How to Tell if a Burberry Bag is Real?

Burberry bags on display in a store

Burberry bags are a symbol of luxury and elegance. The classic bags with distinctive check patterns consisting of beige, black, red, and white grid lines have a timeless appeal.

The bags are associated with prestige and high fashion and are worn by A-list celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihana. The average retail price of Burberry bags ranges from $3,000 to $5,000, with special editions costing way more.

The brand reputation, exclusive craftsmanship, quality, design, and limited production are the factors that shape the high value. Counterfeiters see this as a lucrative opportunity to earn money, creating identical replicas to the popular bag styles.

However, the quality and attention to detail are unmatched. While counterfeiters do their best to create identical products, you can still spot a fake Burberry bag relatively easy if you know what to look for.

How to tell if a Burberry bag is real? Our detailed authentication guide shares the step-by-step instructions for verifying a designer bag.

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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The Check Pattern

Real vs fake Burberry check pattern

How to tell if a Burberry bag is real when examining the pattern? The check pattern is a signature feature of Burberry bags, available in a few variations. We compared the signature Haymarket Check pattern to pinpoint flaws and help you distinguish between a fake Burberry vs. an authentic bag .

The check pattern comes with stripes and a colored background. An inconsistency in the check pattern reveals a fake product.

First, we can notice differences in the printing quality. The real bag has beautiful colors, which look less pronounced in the fake Burberry bag.

Next, we take a closer look at the equestrian knight print, the signature symbol of this brand. The inconsistencies and lack of attention to detail are apparent.

The fake bag has a pattern that features the Burberry symbol upside down. In addition, the poor printing quality is apparent. Other counterfeit products that feature the Haymarket Check pattern might lack the equestrian knight print.

Another thing that can give off a fake product is not matching the pattern at the seams. The Burberry pattern should flow seamlessly.

The Stitchings

A real Burberry bag is a product that reflects the expertise and exclusive craftsmanship. The stitching is a sign that helps us distinguish a high-end and a fake product.

Burberry uses advanced production practices, so their stitching is straight and neat. The distance between the seam and the edge of the bag remains consistent.

On the other hand, counterfeiters won't have the high-end technology as a big brand. Therefore, expect to see loose threads and uneven seams. Despite being an aesthetic issue, poorly done seams impact product quality and longevity.

Another sign that could indicate a fake Burberry bag is not matching the thread to the leather. The stitching should match the leather color in the original products for consistency.

The Leather Trim and Material Quality

The feel of the bag is another sign that helps you tell the difference between a Burberry fake vs real bag. High-end bags are made of the best quality materials.

Authentic Burberry bags are made of genuine Italian leather, calf leather, or lambskin. You can recognize genuine leather by the uneven texture. The leather grain has small bumps and irregular patterns, whereas fake leather is very smooth to the touch.

Another telltale sign of a fake Burberry bag is the smell. Leather has a distinctive pleasant smell, while faux leather smells like plastic.

The Hardware Details

real vs fake Burberry Hardware details

An original Burberry bag is made with the utmost attention to detail. Therefore, the hardware is another indicator that gives off a fake product.

The original hardware is solid metal, giving off a quality feel. With this, it has a highly reflective surface and no visible flaws.

On the other hand, fake products have poorly done hardware that looks flimsy. The color can vary, such as a solid yellow in this case.

Due to the poor quality, the fake hardware has visible scratches and signs of chipping. You can also notice how it is not placed in the center.

The hardware carries the branded logo, which can be used to authenticate the item. Look for inconsistencies in the letter font and engraving quality. In this case, the letters are placed more distantly in the fake logo.

Another sign that could indicate a fake product is mismatched hardware color. Authentic Burberry bags come with either gold or silver hardware for a uniform look. A fake Burberry bag can have silver and gold hardware, indicating a lack of attention to detail.

An authentic bag has a branded Burberry logo. Any shape, size, and letter font inconsistencies can reveal a counterfeit product.

