How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket

How To Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket

To authenticate your Canada Goose jacket, start by observing the fur; if it seems to be too puffy and light, then you might be holding a fake model. Then, move onto the logo and puller method, analyze each step slowly. Don't forget to check the interior tag and observe it carefully as you might find a lot of differences. Then check the hologram as well as the label. Finally, analyze fonts, the button, and the quality assurance tag. Follow each step closely for a successful authentication process.

How To Legit Check Canada Goose Jacket?

Canada Goose Jacket Authentication: The Fur Method

It might be controversial, but it is no secret that Canada Goose uses real fur as they believe it keeps the body warmer in extreme weather conditions more than the fake fur.

We will leave it up to you to decide whether using faux fur or the real one is better. Let's compare these two models by their looks. 

First of all, the authentic one looks just like it is expected to look, while the Canada Goose jacket's fake fur looks super fluffy and fake. 

Slight color differences when it comes to fur are expected, but the faux model is so light that it has to be counted as a flaw too.

Overall, the counterfeit fur looks cheaper than the authentic model which makes it easy to distinguish them.

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Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Logo Method

The Canada Goose logo stands out. Unfortunately, it also was messed up by the replica factories. 

First of all, the map is supposed to be grainier and more textured, not weirdly striped like shown in the right picture. The shape of the map is not supposed to be very detailed either.

Small blue details, as well as the red sun, have been very carelessly replicated as they are supposed to be thicker with more of an embroidered look.

Fake Canada Goose Jacket

How To Legit Check Canada Goose Jacket: The Puller Method

The puller on the faux model weirdly enough is super wide and huge, which does not necessarily show its advantage at all. The pullers should be the same size as shown in the left picture.

The problem appears in the way these letters were replicated too: they aren't supposed to be engraved and pale but embossed and bolder just as they are on the authentic puller.

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How To Legit Check Canada Goose Jacket

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How To Spot Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Interior Tag Method

Even though the interior tag might not be showing up while wearing the jacket, we still need to take a closer look at it. 

The original tag is nicely stitched to the fabric behind it, while the counterfeit tag has air bubbles under it, just because it was not stitched as securely. 

The difference also appears in the way the letters were written- The letters should be smaller and narrower on the sizing piece whereas on the tag itself they are supposed to be bigger just as shown in the left picture.

Lastly, the Canadian maple leaf - the counterfeit brand clearly had some problems while replicating it. No wonder why it has such a different look than the original one.

How To Spot Fake Canada Goose Jacket

Canada Goose Jacket Real Vs Fake: The Hologram Method

Wanna know the coolest trick to spot a Canada Goose jacket replica?

If you check the hologram, you are supposed to see a cute polar bear, if it is not there, you are probably holding a fake Goose Canada jacket in your hands.

We won't be able to see a polar bear through pictures, but we can see how much of a difference there is between the patterns on these holograms.

Canada Goose Jacket Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Canada Goose Jacket: The Label Method

While the authentic label has seamless stitching on it, the replica stitches are so asymmetrical and sloppy that they can be seen a mile away.

The stitching problem is below the label itself too - stitches in the right picture look like dots instead of legit stitches, so we highly doubt that they are any secure at all.

The letters on the counterfeit label aren't as big and bold as they are supposed to be either.

Real Vs Fake Canada Goose Jacket

How To Tell If Canada Goose Jacket Is Fake: The Font Method

Counterfeit brands always come across a problem while replicating fonts. This case is no exception.

Letters on the fake tag seem to be much smaller but thicker than they are supposed to be. In reality, they need to be bigger, but narrower and well-defined just as shown in the left picture. 

Symmetry is the key too: each letter needs to be the same size as the other, otherwise, the tag will look like big chaos, just as it is in the right picture.

How To Tell If Canada Goose Jacket Is Fake

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Legit Check Canada Goose Jacket: The Button Method

The authentic button is dark grey and matte whereas the counterfeit looks much shinier in light-grey or silver color.

The lettering isn't as deeply engraved nor thick in the right picture too.

Let's say a few words on the stitching as well: while the stitching is symmetrical and thick on the authentic pocket, it looks sloppy, insecure, and asymmetrical on the replica one.

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Fake Vs Real Canada Goose Jacket: The Quality Assurance Tag Method

We got to our last method for today's guide.

The replica tag itself is much narrower than it is supposed to be, but this is not the only problem with it.

Letters on the authentic tag are much thicker and bigger whereas they look super small and pale in the right picture. The counterfeit brand even forgot to put a dot on the website link.

Finally, the symbol of the Down Association of Canada - while each detail is distinguished from one another on the authentic tag, they are all merged in the right picture.

Fake Vs Real Canada Goose Jacket

Why is Canada Goose so expensive?

Canada Goose jackets are this expensive because of their high-quality materials that keep people warm even in the most extreme weather. For example, their parkas are made with a goose that comes with a removable coyote fur hood.

Is a Canada Goose jacket worth it?

If you are looking for a jacket that can keep you warm even in the coldest weather, then investing in a Canada Goose jacket is worth it. They fit well and wearing them feels like a giant hug, so go for it!

Where can I get a Canada Goose jacket authenticated?

If you doubt your authentication skills, then getting help from professionals is always a good idea. That’s where LegitGrails steps in; our expert team will get done the legit check process in the shortest amount of time! Check it out: Canada Goose legit check.

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