Maison Margiela Legit Check Service

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How does it work?

To submit an item for a legit check, please upload 5 to 15 photos of the item. We kindly ask you to take good quality photos to ensure the reliability of the legit check.

For shoes: please make sure to include several overall photos and the photos of such details as the size tag, the insoles and the heel if possible. 

For clothing items: make sure to include the photos of the washing labels and the neck tag. You will be notified in case any more photos are required.

When and Where Do I Receive the Outcome?

It takes up to 24 hours for us to provide you with the results of the Maison Margiela legit check. In case of any other circumstances, you will be notified via email. 

Please, expect to receive the response with the authenticity certificate via the email you provide at the checkout. Also, make sure to check your spam mailbox in case there is no answer within 24h.

Will I Receive an Authenticity Certificate for my Legit Check?

LegitGrails authenticity certificates are issued individually for every Maison Margiela legit check order, you can see the example below. Our certificates of authenticity have helped numerous resellers to gain trust from their customers, and ensure the legitimacy of the items sold.

In case the item is fake, the reason will be specified on the authenticity certificate. In addition, a fake vs real comparison of the parts we’ve found to look off will be sent to your email together with the certificate.

Maison Margiela Legit Check | LegitGrails

What If My Item Is Fake?

If the item that you already own/ you have already purchased comes out to be fake, feel free to contact disputes@legitgrails.com for our team to help you start the refund process. You may also visit the RefundGrails page to explore the service.

What Items Can I Legit Check?

You can legit check any brand that is listed on our website, including collaborations. It does not matter which of the brands of the collaboration you use. Note that we also provide legit check services for any model regardless of its price.

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