Compare the fake and real logos to notice differences in letter thickness and style. The "R" letters in the trademark logo should come with small tails. Also, the letters should be adequately spaced.

The Metal Plaque

The metal plaque is another essential feature that helps identify an authentic Burberry bag. It is important to note that some bags may have a leather label as an alternative.

The metal plaque can be found inside the bag, having the trademark logo. The Burberry logo should be perfectly centered and precisely engraved.

In fake metal plaques, the logo can be off-centered. Also, you can notice poor engraving and metal color that doesn't match the other hardware. Other signs that could indicate a fake plaque are the font and size inconsistencies.

Want to be 100% sure? Check out our Luxury Bag Authentication Service!

The Zippers' Quality

fake vs real Burberry zipper comparison

How to Tell if a Burberry Bag is Real by Looking at the zippers? We look closer at the zipper shape, quality, and logo for this method.

The original Burberry zipper has a rectangular shape engraved with the branded logo. Any differences in the shape could indicate a fake Burberry bag.

Burberry keeps its signature logo consistent to build a strong brand identity. Here, we can notice a clear difference in the fonts.

The positioning of the logo is another sight that helps us distinguish Burberry fake vs real bag. Notice how the text is centered on the metal plate on the authentic product.

We can't say the same for the fake bag. The Burberry logo follows the curvature, ending up looking odd.

The metal quality is another point of interest in this method. Notice how the original zipper is smooth and doesn't have any imperfections. At the same time, the fake Burberry has dents and scratches that indicate poor quality.

How to Spot Potential Burberry Fakes Online

If you've spotted a great Burberry deal online, be very careful. While you can still find genuine pre-owned Burberry bags online, be aware that fake products are very common.

You are strongly advised to check the seller's reputation. Check their rating and reviews to find out if they have had issues with fake products before.

Also, make sure to check the listing in detail. The seller should provide enough high-quality photos for you to determine whether a Burberry bag is real or fake.

High-resolution photos and close-ups help you analyze the small details that could give off a fake product. If the listing doesn't have many images or they're blurry, it is easy to see why. They don't want you to differentiate between a fake Burberry and an authentic bag.

Do Burberry bags have a made in China tag?

Small Burberry bags are produced in China to have the corresponding tag. If you spot a "made in China" tag, this doesn't have to be a red flag.

Most Burberry bags will have the "Made in Italy" tag. However, this brand produces some of its small bags and accessories in China, which are still genuine.

Do all Burberry bags have a serial number?

Burberry bags have a serial number, which can be found next to the "Made in Italy" tag. However, the older Burberry bag models won't have a serial number.

Nowadays, it is easy for counterfeiters to copy the serial numbers. Therefore, a bag with a serial number doesn't have to be an authentic product.

What is the name of the Burberry check pattern?

The Burberry check pattern is a signature of this brand. Burberry House Check is a classic print widely recognized by fashion lovers and adored for its elegant look.

The black, white, and beige pattern with a red accent is a classic in the fashion world. However, Burberry has a few variations of this pattern.

Nova Check, Haymarket Check, and Vintage Check are also famous. In addition, Burberry releases new styles in their collection.

Final thoughts

A Burberry bag is designed to last for years to come. While counterfeiters try their best to perfect their practices, they can't compete with a big-name brand. They can't replicate the high-end quality and craftsmanship of Burberry products.

How to tell if a Burberry bag is real? Analyzing the check pattern, stitching, material quality, hardware, logo, metal plaque, and zipper helps identify an authentic Burberry bag.

Mismatched hardware, low-quality materials, and poor stitching make a bag look cheap, instantly giving off a counterfeit product. Also, do a detailed check to verify the online seller and avoid being scammed.

If you still have trouble authenticating a designer's bag, it would be best to turn to Burberry authentication services. Experienced professionals in this field can determine Burberry fake vs real bags from the photos you provide.


Found out the truth about your Burberry


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Upload photos of the item

Place your order

We verify the item

You get the outcome

3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Planning on getting an item? Having doubts on an item you already have?

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