How To Spot Fake Burberry Scarf

When it comes to authentication of Burberry scarf, start by analyzing the print- observe the quality of the material, how accurate the lines are and if it matches the authentic look. Next, look at labels and analyze every detail as nicely as possible. Keep in mind that different replica qualities might make the authentication process a little harder. Lastly, observe the tag, its quality, and fonts.

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Replicating the Burberry print is not an easy task. 

The replica factory tried to replace cashmere with a low-quality lookalike and this attempt was not successful. That fluffy look that the authentic scarf has is already lost.

On the replica, the black section in the middle is narrower than it is supposed to be with a less textured look. As you might have already noticed this black section on the original scarf has white lines on top, unlike the right picture.

Similarly, the red section on the authentic model is bigger and paler, as it should be.

Burberry Scarf Authentication

Burberry Scarf Real Vs Fake: The Label Method

You can tell a lot about the authenticity of a model by observing its label. 

First things first, the label itself is symmetrical on the authentic scarf with seamless stitching, whereas they have used unreasonably thick thread in a different shade in creating this asymmetrical stitching. 

For some reason, replica factories always seem to get fonts wrong. In this case, the letters in the right picture are bolder, thicker and all over the place when they are supposed to be thinner, exquisite and symmetrical just like it is on the authentic label.

Burberry Scarf Real Vs Fake

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How To Tell If Burberry Scarf Is Fake: The Label Method (Higher Quality Replica)

Even though in this case the replica label might seem closer to the original look, it still failed to catch all of the details. 

First of all, the quality of the material used for the fake label is different- it has to have the same texture as the tag in the left picture. 

The letters of the replica label are smaller, written in a different font- they need to be more carved out and more exquisite.

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How To Tell If Burberry Scarf Is Fake

Legit Check Burberry Scarf: The Label Method (Type 2)

This label is even more different than the previous ones. The authentic tag is almost textureless, smooth, and even whereas the fake one is all striped. 

The original label is wider and cuts out symmetrically; clearly, the replica factory couldn't care less about this detail.

There is a problem with the measurements of the bottom label too, which is supposed to be wider as the letters on it need to have bigger spacing between one another. 

Finally, the font- the letters on the replica label are bigger and asymmetrical, when they need to be as even and a little paper as it is in the left picture.

Legit Check Burberry Scarf

How To Spot Fake Burberry Scarf: The Tag Method

The authentic tag looks like it is made out of silk and even if it touches your bare skin, it won't bother you in any way. We can't say the same about the replica one; the material looks as if it is going to be irritating in many ways!

The way the replica tag is stitched to the scarf is weird as it is crumpled up; instead, the stitches need to be as seamless as they are in the left picture.

Finally, the width of the fake label was not measured correctly, as it needs to be narrower, with smaller texts on it.

How To Spot Fake Burberry Scarf

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Are Burberry scarves worth it?

Accessories make our outfits unique and exquisite. Burberry scarves are very stylish and can go well with various styles so if you are looking for a fashionable accessory that can be worn in different ways then you should go for it!

Is the Burberry scarf unisex?

We live in the 21st century where clothes are not divided by one’s gender. Anyone can wear anything but if you still want our opinion- yes Burberry scarf is unisex.

Where can I get a Burberry scarf authenticated?

If you followed these methods but you still aren’t sure of your results then you should reach out via live chat! Our expert team is available to answer 24/7! Check it out: Burberry legit check.

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