How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket

Do you want a warm and fashionable jacket like those from Canada Goose but are afraid of buying a counterfeit product?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll find ten methods on how to spot a fake Canada Goose jacket. So buckle up, ‘cause we’re in for a ride!

How to legit check Canada Goose Jacket?

The Fur Method

 Canada Goose Jacket Authentication

It's worth noting that Canada Goose uses real fur in their jackets, as they believe it provides superior warmth in extreme weather conditions compared to fake fur.

Now, let's compare the looks of the two models.

The authentic Canada Goose jacket's fur looks just as expected, with a natural and realistic appearance. On the other hand, the counterfeit jacket's fake fur appears overly fluffy and artificial.

While slight color differences in the fur are normal, the faux model's fur is so light that it can be considered a flaw, further contributing to its less authentic appearance.

Overall, the counterfeit fur looks cheaper and less convincing than the real fur used in the authentic model, making it relatively easy to distinguish between the two.


The Package Method

The original Canada Goose package is executed out of high-quality materials. You won’t see any flows, scratches, or other such problems.

Counterfeit packages, on the contrary, can be damaged or made out of poor-quality materials. They usually mess up the coloring and the intensity of the logo. You can also compare the data on the package with the data on the jacket.

Sometimes, the package will say that the jacket is one size, but the jacket will be smaller or bigger. These flows can indicate that the product is counterfeit.

Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Logo Method

Real and fake Canada Goose jacket logo

The map on the authentic Canada Goose logo should be grainier and more textured, not strangely striped, as seen in the right picture. The shape of the map is not meant to be highly detailed either.

The logo's small blue details and the red sun have been carelessly replicated in the counterfeit version. In the authentic logo, these elements should appear thicker with more of an embroidered look.

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How To Legit Check Canada Goose Jacket: The Puller Method

Real vs fake Canada Goose zipper

The puller on the counterfeit version is strangely wide and huge. The pullers on the authentic Canada Goose jacket should be the same size as in the left picture.

The letters on the puller of the counterfeit model were poorly replicated. Instead of being embossed and bold like the authentic puller, they appear engraved and pale. This discrepancy is a clear indicator that the puller is not genuine.


The Interior Tag Method

Neck label of real and fake Canada Goose jacket

On the original Canada Goose jacket, the tag is nicely stitched to the fabric behind it, providing a secure attachment. Meanwhile, the counterfeit tag often has air bubbles under it, indicating a less secure stitching job.

Additionally, there is a difference in how the letters are written on the sizing piece compared to the main tag. The letters on the sizing piece should be smaller and narrower, while the main tag should be bigger, as shown in the left picture.

The counterfeit brand's attempt at replicating it falls short, resulting in a distinctively different look compared to the original one.

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Canada Goose Jacket Real Vs Fake: The Hologram Method

Real and fake hologram label of a Canada Goose jacket

One of the coolest tricks to spot a Canada Goose jacket replica is by checking the hologram.

You should see a cute polar bear on an authentic Canada Goose jacket when you look at the hologram. This holographic polar bear is a unique and distinct feature of genuine Canada Goose jackets, and its absence is a strong indication that you might be holding a fake.

While we won't be able to see the polar bear through pictures, we can still observe the differences between the patterns on these holograms. The authentic hologram should have a specific pattern and design characteristic of Canada Goose products.

Real Vs Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Label Method

Real and fake Canada Goose pocket logo

On the authentic label, you'll find seamless stitching that is neat and well-executed. In contrast, the replica label often has asymmetrical and sloppy stitching that stands out noticeably.

Moreover, the stitching problem extends beyond the label itself. In the right picture, the stitches appear like dots instead of proper and secure stitches, raising doubts about their durability and quality.

Also, the letters on the counterfeit label aren't as big and bold as they should be, which is another telltale sign of a fake label.

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How To Tell If Canada Goose Jacket Is Fake: The Font Method

Comparison of real and fake Canada Goose jacket logo

Counterfeit brands often face difficulties when replicating fonts accurately. Canada Goose is no exception.
On the fake tag, you can notice that the letters appear much smaller than they should be. In reality, the letters on the authentic tag need to be bigger, narrower, and well-defined, just as shown in the left picture.

Symmetry is also a crucial aspect to consider. Each letter should be the same size as the others, ensuring a balanced and cohesive appearance. In contrast, the tag on the right picture lacks symmetry, resulting in a chaotic and inconsistent look.

Legit Check Canada Goose Jacket: The Button Method

Comparing real and fake Canada Goose buttons

The authentic button is dark grey and has a matte finish, whereas the counterfeit button appears much shinier and comes in a light grey or silver color.

Additionally, the lettering on the counterfeit button isn't as deeply engraved and lacks the thickness seen on the authentic button.

On the authentic pocket, the stitching is symmetrical, thick, and well-executed. In contrast, the stitching on the replica pocket looks sloppy, insecure, and asymmetrical.

Fake Vs Real Canada Goose Jacket: The Quality Assurance Tag Method

Canada Goose quality assurance label – real vs fake

In our final method for today's guide, let's examine the tag on the Canada Goose jacket.

Firstly, the replica tag is noticeably narrower than it should be, but this is just one of the issues.

The letters on the authentic tag are much thicker and larger, appearing small and pale in the right picture on the counterfeit tag. Additionally, the counterfeit brand forgot to include a dot on the website link, which is a clear oversight.

Furthermore, each detail is distinct and clearly visible on the authentic tag, but all the details are merged in the right picture on the counterfeit tag.

Why is Canada Goose so expensive?

Canada Goose jackets are this expensive because of their high-quality materials that keep people warm even in the most extreme weather. For example, their parkas are made with a goose with a removable coyote fur hood.

Is a Canada Goose jacket worth it?

Investing in a Canada Goose jacket is worth it if you are looking for a jacket that can keep you warm even in the coldest weather. They fit well, and wearing them feels like a giant hug, so go for it!

Where can I get a Canada Goose jacket authenticated?

If you doubt your authentication skills, getting professional help is always a good idea. That's where LegitGrails steps in; our expert team will get the legit check process done quickly!

Check it out: Canada Goose legit check.


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