photos of your item for our AI to check against a large database of Jacquemus items and characteristics. Then, our experts carefully review the photos, using their deep knowledge to confirm authenticity. If more details are needed, we'll contact you right away to ensure the most accurate outcome as quickly as possible.

What sets LegitGrails Jacquemus Authentication Service apart from similar services?


Our Jacquemus Authentication Service combines AI precision with human expertise in a Hybrid Authentication, ensuring quick and accurate verification. With over six years of industry experience, our team conducts thorough authentications, validated by at least two specialists. We provide detailed results, free Authenticity Certificates, and ongoing support, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and trust.

Which photos should I upload for authentication?


For the most accurate and quick authentication process, we advise you to upload clear photos of the areas visible when clicking 'Upload photos' on this page. We quickly determine if the uploaded photo meets our criteria. If your photos do not meet the criteria, you will receive a request for more and/or clearer photos. Check out Photo Instructions to find clear examples for each detail.

How long does LegitGrails authentication process take?


Thanks to our Hybrid Authentication Process, which combines human expertise with AI precision, authentication is completed in less than a minute.

How precise is LegitGrails Jacquemus Authentication Service?


At LegitGrails, our Hybrid Authentication combines AI precision with human expertise to deliver authentication results with an accuracy rate over 99.3%. Our team of experts, equipped with advanced tools and industry knowledge, carefully examines each item to identify any signs of counterfeiting. Our Jacquemus Authentication Service process stands out for its high accuracy rate and speed.

Is it possible to have my model authenticated by LegitGrails?


The models eligible for authentication are detailed on the uploader. Selecting "all series" allows you to upload any model for authentication within that category.

What happens if my item is deemed fake?


In the unfortunate event that your item is deemed counterfeit by LegitGrails, we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings and inform you of the result. We also offer consultancy services that may assist you in recovering your money if you're in a dispute with the seller. You can rely on us to provide support and guidance throughout the entire authentication process.

What if I have additional questions or concerns about the service?


If you have additional questions or concerns about the service, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are available 24/7 to assist you with any inquiries, feedback, or issues you may encounter. You can reach us through our live chat on the website, our email info@legitgrails.com, or visit our Help Center. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Reliable Verification

With 6+ years of experience in the fashion industry, our team has mastered the “Jacquemus” legit check process. LegitGrails authenticators continue to research and improve their “Jacquemus” verification knowledge. Every item verified by our “Jacquemus” authentication team receives at least 2 independent reviews. Please note that LegitGrails Authentication Service is not affiliated with any brand and does not represent the opinion of the brand itself, instead it represents an independent opinion from a third party service.

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Always satisfied

I've used LegitGrails a few times now and I've been very satisfied with their services and their turn-around time is accurate to what they advertise. I will continue to use LegitGrails and recommend them.


Prompt and timely service

I am happy with the service and what came along with it. I am satisfied with what I paid for. I will definitely keep my business with Legit Grails. 🤝

Julie Ann

Extremely satisfied

I used the service here to check the authenticity of my Celine Triomphe bag. The service was faster than my order, they responded very quickly. I will definitely continue to use their services

D'La Luxe Hanoi

Very fast and professional

Highly recommend this company for anyone who needs a quick, accurate determination about their luxury items. Thank you for all of your help!

Georgia M


I've used twice now. Feels good to know you can trust as you're investing alot of money into luxury items. Fast response!!

Nancee Nayoski

Highly recommend

Great service! Fast turnaround! Their certificate saved me from losing my money on a fake bag I purchased that was listed as authentic. Highly recommend!

Lidiana Murphy

Got tricked into buying a fake?

Check out our RefundGrails service to help you get back the money you spent on a fake. If our authenticators determine that your item is not authentic, our RefundGrails team will go the extra mile to help you with your dispute.

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